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Can I Clean Car Windows With Windex?


Probably you are stuck, not knowing what cleaning product best fits your car windows and screen, with the market overflowing with different types of cleaning products.

I have continuously asked myself, can I clean car windows with Windex?

Yes, you can clean your car windows and screen using Windex. Many people advise skipping using Windex on a tinted vehicle. Windex is an ammonia-based substance it causes bleaching on painted surfaces.

However, it is best to visible glasses and cars with tinted windows right from the manufacturers but not from a third party. To make it safe, skip cleaning the third-party tinted windows with Windex. During cleaning with the index, skip leather upholstery as it can dry out the index.

Windex on car window cleaning

While many types of cleaning products are on the market, Windex offers excellent services. Windex leaves no traces of stains on your car windscreen.


However, there are debates concerning the effect of Windex on the tinted windscreen. The only known effect is the third-party tinted windscreens.

Whenever your windscreen gets tinted from the factory, there is no doubt about using Windex. For the third-party tinted windscreen, have a check by testing with Windex to see if any effect is possible.

Point to note, whenever cleaning from the inside of your car, ensure to clean on the glass materials. Using Windex on other materials can cause bleaching. 

Uses of Windex


Stain remover.

Windex can remove stains from substances like upholstery and clothing. The simplest way to do this is by spraying on the stain, leaving for about 20 minutes, and rinsing using water to clean. Follow the same procedure until no stain appears.

Kill bugs.

Besides being a stain remover, Windex can also act as an insecticide. Whenever you need to drive safely, away from any disturbance from insects, Windex can serve the purpose.

 Clean the inside of your car using Windex as your cleaning product and wipe using a fabric cloth.

Lifts up stuck grease.

You’ve probably taken services under your car parts or engine and got your potion of grease. If you have Windex with you, it can help remove the grease on your body.

Spray on the greasy area and wipe until all grease gets removed. However, rinse your body thoroughly to avoid poisoning.

Remove tight ring.

The slippery nature of Windex helps in removing stuck rings. Spray the Windex around the ring and slowly take the ring out. Windex reduces the pain you would have experienced removing the ring without a lubricant.

Multi-purpose cleaner.

The ability of Windex to remove stains plays a big role in household utensils. Stick grease and oil stains stuck on the glassy utensils can be removed using Windex. Having Windex with you reduces the cost of buying other cleaning products.

However, Windex as a cleaning product contains ingredients harmful to your health. Ensure rinsing well any place applied the cleaning product to avoid unnecessary poisoning.

Children’s toy cleaner.

Toys get messy with a lot of staff. All kinds of stains children play with can make the toys dirty. With Windex, things get simple in removing the stains. Wash away the stains but ensure to use a lot of water in rinsing, wipe afterward.

Clean patio furniture.

Whenever you want your patio furniture to look brand new, Windex serves the purpose. Spray the patio furniture and use a wiper to remove the foam.

The ability components in Windex help remove unnecessary stains on the furniture and improves the radiant look.  

Whiteboard cleaner.

The different kinds of inks leave permanent stains on the whiteboard. If you need your board looks good, spray the erase board cleaner together with Windex and wipe it out well using a microfiber cloth. Repeat the procedure until all stains get removed.

How to clean windows

Whether your windscreen or windows get fuzzy from the inside, cleaning is the option. However, you may be experiencing difficulties cleaning your window or windscreen from inside. Here are tips to use whenever you find it hard.


1. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass; it helps to remove any dust on the windshield.

2. When using a glass cleaner, spray it directly on the microfiber towel. Use the microfiber towel to wipe down the windshield

3. What follows next is to take a fresh microfiber towel and apply rubbing alcohol. Use the towel to wipe the windshield. The alcohol is essential because it rubs out grease and improves the windscreen visibility.

4. Finish the last round by using a glass cleaner.

Windex vs tinted glass

When it comes to item selection, most people compare Windex with the invisible glass. The effect of the Windex on the glass should be welcoming.

However, it is not the case with painted glasses due to the bleaching effect. The good thing is Windex still stands to be the best in other glasses.

Is Windex good for cars?

Among the cleaning material present in the market, Windex stands among the best for all household and car glasses. Glass surfaces from which Windex gets used appear shiny and welcoming.

When used on the windscreen, the fuzzy-like effect no longer appears. Windex cleans the car’s side mirrors and any glass surface.

Windex is not good for any other material, apart from glass, especially on painted materials.

Tinted windows

Keep in mind all ammonia-based substances have a bad effect on tinted surfaces, especially Windex. Do not ever use it to clean tinted surfaces; the paint may be tampered with by the ammonia present in the Windex.

The best material to use on a tinted surface should be ammonia-free cleaning material with that at your fingertips.

Windex cleaning effect

Windex is a preferred cleaning product because it can wash away greasy and tough substances from the glass. It is, however, good for cleaning your mirror too.

Also, good if you are an off-road rider kind of a person. Windex will serve best in cleaning away the dust stuck on the surface of the windscreen, side mirrors, window, and any glass surface of the car.

The chemicals and ammonia used are of little to overkill to other people, especially with ammonia as a chemical product.


You can use Windex to clean car windows. However, the performance of Windex on tinted windows is not encouraging. The bleaching effect can compromise your window, especially with a third-party tinted window.

Besides having a poisoning effect, Windex still has multiple uses, from the car to household utensils.

You should spray so that the wind does not blow directly to your face for healthy purposes. 

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