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Can a Car Sit on a Flat Tire Overnight?


Flat tires are unplanned inconveniences that can also be very stressful to fix. You’re not the only one who has had a flat tire and you’re contemplating postponing fixing it to the next day. However, the question that needs to be answered is can a car sit on a flat tire overnight?

Yes, you can leave a car on a flat tire overnight only if the tire is a run-flat tire. However, most car tires are not run-flat tires, so it’s totally unadvisable to leave them sitting flat overnight.

Leaving a car to sit on a flat tire overnight can lead to further damage to the tires. Likewise, it can lead to damage to the wheel because it’s not designed to hold the car’s weight for long.

If you plan on leaving your car to sit on a flat tire overnight, you should use a car jack to raise the car and ease the weight off the flat tire.

How Long a Car Can Sit on a Flat Tire

The consensus for the time frame to leave your car sitting in a flat is overnight. However, if possible, you should try to shorten the time. This way, you can avoid further damage to the tire and possible damage to the wheel.


Depending on where you leave your car parked, you might attract a parking ticket if it’s on the side of the road for too long. If you’re unlucky, your car can even get towed for a traffic violation.

Also, if you leave your car sitting on a flat tire for too long in an open area it can attract criminals who might remove valuable parts of the car. When your car sits on a flat tire for too long the exterior can get beaten down by the sun.

Consequences Of Leaving A Flat Tire To Sit For Too Long

Leaving a flat tire sitting for too long can cause some damage to the tire. These are the possible consequences of leaving a flat tire to sit for too long.


When a tire gets overly exposed to UV rays, it can lead to cracking on the tire walls. This weakens the tires’ integrity and reduces their life span.

Flat Spot

Leaving a flat tire on one spot for too long can lead to a crack in the flat area. The longer the car stays in the spot, the more the crack expands till it eats deep into the tire.

Tire Bubbles

Leaving a flat tire on one spot for too long can cause bubbles to develop in the tire. The external bubbles will be visible and they can pop thereby resulting in leaking.

Tire Deterioration

It goes without saying that the longer a flat car tire stays in one spot, the more it deteriorates over time. The rubber can begin to slowly deteriorate leading to rots, leaks, and eventually a blowout. When the tire deteriorates badly, the only option will be to replace it.

Wheel Damage

If you leave your car sitting on a flat tire for long, it can affect the structural integrity of the wheel. The wheels are not capable of holding the car’s weight for long and the lack of support from the tire can damage the wheel.

What Do When You Have A Flat Tire And You Have No Spare

Although, it’s advisable to always have a spare tire because of unforeseen circumstances, sometimes you just don’t have a spare. If you suffer a flat tire while driving and you are missing a spare, here are tips you can follow.

Use A Tire Repair Kit

Sometimes, a flat tire car is a result of a puncture and a small patch can fix the damage. You can use a tire repair kit which usually comes with a sealant you can use in covering small punctures. This is an affordable temporary solution that will save you from being stranded.

To patch a punctured tire, you will need a tire repair kit. The process is quite simple and you can follow these tips.

  • The first thing you need to do is to find the affected tire. Then remove the object stuck in the tire causing it to lose air.
  • You have to expand the puncture hole after which you should lubricate it.
  • After lubricating, insert the repair tool and plug in the hole to close off the puncture.
  • Pull off the tool while leaving the puncture plug in the tire.
  • The final part is to cut off the excess part of the plug to bring it to the same level as the tire wall.

After successfully plugging the puncture, you should avoid the temptation to continue using the car like all is well. Instead, drive to the nearest car workshop where a professional can work it.

Keep Driving With A Run-flat Tire

Run-flat Tires are capable of traveling a limited distance at a slow speed of about 50 mph. If your car is a run-flat tire, you can quickly check for the closest car repair station and drive there.

When driving a flat Run-flat tire ensure you check the air pressure occasionally because it’s difficult to tell when run-flat tires are low on air.

Call For Help

If you happen to have no spare tires and you don’t have a car tire repair kit and your car tire isn’t a run-flat, the only option is to call for help. There are round-the-clock car repair and towing services that you can call to get you out of the fix.


You can call a mechanic service that can drive to your location and fix the flat tire. Alternatively, you can call a towing service that can tow your car to a mechanic shop.

While it’s always best to take steps to prevent a flat tire, it’s equally important to know what to do if you have a flat tire.


Leaving your car sitting on a flat tire overnight might not entirely ruin the tire but it can cause damage. If you can’t fix your flat tire and you intend to leave it till the next day, you should use a jack to ease the pressure off the bad tire.

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