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Are Ford Mustangs Automatic?


Despite the advancement in automatic cars, some people will prefer a manual Ford Mustang over an automatic one, even the 10-speed automatic. This is why they ask, Are  Ford Mustangs automatic. If you are getting a new Ford Mustang, before you decide on getting the manual car, try out the more recent models of the automatic  Ford Mustang, then you can decide on the best option for you.

Yes, there are automatic Ford Mustangs. But there are also manual Ford Mustangs, even though these are the older models. The 2018 Ford Mustang was the first Ford Mustang model to be a 10-speed automatic, making Ford’s seminal pony car the first to have the transmission.

About Ford Mustang

The first Ford Mustang car was compact, and the Ford Motor Company produced it in the mid-1960s. Ford Mustang was nicknamed the Ultimate Classic car after it produced Ford Model A, which was the company’s most successful model they made.

Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustang was the first to launch pony cars, and on their first day, they sold 22,000 vehicles as opposed in line with their plan to sell 100,000 in their first year.

Over the years, it grew in sales until it became one of America’s most famous brands for sports cars. During the years, they tried new styles of vehicles, but they were more popular pony cars.

Now it ranks #1 in sports cars and convertibles.

The Ford Mustang’s most recent car is the 2022 Ford Mustang which comes with excellent packaging, powerful engines, a comfortable front seat, large trunks, and good handling. It can withstand between 310 to 470 horsepower.

However, its most stated disadvantage is that its rear seats are undersized. Despite this, it has an overall rating of 8.9 out of 10.

You can not exhaust your knowledge of Ford mustang; learn more here.

Manual Ford Mustangs

If you want to be in control of the wheel and all driving activities, a manual Ford mustang is perfect for you. These are some of the things you get with a manual Ford Mustang.

Complete control

A manual car is the best if you like the old-fashioned feeling of enjoying a ride. From choosing the car’s speed with the gears to controlling how much power is going to your wheels with your foot.

Fun Rides

Automatic cars are fun, but manual ones are a different kind of fun. Going for rides on highways gives a feeling of relief as you bang gears and run the Mustang on the drag strip.

Driving on Wet Roads

During winter, you will be grateful for a manual car.  The manual gearbox makes it easy to control how much power goes to the wheels. If you press on the clutch long enough, you will find it easier to drive in snowy and wet conditions.

Easier to Maintain

Manual transmission is easier to maintain and upgrade than automatic transmission. And if you have a problem with a manual car, you can find a way around it. But it is not feasible in automatic vehicles.

Automatic Ford Mustang

If you would instead enjoy the ride than be in control of the wheels and speeds of your car, you can not go wrong with the Mustang’s automatic transmission. And the automatic models keep getting better; gears speeds are faster not than ever.

Some of the reasons to choose an automatics Mustang over its manual counterpart are below.

Easier to Drive

With the multitasking involved in manual cars, mastering an automatic car is much easier. Almost anyone can drive an automatic car; if you have a beginner who shares your car with you, an automatic car is your best bet.

Suitable for People with health conditions

If you experience joint pain in your fingers, wrist, knee, and back, an automatic car is the right one food you. Get an automatic car instead of spending a couple of hours changing gears and multitasking.

Higher Demand

More people are getting to love automatic cars. And those who have not learned how to drive manual cars no longer have the intention to learn it. So if you want to resell your automatic Ford Mustang, you have better chances of selling it faster than its manual counterpart.

10-Speed Automatic

The invention of a  10-speed automatic Mustang began with the 2018 Mustang models and jas since then been integrated into other 2018+ Mustang cars. Some of its specifications are

  • It has 10 gears. This  means you can attain higher speed with
  • It goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 4 seconds and speeds up to a quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds.
  • No speed loss when changing gears.
  • When driving at an average speed or in slow traffic, the car has a smooth transmission because of its close-spaced gears.

6-speed Manual

When creating the 10-speed automatic, the Ford  Mustard did leave out people who prefer manual transmissions. The 6-speed manual is the equivalent of the 10-speed automatic. And even though the 10-speed automatic is more advanced, the 6-speed manual is an excellent upgrade to the manual transmission.

With the 6-speed manual, you can change gear more quickly and fluidly. The clutch requires less effort giving you a better experience in traffic. The engine does not hang between shift changes and it encourages downshifting.

Also, with the six gears, it means you can attain higher speed levels, and the shift levels are more closely packed. This means you will change gears less often.


Ford Mustangs aim to please their users, so they have manual and automatic cars to suit each person’s preference. And as they are improving the technology of automatic Ford Mustangs, they are looking for ways to improve the manual transmission.

Do not close your mind to any inventions; try out both the manual and automatic improved Ford Mustang models. And go for the one you are more comfortable with.

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