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Can I Cut Out Deployed Airbags?


If you’ve even been in an accident, or have seen one, you’d know how important airbags are. They keep us and our loved ones safe on the road, which makes them a crucial part of every vehicle. But, what if your airbags get deployed and you want to remove them? A question that might hit your mind is can I cut out deployed airbags?

Yes, you can cut out deployed airbags. Keep in mind that you’d have to replace your airbags after cutting them out. And that can cost as high as $2000. So, ideally, you want to come up with a more practical option.

In this guide, we’ll tell you:

  • If you can cut out deployed airbags
  • Can you still drive your car with the airbags deployed?
  • Can you cut out deployed airbags without professional help?
  • And, more

Let’s dive in.


Can You Reuse Deployed Airbags?

No, you cannot use deployed airbags since they are rendered useless after getting deployed in an accident. But, you can always replace them with new ones.

Will a Car Start After Airbags Deploy?

No, cars don’t typically restart after the airbags deploy. So, you’ll have to take your vehicle to a nearby shop to get it up and running again. You’ll have to install new airbags or disconnect the existing ones in order to start your car again, and that takes professional expertise.

Can I Remove the Airbags from My Car?

Generally, you can remove the airbags from your car, but it depends on the rules and regulations of the area you’re living in. It might not be legal in certain regions as airbags can be tricky to handle, especially by someone inexperienced.

Do You Have to Reset Airbag Module After an Accident?

Yes, you have to reset the airbag module after your vehicle has been in an accident. If you don’t reset the airbag module, you’ll be taking a risk of getting into an accident without a working airbag protection system.

Is It Safe to Remove Airbags?

Unfortunately, no. If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a chance you’ll end up mishandling the airbags. And that can trigger them since there’s still some stray electrical charge. You don’t want to be in accidental airbag deployment, so it’s a better idea to get your vehicle to a professional.

Is a Car Considered Totaled If Airbags Deploy?

No, a car isn’t necessarily totaled after being in an accident. It depends on the nature of the accident and the condition of your car. Airbags are responsible to keep the passengers and driver safe and have nothing to do with the car being totaled or not.

How Expensive Is It to Replace Airbags?

So, how much does it costs to replace airbags? Well, it can vary, but generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere around $1000 to $2000. It can even get more expensive depending on the vehicle and technology.

How Long Do Airbags Last?

The cool thing is that airbags don’t have an expiry date. Once they’re installed in your vehicle, they are meant to provide you with safety for its lifetime.

What Parts Need Replacement After Airbags Deploy?

Once your airbags are deployed, they’d need to be replaced fully. Plus, you’ll also have to replace the airbag control module with them.

Can Airbags Deploy Without Power?

Yes, airbags can deploy even when they’re not connected to a power source. That’s because there’s a chance they still have built-up electricity. Therefore, if you’re thinking of replacing your airbags yourself, don’t.

Is It Legal to Drive a Car With Airbags Deployed?

Generally speaking, there’s no rule against driving a car with airbags deployed, that is if you can start your car. See, many cars won’t even start after the airbags go off, so be prepared to call a nearby professional and let them move your car safely.

Can You Drive a Car Without Airbags?

Yes, you can drive a car that doesn’t have airbags installed. There’s no law that necessitates the installation of airbags in cars. But, of course, it’s for your own safety, which you shouldn’t risk.

What to Do After Airbags Deploy?

Here are a few mandatory steps you should take after your airbags deploy.

Turn the Engine Off

Most airbags come with advanced features that turn your car’s engine off after deployment. The purpose, of course, is to prevent an explosion, protecting you and your car. But, if your car doesn’t have an airbag with such a feature, you’d have to turn the engine off manually.

Assess the Damage

As soon as your airbags deploy, turn the engine off (if it’s not automatically turned off), get out of the car, and document the damages. Then, get in touch with a nearby repair service and get them to tow your car to their place. You’d want to get in touch with your car insurance company as well.

Replace the Airbags

Next, you want to replace your airbags as the old ones would be rendered useless after deployment. Although you can replace your airbags yourself, it’s recommended that you let an expert do it.

To replace deployed airbags:

  • Deactivate the airbag system
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Clip off the fasteners and retainers

But, of course, the process of replacing airbags might vary depending on the vehicle and technology.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering can I cut out deployed airbags, you have the answer now. Generally, you can cut out deployed airbags, but it’s not completely safe and effective. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up running into further problems. So, a better option is to get in touch with a nearby car repair service and let them handle the task.

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