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Can I Wax My Car Headlights?


Maintaining your car headlights is very important and you might be wondering how to go about it. Sometimes washing your car headlights is not enough so you might be wondering can I wax my car headlights?

The answer is yes, you can wax your car headlights. Headlights can age and fade after years of use, thereby getting cloudy and looking faded. One of the ways to fix this is by waxing your car headlights.

In this article, you will find the causes of fading and cloudy headlights, the benefits of waxing your headlights, and how to go about it.

Causes Of Fading and Cloudy Headlights

In a bid to increase safety and manufacturing costs, glass headlights have been replaced with polycarbonate plastic. Headlights made from polycarbonate plastics can get blurry and cloudy after years of use.

fading and cloudy headlight

The factors responsible for fading and cloudy headlights are:

  • Wear and Tear: the older the headlights the more likely the plastic will begin to wear and tear. This can result in damage to the sealant film and the lens surface can become susceptible to fade.  
  • UV rays: years of exposure to the sun can dull the surface giving it a yellow cloudy look. 

Importance Of Waxing Your Car Headlights

Maintaining your car is very important as cars are an expensive investment. Waxing your car headlights can give it a new lease of life and also save you the cost of having them replaced. Some of the several ways your car headlights benefit from waxing include:

  • Waxing provides UV protection for the headlights which protects them from getting faded out of exposure to the sun. 
  • You can use waxing to remove the cloudy covering on the headlights and give it a clear look.
  • Waxing makes it harder for water from getting into the headlights.    
  • You can use it to provide extra protection against dirt and debris
  • Waxing removes the yellow effect of exposure to sunlight and also makes it harder for headlights to fade.
  • It makes the headlights more resistant to tear and wear. 

Types of Wax Suitable for Your Car Headlights

One thing you have to know about waxing your headlights is that not all types of Wax might be suitable. Some wax contains harsh chemical components that can do more harm than good by creating a cloudy haze on the headlights.

There are different forms of car wax that serve different purposes and apply to different areas of the car. The different wax types of car wax products are:

  • Paste Waxes
  • Liquid Waxes
  • Spray Waxes

How To Wax Your Car Headlights

The good thing about waxing your car headlights is that you can do it yourself. The process isn’t complicated and you can easily get the products you need hence saving you time and the cost of hiring a professional.

To wax your car headlights, you can follow these easy steps.

Get The Products You Need

Firstly, you need to get all the necessary supplies for the job. An effective way you can go about this is by buying a restoration kit that contains all the necessary supplies in one place.

A headlights restoration kit should contain a paste wax, UV sealant, painter’s tape, microfiber towels, sandpaper, and a polishing compound. There are different types of restoration kits you can buy online.


Alternatively, you can buy each product in the headlight restoration kit individually. Thereby saving some money if you already have some of the components of the kit.

Prepare The Headlights

After getting the necessary products, you need to prepare the headlights for restoration. The first step is to carefully and thoroughly wash the headlight lenses with car washing soap and water.

For the tape to stick well for the wax application, you should wash the surrounding areas of the headlights. 

Tape Off the Headlights

Since the intention is to sandpaper the headlights and not the paint, you will have to tape off the headlights.

Likewise, taping the headlight ensures that you don’t mistakenly sandpaper your car paint. Additionally, by protecting the rest of the car with the painter’s tape, you will be able to work more comfortably.

Sandpaper The Headlights

To clear the surface, you should choose abrasive sandpaper. Wet the headlights and the sandpaper, then sandpaper the surface using a similar pattern. For example, you can start with a horizontal pattern.


Furthermore, you should ensure that the surface stays wet to avoid chipping too deep into the plastic. After sandpapering the surface for about 7 – 10 minutes, you should wipe it with a clean cloth and leave it to dry.

After drying, you should repeat the process. For this process, use less abrasive sandpaper and also switch the pattern of sandpapering. You should ensure the surface stays wet, and for this, you can use a water hose or a spray bottle.

After sandpapering for the second time, you should wipe the surface and leave it to dry.

Polish and Wax

Before applying the wax, ensure that the surface is dry and clean. After that, squeeze some polishing compound into a microfiber towel and rub it on the surface in circular motions for a few minutes.

To get the desired result, you have to repeat this process till the surface is shiny and clear. Moreover, this process doesn’t take long, all you need is some polish, microfiber towels, and some patience.

Use UV Sealant

The last process is to apply a UV sealant on the headlights. Essentially, sealant is a protective layer that keeps the lenses from hazing over again and without it, your work can be quickly undone. When sandpapering the headlights, the process removes the old oxidized sealant.

Generally, you only have to apply one layer of sealant except the instructions state otherwise. Basically, you should follow the instructions on whatever type of restoration kit you’re using.

After applying the sealant, park your car in a dry place to get the desired result. If after following these steps, you don’t get the desired result, then you might have to repeat the process.

Above all, you have to note that some lenses might have run their course and they’re beyond restoration. Hence the only solution might be to replace them with a new one.


If you want to enjoy a good driving experience, your car headlights have to be in fine condition. Waxing your car headlights is an effective and simple way to maintain your car headlights and also save yourself the cost of buying a new one.

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