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Are Long Drives Bad for Your Car?


Summer is almost here! It means long days at the beach and long drives with your car are just around the corner. 

It’s always thrilling to plan a trip, but are long drives bad for your car

Taking a long road trip isn’t dangerous for your vehicle if it’s in working order and there are no accidents. Long road journeys are less stressful in your car than city driving or shorter excursions (like to and from work).

Many people are questioning if they’re damaging their vehicle on long road drives, and that’s precisely what we’ll explore here. 

In the next section, Hammer & Coop will go over everything you need to know about keeping your car (and yourself) in good functioning order on long road rides.

Are Long Drives Bad For Your Car?

So when you think about your automobile from this perspective, it’s simple to say that long road trips aren’t terrible for your car. They’re doing what they’re meant to do.

long drive

A long road journey might be terrible for your automobile if the vehicle isn’t in perfect operational condition. For example, you shouldn’t take a long road trip if your car:

  • It is low on oil.
  • Hasn’t been serviced in a long time (3,000 to 5,000 miles) (3,000 to 5,000 miles).
  • It is producing odd noises.
  • It feels weird when you drive it.
  • Is leaking liquids.
  • It tends to overheat.
  • Has flat or low tires.
  • Doesn’t have completely functional headlights, brake lights, blinkers, etc.

If there’s something wrong with your automobile, a long road trip might compound the situation and bring things ahead. However, the road trip is not to blame for this. Instead, it’s merely making visible something permanently wrong with the car.

That’s not to imply that things can’t go wrong on a road trip – even if you’ve just had the car serviced. Cars are intricate machinery. And it’s hard for even the finest technician to look into the future. 

Dealing with a broken-down car is a risk you incur every time you step behind the wheel.

But in general terms, extended road journeys are better for a car than short excursions.

Reasons Why Long Drives are Superior to Short Ones

The vast majority of a long-distance road journey is devoted to traveling along interstates and other major thoroughfares. Miles pass by without you having to slow down or stop.

long drive 2

The engine is at its peak at this point. First, let’s think about Newton’s first law of motion. Like it was meant to, the engine is roaring and sucking up the miles.

You’ll accelerate at green lights and halt at red lights if you’re going on a long road journey. That’s how you yield to pedestrians. Stop-and-go driving wears out the automobile more quickly than driving at a steady speed on a long road trip.

So a 500-mile road trip will make your automobile more petite than a 500-mile round-trip of short journeys. Not driving the car at all will help it survive longer by reducing wear and tear.

This isn’t a viable choice for the vast majority of individuals. Some people argue that an automobile that has never been driven no longer qualifies as such.

Do Cars Need Rest During Long Drives?

Another frequent vehicle and road trip question is concerning breaks. Is it suitable for a car to rest during a long drive?

Actually, no. No need to stop if your car isn’t overheated. Despite this, your car gets a little respite at every toilet, stretches your legs, or fills up with a petrol stop. These breaks aren’t necessary, but they aren’t harmful to your vehicle.

You don’t need to stop to give your automobile a rest on a road trip; it will easily outlive you. However, keep in mind that driving when tired is risky, so plan your breaks accordingly. Assuming nothing is amiss with your vehicle, you should be good to go.

Can You Rent a Car for Long Drives?

Yes, why not?

With an average daily rental vehicle cost of roughly $100 in the US, your trip expense rapidly increases. You’ll need to fill up the rental car, and you’ll want extra insurance just in case.


You’d be hard-pressed to put $100 worth of wear on your automobile every day on a long road trip.

Rental cars may be the ideal alternative if your automobile is expensive. You should also examine your car’s comfort and space for a lengthy drive.

Is it Safe to Drive a New Car over Long Distances?

You may not want to drive your brand new automobile on a lengthy road trip, but it is legal. The automobile is made to be driven, so you can relax knowing your new car will run smoothly and without issues. 

How to Prepare Your Car for Long Drive?

Before a lengthy drive, ensure your car is in good working order. Among the most vital are:

Have a mechanic look at it. Tell them you’re going on a lengthy road trip and want to check-in. Mechanic duties include:

  • Check/replace oil.
  • Replace the filter.
  • Examine all lights and signs.
  • Examine tire tread and pressure.
  • Check the engine coolant.
  • Drain and re-fill P/S.
  • Check wiper fluid.
  • Have jumper cables.
  • BYO First Aid Kit.
  • You need to buy a torch.
  • Get a decent toolkit.


Long road trips aren’t hazardous for your car if everything works properly. In reality, comparing the same distance of city driving to a highway road trip, the road trip generates minor wear and tear on the automobile.

Cars are intended for driving, and road trips maximize efficiency.

Inspect your car before starting your trip. Also, take care of yourself when traveling! On a long drive, you require more sleep than the automobile.

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