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Can a Car Trunk Open by Itself?


With technological development, car trunks are becoming accessible and less complicated to handle. Thanks to manufacturing companies. The invention of automatic buttons to open car trunks has dramatically helped. The abled differently individuals can now open car trunks without no much struggle. However, can a car trunk open by itself?

Yes, the car trunk can open by itself. Either there is a system malfunctioning, or you are using an intelligent opening key. Also, using a car button connected to the trunk opening system causes the trunk to open by itself.

The trunk opening system can malfunction due to low power battery, improper working of the lock cylinder, Car trunk striker misalignment, and many other causes, which we shall discuss.

What Is a Car Trunk?

Possibly, you are wondering what a car trunk is? The car trunk is the region behind your car where you keep luggage. Typically, the sitting area separates from the car trunk, with the car trunk having its window.


Most cars today come with an opening button near drivers or somewhere on the trunk’s lid, where opening becomes very easy when operated from the front. The trunk automatically opens itself when you press the button.

However, when you compromise with the button, expect to have problems opening and closing the trunk’s lid.

Reasons Why Car Trunks Open Itself

Your car trunk must always stay closed. However, it won’t be the case if your car trunk stays open even after closing. Below are the reasons that could be causing your car trunk to open.

Battery Issue

Automatic buttons use power from the car’s system. When the power goes low, eventually, the car trunk, in turn, drains power energy from the locking system of the trunk window.

This phenomenon is more familiar with the older car due to the power system reducing the efficiency with time. To minimize these issues, make services to your vehicle.

Locking System Issue

When you fix the battery issue, you still experience problems with closing the car trunk. Most such incidents are caused by flaws when transporting power in the system.

This flaw in power compromises the performance of the locking system. Energy used in the opening and closing of the trunk does not reach the locking system.

Improper Working of the Lock Cylinder

What is this locking cylinder? How does it work? Well, the locking cylinder of a car trunk is what accepts a particular key and helps in unlocking the unit side, securing the handle tailgate.

Brocken tailgate lock in-cylinder causes the lock not to turn. Also, objects stuck in it hinder the turning when you insert the key.

Taking your car to mechanics is the best option. Request a change in a locker if the objects stuck can’t be removed.

Car Trunk Striker Misalignment

A striker is a crucial trunk element that holds the lid in its closed position. The trunk striker easily gets damaged and misaligned whenever a dent appears in the rear position of your vehicle.

Also, it can result in you experiencing difficulties when closing the trunk lid. Therefore, the misaligned striker increases the chances of the trunk automatically remaining open.

However, it’s possible to fix the misalignment problem of the trunk striker by loosening trunk striker bolts and bringing the lid back to its original position. Also, you can apply force to straighten the striker to its original position by using a screwdriver.


Latch Misalignment Due to Collision

Like striker misalignment, also with the latch, misalignment occurs once the latch moves away from the initial position because of collision. The chances of trunk opening are very high once the latch gets misaligned.

The striker and the latch work together; once the latch doesn’t hold the striker properly, the trunk automatically remains open. To fix the problem, you must therefore fix the dent on the latch while examining more in cases of other damages.

Too many damages reduce the performance of the latch. The best solution is to replace the latch.

Rusting on the Release Cable

Rusting is a significant issue in all naked metals. It reduces the strength of any metallic structure. However, with rusting cables, the power to latch properly gets reduced, which in turn, the trunk lid ends up remaining open.

Keep a habit of replacing your car’s release cable once it gets rusted to ensure the effectiveness of your car trunk. Changing release cable is too hectic. Therefore, look for a professional mechanic to do the task if you don’t have the know-how.

Damaged Electric Solenoid

Other vehicle trunk opening mechanisms work by using an electric solenoid, the electric solenoid functions by locking and unlocking the vehicle trunk.

When the truck opens when starting the car, there is a problem with the circuit connection in the electric trunk solenoid. Damages to the electric solenoid happen when there is short-circuiting, resulting in the malfunction of the trunk opening and closing mechanism.

Reasons for Trunk Not Opening.

Car’s truck functions in the same way as the car’s window. However, the trunk opening and closing happen due to multiple factors.

man try to open car trunk

These factors range from the driver’s forgetfulness in locking the keys inside the trunk to car trunk malfunctioning. Below are the possible reasons for a car trunk remaining locked.

Keys Locked Inside the Car Truck.

Most cases of car trunk locks are due to the forgetfulness of leaving keys inside the trunk. However, the keys might fall inside the car trunk without your consent when locked in other cases. It becomes so difficult to open the trunk without the keys in such cases.

Broken Trunk Lock.

With your car trunk broken, there is no other option to open the trunk than to take the car to a locksmith to replace the broken lock. However, to access the things inside the trunk, lower the seats on the second row if it’s possible with your car.

Non-responsive Keyfob

Another reason for the locked trunk not opening is having an unresponsive keyfob. This is rare, especially with the new car models.

However, try the access button from inside your car for the latest models. Try manual opening if possible. The final decision when every trial fails is seeing locked smith.


Car parts, just like any other things, get used up and eventually collapse in their working system. Self-opening of the car trunk can be a command or system malfunctioning.

For example, the closing and the opening system can get compromised. Such conditions interfering with the system include battery issues, locking system issues, Improper working of the lock cylinder, Car trunk striker misalignment, Latch misalignment due to collision, rusting on the release cable, and Damaged electric solenoid.

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