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Can I Bring Car Keys on a Plane?


Taking airplane flights observes strict guidelines and security. It prevents the passenger from danger and risks. These absolute regulations are usually experienced in the luggage section as they follow restrictions.

Some items are not allowed and other things can be carried in your carry-on baggage. If you bring your car to the airport you might ask “can I bring car keys on a plane?”.

Typically, you can bring your car keys on the plane. A passenger just needs to follow the screening process of the airport security first. This item is made of metal material which may alert their alarms unintentionally. To prevent delays, ensure you include it in the screening procedure.

Several instances in which car owners leave their cars at the airport when taking flights. It means they brought their keys with them inside the plane. This is why we will discuss the limitations and important things to remember on a plane.

Can You Take Keys Through Airport Security?

Several people, especially new ones, take their flights without knowing the regulations of airports. Since most of us bring our keys when we leave home, some may ask if we are allowed to take them to airports. Fortunately, you can take them through airport security.


Airport security is strict in detecting luggage and personal belongings. Before a passenger can enter, the Transportation Security Administration will conduct a screening with your things. In going through this, make sure you include your keys in the bin since it is a metal object that may alert their alarms.

Do Check-in Bags Get Search?

Generally, check-in bags undergo a screening process after you put them in the conveyor system. Manual checking is observed after the inspection.

Keep in mind that before you board the plane, airport security ensures that all of your belongings are checked. This rule is followed in almost all the airports worldwide to prevent passengers from carrying illegal or prohibited things.

Airports conduct physical inspections of suspicious things before you’re allowed to bring them in. It’s important to know the materials you should avoid carrying when going inside the airport.

Is Metal Allowed in Checked Luggage?

Some airplane passengers express their experiences with the regulations of airport security. One of the notable items that they examine profoundly is metal objects.

Since airports guarantee the safety of the passengers, they require people to place the metal objects in their check-in bags. The best examples of these kinds of objects are cutters and more pointed objects.

Sharp objects that are prohibited may also have rules limitations. Scissors, on the other hand, are allowed if the blade is shorter than 4 inches

What’s Not Allowed in Checked Luggage?

Before you proceed to the airport, it’s wise for you to know the prohibited items for check-in luggage. It’s a huge help for you to prevent your valuables from being confiscated. Here are the following things that are not allowed:


Power banks

Make sure to carry your power banks inside the plane as it is not allowed in the check-in luggage. This device is made of lithium-ion batteries which are unsafe when taking flights.

Vape and E-cigarettes

Similar to power banks, you must bring this inside the plane as it contains batteries. It can explode anytime if placed in close or compact spaces.

Loose Batteries

Spare lithium batteries are often called loose batteries. Airport securities prohibit these kinds of batteries that have 100 watts per hour but you can bring these in your hand-carry bag.

Fuel or explosive devices

Both fuel and explosive devices can bring danger during flights. Airports prevent passengers from carrying these in their hand-carry or check-in baggage.

Lighters with Butane

If batteries, vapes, and e-cigarettes are allowed in your hand-carry and check-in, lighters with butane are prohibited from both. It can create fire and explosion which is why these are restricted in the plane.

What Can You Bring In Your Carry-on? (Table)

Airports allow several belongings to bring in your carry-ons. Take note also that some of these are not allowed in the check-in luggage. Here is the list of these things that you can observe:

Items Security RegulationExamples
1. Small toolsThese tools should only have seven or fewer inches and 4 inches blades or shorter.Screwdrivers, pliers wrenches, scissors, etc
2. BatteriesOnly 100 watts per hour batteries or less are allowed.AA, AAA, C, and D
3. Electronic devicesThese devices are prohibited in check-in luggageLaptops, cellphones, cameras, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc
4. LiquidThese items should be placed in one zip-top bag. Every liquid container or bottle must only have 3.4 ounces or less.Baby food, medicines, shampoo, nail polish, gels, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, sprays, lotion, and more
5. Medical equipmentPrescribed medical equipment that is important for the passenger is allowed.Inhalers, canes, blood-sugar tests, casts, etc.
6. Sports equipment or musical instrumentsNot all of these items are allowed.Dumbbells, ice skates, fishing poles, guitar, including knitting needles crochet hooks, etc

Items That Are Not Allowed in Your Carry-on and to Be Packed In Your Checked Luggage

Keep in mind to know the valuables that you need to put in your check-in baggage. You may not want it to delay your flight due to prohibited items packed at the bottom of your luggage. Take note of these things:

Items Security RegulationExamples
1. Sharp objectsAll kinds of sharp objects that are more than 4 inches are prohibited or wrapped for check-in.Axes, knives, picks, cutters, razor blades, scissors, etc
2. Self-defense toolsThese are not allowed by the airport securityPepper spray, blackjacks, knuckles, weapons, etc
3. Gel candlesWax candles are allowed in carry-on bagsAll gel candles
4. Alcoholic drinksYou can place them in check-in baggage but are limited to an amount of 5 litersAll types of alcoholic beverages
5. Sports equipmentPack these to your check-in baggageGuns, golf clubs, baseball bats, ski poles, knives, etc

Items Not Allowed in Carry-on or Checked Luggage: Never Bring This on a Plane

Check-in and carry-on baggage may allow several items. Airport security also regulates things that a passenger can’t bring on both choices. These are the following:

Items Security RegulationExamples
1. Alcoholic drinks (140 proofs up)You can’t bring any drinks that contain 70 percent of alcohol.Grain alcohol, 151-proof rum, etc
2. Flammable goodsSome hygienic materials with not more than 3.4 ounces are allowedFuel, gasoline, torches, lighter fluid, strike-anywhere matches, etc.
3. Explosive itemsNo exceptionsFireworks, grenades, dynamite, etc
4. Wildlife deterrent productsAll itemsBear sprays
5. ChemicalsCheck airport security regulations to know specific itemsBleach, chlorine, spray paint, fertilizers, etc

Things to Remember When You’re at the Security Checkpoint


Make sure you follow the airport security guidelines before you proceed to the airport. These are accessible online or through call. Here are important things to remember when you’re are the security checkpoint:

  • Reduce metals in your outfit when going to the airport
  • Place liquid items in a quart-size plastic bag
  • Wear easily removable shoes and socks
  • Separate large containers of liquid medicines from liquid items
  • Always prepare your IDs
  • Pack your devices properly for the screening procedure
  • Clear your pockets and remove your belt
  • Check your valuables after the screening process


Car keys are allowed to be brought on the plane as long as you underwent the screening process. Although this is a metal item, the airport only limits that equipment that may cause danger. Always ensure to follow the rules and instructions to prevent problems.

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