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Can Car Windows Shatter on Their Own?


Naturally, every system gets tired with time. Like the body of a human, your car windows can sometimes suffer malfunctions. Mostly when exposed to pressure. For the sake of vehicles, can car windows shatter on their own?

Yes, car windows are not always in good condition; they shutter once exposed to pressure. The conditions of your window and any other car part depend on your maintenance. The window becomes significantly vulnerable when the car’s conditions deteriorate. Keep in mind windows do not shatter without any outside influence.

Why Do Car Windows Shatter From Nowhere?

Too much heat causes expansion. Flaws on the auto glass expand more under extreme heat. Too much heat initiates shock waves and eventually makes the glass completely shattered.

Shattered Car Windows

The changes in temperature, whether hot or cold, influence the expansion and contraction. Freezing conditions make the gaps in the glass contract increase the gap.

These gaps can eventually lead to the entire shattering of the glass window.

How Can You Break a Car Window?

Breaking your car windows needs carefulness. With no attention can harm yourself. The tools to use are pillows, a blanket, and duct tape. These tools can break with no sound produced.

Does Glass Spontaneously Shatter?

Spontaneously shattering is familiar with windows, furniture, glass cookware, and other architectural glass. However, with tempered glass, the glass breaks into fragments with no glass fly-off, reducing the injuries from small and sharp pieces of the glass.

Is Breaking a Car Window Hard?

Breaking the window’s glass is relatively easy. With a piece of metal and want to break a car window, go to the edge of the glass. The edge is the weakest part of every glass.

However, car manufacturers assume the windscreen center to be the most vulnerable part during impacts or accidents.

Can You Break the Car Window With a Screwdriver?

The possibility of breaking car windows using a screwdriver depends on how you do. The easiest way is the creation of a hole in the glass, then follows the breaking.

However, tools like wrench, hammer, or knife can do the work whenever the glass is thin.

Can a Stone Break a Window?

Stones thrown can break the window of your car. Any good-sized and heavy material can damage your vehicle’s window. The good thing is your car’s side windows are tempered glass; this becomes difficult to break.

man breaks a window of the car a stone

However, the glass shatters out into small cubes with no glass scattering off under a heavy blow; this helps reduce severe damage to people inside your car.


Kicking it out becomes the option whenever you have no tool to open your car window. Do not ever try to kick through car windows because it is nearly impossible. Instead, make your efforts to the windshield.

Can You Elbow Break Your Window?

The answer here depends on how strong and enduring you are. I don’t recommend you use your elbow unless you’ve exhausted all the other methods.

Elbow breaking is much easier when your car has an acoustic windshield. This type of windshield is much thinner compared to others.

Why Does Glass Shatter on Temperature Change?

When the interior of a car is much colder than the outside, extreme thermal stress creates. The inner side of the glass contract more compared to the outside.

Hence, the difference in the contraction of the glass causes the shattering. Another event is when you drop cold water on the car window.

The cold water makes the outside surface contract more than the inner side; this influences a sudden creation of thermal stress. The result of this is shattering your car window.

Can Double Glazed Window Break?

Glazed windows are a common phenomenon in most household commodities. The double gazed under rare occasions crack. However, it shatters the inward under certain conditions, making shatter outlook on the glass.

Causes of Car Window Cracks

Car Accidents

Probably you have been asking yourself, ‘do all accidents result in the glass shattering. The answer depends on the type of impact and what part of the vehicle.


Most vehicle glasses break from diagonal or side impacts; these cause severe damage to the car. Even when you drive at low speed, impacts cause stress on glass windows and eventually shatter.


Break-Ins and vandalism mainly damage cars to the interior, windows, or paintwork. Whenever you take a long time to attend your car, you have to ensure your car is in a safe place from a hard target by bandits.

In lit, crowded, or under security camera monitor areas, cars are under rare cases, targeted by thieves and vandals.

Also, avoid leaving valuable things like electronics insight inside your vehicle. It’s, however, impossible to prevent every break-in. Under such cases, you should install an aftermarket alarm product and, most importantly, be under insurance.

Crack Development

As a car owner, car maintenance is a crucial thing to do. Sometimes car windows shatter due to how hard they are closed. Some of the damages to the car you are to blame. Also, minor damages to the glass happen; with time, these damages become more significant.

However, handle window installation windows installation with great care. Also, in hypothetical scenarios, small debris compromises the glass structure by creating small cracks.

The problem develops more as you continue with your car’s daily routine. The issue causes unexpected glass window breaking.

Debris Impact

Like your car’s windshield, debris can compromise the sidecar windows by flying debris from the moving wind, overhead structures, or tree droppings.

However, rock debris is the most common causes of car windows breakage. You should, however, avoid construction sites and keep a distance between working trucks and your vehicle.

Also, to prevent other causes of breakage, park in safe areas, away from dead branches during harsh weather conditions.


Temperature fluctuations cause a corresponding contraction or expansion of your car glass window. The uneven contraction has the significance of breaking your window.

Under cold weather conditions, your glass car window’s outside surface contracts more than the inside. The difference high difference in contraction eventually causes the window to break.

This effect is more significant to your car window when there pre-existed damages like cracks.


Not all window breakage comes from outside impacts. Most underlying problems threatening the glass structure of the side windows aren’t visible. When your car glass window is significantly out of alignment and left for a long time without alignment, the glass eventually gets broken.

You should, however, be a responsible driver by frequently checking for misalignments. Also, check for misalignment after a collision or after any impact.


Your window track is more susceptible to this type of breakage. Like misalignment problems, identifying the crack in the ways require extra attention.

Debris on the window tracks is the leading cause of the breakage of your window. The other factors of window breakage are human-influenced, for example, stones debris from construction sites.

Large debris offers massive resistance and changes the alignment of glass into the frame, eventually leading to breakage. So, frequently check for any residue on the track before taking off or during car washing.


Car windows can shatter without any human influence. Car windows shatter whenever they get exposed to pressure or stress.

Fluctuating temperatures can also cause glass shattering; these changes in temperature of the surroundings cause non-spontaneous expansion and contraction of car window glasses hence breakage.

 However, most car glass windows get tempered, meaning that even when put under pressure, the glass breaks but does not scatter around. Tempered glasses reduce severe injuries from sharp glass pieces.

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