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Can Manual Transmission Be Changed To Automatic? (Easy Explanation)


The transmission of a car is the gearing system that decides the top speed of a car. While manually switching gears is getting uncommon due to modern automatic cars, what if you still own a manual car. That’s when you need to know the answer to the question; can manual transmission be changed to automatic.

Simply put, yes. You can change the gearing system of a car from manual to automatic. If you have the right set of tools and skills, you can easily do it yourself. However, you might have to seek professional assistance if you are reluctant to work with the gearing box of your car.

In this post, you will address the pros and cons of changing the gearing system of a car.

Moreover, we’ll also find out what tools you require to convert a manual car into an automatic. So, let’s get started with the details of changing a manual transmission to automatic.

Is it Easy to Convert Manual Transmission to Automatic?

There are a number of mechanics who claim that converting a manual car to an automatic is not an easy job. In fact, it took almost 24 hours to carry out this job, even for the experts. So it makes sense that you have to plan if you have decided to convert your manual car into an automatic.

Automatic transmission

Moreover, if you want to go DIY, you might not have to hurry. You can call a professional to accompany you in changing your car’s gearing system. Plus, you will need more time to understand the working of a gearing box inside your car.

The Gearbox Box

A gearbox has the following components:

  • Main Shaft
  • Shifter Sleeves
  • Bearings
  • Gear Shifter

You must have heard that the gearing system is also known as transmission. Well, the terminology refers to transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels of your car.

In transmission, the gearbox plays an important role as it connects the wheels to the engine with the help of the clutch, couplings, axle shafts, and a propeller shaft.

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Gear Ratio

There’s another term widely used with the gearbox, which is the gear ratio. Basically, it’s a ratio between the driven gears and driving gears. Moreover, you can use the following formula to get the gear ratio:

Gear Ratio = No. of Output Gear’s Teeth / No. of Input Gear’s Teeth

The input gear refers to the engine’s drive, while the output gear is the effect on the wheels. Besides, the gear ratio is not the same for every vehicle. It varies from car to car. In fact, the gear ratio is usually higher in trucks than in cars because of their heavyweight.

So while converting manual transmission to automatic, you should have knowledge about all the technicalities.

Now, let’s discuss what’s the better option between an automatic and a manual transmission.

Automatic or Manual Car?

It’s a never-ending discussion as it varies from driver to driver. For example, some drivers say that an automatic car is the easiest thing to drive on this planet. It’s simple and gives a smooth car driving experience. You don’t have to frequently use that annoying clutch every time while shifting gears.

On the other hand, manual car drivers love shifting gears. They claim that it needs high precision to drive an automatic car. You have to be perfect on your accelerator, clutch, and gear shaft. Plus, there’s no greater vibe in the automobile industry than driving a manual car.

As you can see, there’s no point in deciding which one is better. However, one factor you can consider is the interface between the driver and the automatic vehicle. It’s easier because there’s no clutch.

But when you drive a manual car, you can switch gears on your own, and that’s a plus point.

Besides, if you are confused about whether you should convert a manual car into an automatic, it’s high time you check out the pros and cons of this conversion.

Advantages of Changing Manual Transmission to Automatic

The first advantage of converting a manual car to an automatic is it enhances maneuverability. If you are driving off-road, you will have more control over your car than ever before.

Moreover, you won’t have to put in much effort to switch gears as the gearbox has been converted into an automatic transmission. Plus, driving on highways will become more enjoyable.

The second advantage is more convenience. All you have to do is start your car, and put it in the Drive gear. Now you can drive your car using only two pedals, i.e., gas and the brake.

Disadvantages of Changing Manual Transmission to Automatic

A number of drivers complained that their car’s fuel efficiency has dropped after converting the manual transmission to automatic. Therefore, it will be costly for you to cover 1,000 km/month after this transmission conversion as your car needs more fuel than before.

Another disadvantage is changing a manual transmission to automatic is expensive. From arranging the right set of tools to hiring an automobile expert, the overall cost will go around $1,000 – $3,000.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why most drivers don’t convert their manuals to automatic.

Tools Required to Convert a Manual Car to Automatic

If you are planning to change the transmission of your car from manual to automatic, the preferred option is to bring your car to a workshop.

However, you can do that in your garage if you have the right set of tools. You will need the following tools:

  • Electrical Control System (ECU)
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Gear Lever Torque Converter
  • Flywheel (With Meter Reading Console)
  • Gearbox Console
  • Total Gearbox Replacement
  • Driveshafts Accessories For The Interior (Phone Pockets, Cup Holders, etc.)

Check out the OEM Flywheel for your car’s gearbox.

You might have to spend a day or two gathering these tools. Moreover, it’s your responsibility to check the quality of equipment you buy to convert a manual car to an automatic.

If you have already hired a professional, it’s better to let them check the tools you have bought. They have a good idea about the quality and performance of each component.

Final Thoughts

Even though changing your car’s transmission from manual to automatic is expensive, it’s a one-time investment. However, it depends on how well the job is done and what quality of the equipment you have installed in your car.

Once you convert your manual car into an automatic, you can now enjoy the smoothness of driving a manual car with an automatic transmission.

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