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Are Car Battery Warmers Worth It? What if You Don’t Have One?


Do you know that your car battery can die in cold temperatures? That’s why people who live in cold regions keep a battery warmer (also known as battery blankets & thermal wrappers.) But are car battery warmers worth it?

They are absolutely worth it. The battery warmers save your battery from draining in freezing temperatures. Besides, there’s a complete science behind how cold temperatures kill your car battery.

We’ll cover each topic in detail so that you can take the necessary precautions to save your battery in the winter season.

How Cold Temperatures Affect Car Battery?

First of all, is it the weather that kills the battery of your car in winter? Or is it something else?

The severe cold temperatures affect the car battery in two ways.

Car battery in winter

Slow Chemical Reaction

The cold temperatures are the reason that impedes the chemical reactions inside a car battery. You already know that a car battery, especially the most common lead-acid battery, uses sulfuric acid (H2SO4) as an electrolyte.

Moreover, this chemical is the major component that converts chemical energy into electrical energy and allows the car’s engine to start.

The chemical reactions take place inside the car battery when it gets discharged. Simply put, these reactions occur when

  • The battery is distributing current to the car (discharging process.)
  • The battery is being charged by the alternator (charging process.)

Now, these reactions make the battery work. According to automobile battery experts, 80°F or 26.7°C is the optimum temperature at which the battery will work properly. What does that mean?

Your car battery’s performance varies with temperature. On top of that, severe temperatures affect the overall life expectancy of a battery. It’s because the chemical reactions inside a battery depending on the temperature. Extreme low and high temperatures affect these reactions.

For instance, cold temperatures slow down the electrochemical reaction happening inside the battery.

At 32°F, your car battery might lose 35% of its overall strength. Decrease the temperature to 0°F, and the battery will lose 60% of its power.

Power Loss

You might not know that cold weather affects the power of your car battery as well. In fact, 30-60% of the battery power gets drained in freezing weather.

The electrochemical reaction transfers power signals to the battery terminals. But since these reactions are no longer occurring at a normal rate, the power of your car battery will eventually get reduced.

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How Will You Know Your Car Battery is Losing its Strength?

If you live in southern regions, you probably have struggled to start your car. That shows the battery of your car is not performing well due to low temperature. Moreover, the engine of a 4 or 6-cylinder car needs 250 amps for three seconds.

But in cold temperatures, your car battery might not be able to produce the required energy. Even though an average 12V battery produces 600 amps, it’s the temperature that slows down the performance of your car battery.

Now, what should you do to save your car battery from the harshness of the winter season?

Get a Battery Blanket or Warmer for Your Car

One of the easiest ways to protect your battery is to get a battery blanket.


If you live in a cold region and park your car outside, you definitely need that warmer for your battery.

A battery blanket covers your car battery and protects it from getting cold. That way, the car’s engine won’t struggle while starting. Moreover, the chemical processes inside the battery will remain normal.

That means your car will get proper electrical signals without delay. Each of the car’s electrical and electronic accessories will start working normally again.

Therefore, a car battery is a thing you need to avoid battery loss in winter.

How to Use a Battery Blanket or Warmer?

  • Open up the hood and disconnect the car battery. First, remove the negative head from the negative terminal. Then remove the positive head from the battery’ positive terminal.
  • Remove the battery from your car and place it on a flat, clean surface.
  • Clean the battery.
  • Now take the blanket and slowly put it around the car battery. If the size runs short, the blanket will still work.
  • Secure the blanket around the car battery.
  • Place back the battery from where you took it out.
  • Connect the positive and negative head. However, follow the reverse order; the positive head will go first and then the negative.

While buying a car battery blanket, make sure to measure the exact dimensions of your car battery.

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More Techniques to Save Your Car Battery in Winter


Do you know that the corrosion stuck on your car battery drains the charge?

Not only that, but corrosion can also obstruct the electrochemical reaction. You can’t start the engine in the first two or three attempts.

Therefore, always look out for corroded zones on the car battery, especially on the terminals. You might have to replace the battery terminals as well.

Oil Change

In winters, the engine oil might become viscous and take more time to travel from one point of the engine to another. Therefore, regularly change the engine oil to avoid multiple ignitions to start your car.

The engine oil also acts as a lubricant to avoid friction in the mechanical parts. If it gets thick, the engine’s performance will be reduced.

Park Your Car Inside Garage

If your car is parked outside, bring it to the garage.

Your car shouldn’t be exposed to cold temperatures. If it’s in the garage, the battery might not get affected due to the severe temperature outside.

Your garage is a place where the temperature is warmer as compared to what’s happening outside.

parked car inside garage

Reduce Car Battery Usage

That means turn off the car lights and other electrical/electronic features when you are not using them. Moreover, unplug all the connected chargers when you don’t need them.

You might not consider these small reasons, but even the smallest unnecessary battery usage might cost you in winter.

With all these techniques, get your car a battery blanket so that the harshness of the winter season might not affect the battery performance.

Final Words

The car battery blankets are totally worth it, especially if you are living in a location where the temperature drops to 0 and negative in winters. The cold temperatures will reduce the performance of your car battery. If you don’t take quick notice, you might have to replace your car battery.

Therefore, put a battery blanket on your car battery and keep it warm. That will enhance the battery life and give your car the best performance in winter.

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