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Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key?

can a locksmith make a car key

Inability to use your car due to misplacing your car key or damage to the key can be a frustrating experience. In attempting to find a solution to this problem you might be wondering can a locksmith make a car key?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Auto locksmiths can make a new car key among other related services. This article explains all you need to know to go about replacing your car key.

Types Of Car Keys

These are the types of car keys that can be found in different cars depending on models and manufacturers.

  • Traditional Car Key
  • Car Key Fob
  • Car Key Fob And Switchblade Key
  • Transponder Key
  • Smart Key

What You Need To Get A New Car Key

If you want to hire a locksmith to replace your car key, this is the information you will need.

  • Car model
  • Year of release
  • Car title
  • Car registration
  • Vehicle identification number

This information will confirm your ownership of the car which is a prerequisite for the locksmith to ensure you’re the owner of the car. Additionally, the information will help the locksmith Identify the type of car key your car uses.

The Services An Auto Locksmith Can Offer

Auto locksmith offers a range of services that involves making new keys, removing broken keys, and unlocking cars. These are some of the things an auto locksmith can do for you.

Unlocking Cars

An auto locksmith can unlock your car without the key. They use different strategies to get into cars to determine the type of lock system.

For older car models, auto Locksmiths use the good old “jimmying” method to unlock the car. This is sliding a thin metal between the car window and weatherstrip to access the lock.

However, for newer car models that use keyless security systems, auto locksmiths reprogram the code. They use a VATS passcode detector to read the code and gain access to the vehicle.


Removing Broken Keys

Car keys can break off in the ignition due to natural wear or the use of too much force. Removing a broken key from the ignition requires professional help because it requires specialized tools. Auto locksmiths use key extraction tools to remove the broken key.

Duplicating Or Replacing Keys

Auto locksmiths can help you replace or duplicate your car key if you provide them with the necessary information. Moreover, replacing your traditional car key is not different from replacing your house key. All the auto locksmith requires is a copy or sample of the key.

If your car key comes with a fob, replacing the key involves the same process. However, if you want to replace the fob, the locksmith will need to reprogram it and this process is more complex.

Program A Car Key

With technology, auto locksmiths now have the means to program a key or reprogram a transponder key.

Moreover, getting a new transponder key from the car dealership can be expensive, hence locksmiths provide a viable alternative.

Most cars with transponder keys won’t let you lock your car without the key, hence making it hard for you to forget your key inside the car. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare.


How Auto Locksmiths Make Car Keys

The process of making traditional car keys is the same as other keys therefore making it easy and fast to replace. However, the process of making transponder keys requires more sophisticated means.

These are the steps involved in making car keys.

Tracing The Key Code

The key code is the signature that gives your car key its distinction. The locksmith will first trace the key code, then translate it before cutting the key.

The locksmith requires a copy of the key to be able to analyze the key signature. However, if the key is missing, your vehicle identification number can provide the necessary information. 

Key Cutting

After analyzing the key signature, the next process is to cut the key accordingly. The locksmith makes use of a suitable metal similar to the original.

The metal is placed in the machine before the car’s identification number is entered. The machine will then begin chopping the metal into the car key signature entered into the machine.

Additionally, this process requires human effort to finish it and give it a fine-tuning to achieve a shiny key look.


Key Programming

Locksmiths can program transponder keys which are a common feature of many modern car models. This is a critical task that requires the use of a key programming machine to get the necessary precision.

Using Scoping To Make New Keys

Locksmiths use a scooping method to unlock cars when the owner locks in the key. The process involves inserting a tiny scope inside the lock to analyze the lock cylinders.

The analysis of the scoop is then used in making a new key to unlock the car and retrieve the original key.

How to Prevent Losing Your Keys

You can recover your car key if it goes missing or gets damaged, however, there are measures you can use to prevent losing your car key.

Key Finder

Key finders give you a modern and effective way to keep track of your car key. A key finder is a pouch that transmits a signal to your phone which lets you know the location of your car key.

Choose A Specific Location For Your Car Key

It’s easy to forget where you put your car key because there are a hundred places you can keep it. To avoid losing your car key, you should choose a specific location of it.

A car key bowl provides an easy and safe way to keep your car key. Furthermore, this can become a routine that will make it faster and easier to find your key.

Key Holder

Car keys are normally small which makes them easy to miss. Therefore, a keyholder is an effective way to make your car key handy.

You can use a key holder with a clip or a rope to hold your key. Thus making it larger and easier to find.

Get A Spare Key

Sometimes, you just can’t find your car key despite your best effort. Situations like this can be frustrating especially if you have somewhere to be.

Having a spare key can save you time and money should you find yourself in such a situation.


Losing your car key can be a terrible experience especially if you don’t know what to do next. The good thing is that a locksmith can easily get you out of the fix if you have the necessary information.

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