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Can Manual Transmission Have Remote Start? Read Every Detail Here


Starting an automatic vehicle by remote is a really cool feature indeed. You just have to press a button, and your car will start in the next few seconds. But can manual transmission have remote start?

Simply put, yes. A manual transmission vehicle can have the remote start feature. But you have to separately install a system to achieve that goal. Besides, it’s easier to install the remote start feature in automatic cars than in manual transmission vehicles.

This post will tell you every detail regarding the installation of remote start in manual transmissions.

Remote Start and Manual Cars

No doubt, it’s more complicated to install the remote start feature into a manual car than in an automatic transmission vehicle. Why?

Manual gear of a car

Manual cars have a gearbox that consists of mechanical linkages. No electrical sensor can detect whether the car is in a neutral state. When you shift a gear to speed up or slow down the car, the shaft mechanically changes links inside the gearbox.

Now, the biggest concern while installing the remote start feature in manual transmission cars is safety.

Let’s learn why.


Since there’s no way the remote starter can identify whether the car is in neutral gear or whether the emergency brake is pulled, it’s a risk to start the car via a remote.

The car might start moving once you remote start it, which is dangerous for other cars, pedestrians, and your car as well.

Therefore, you should consider this risk while installing the remote start feature in your manual car or truck.

We’ll discuss how to mitigate this risk later in this post.

Now, another risk that’s associated with remote start is clutch interlock. It’s a safety feature in which you have to fully depress the clutch pedal to start the engine. Without doing that, you can’t start your car.

Therefore, the remote starter must release the clutch interlock first to start the car.

Automatic Car Starter For Manual Transmission Vehicles

There are three important factors that you should consider while installing the remote starter in your manual vehicle.

Clutch Interlock

The first and the most prior one is to make sure the remote starter disables the clutch interlock. Without unlocking that, you can’t start your car via remote.

Therefore, connecting a switch at the clutch is mandatory, which should disable the interlock once you press the Start button on the remote.

Besides, it’s better to let a professional install the remote start system in your manual car instead of DIY. They know about each safety precaution in a manual transmission vehicle. Moreover, the crew will make sure that the clutch plates are working fine after deploying the interlock switch.

Parking Brake

You can connect a switch to the parking brake as well. Why?

The parking brake is important, especially when you park your car in a crowded place. This factor makes sure that your car is engaged in the parking brake. In addition, when you try to start the car via remote, the system will first check the status of the parking brake.

If the brakes are engaged, the car will turn on. Otherwise, the car will not start with the remote.

Have a look at ACDelco Professional Brake Kit.

Neutral Transmission

Leaving your car in gear is full of risk. When you start a car in gear, it will give a sudden jerk and might start moving. Moreover, that can damage your car and anything that’s in front of it.

So it’s important to leave your car in neutral gear.

However, using a remote starter will change the method of turning off your car.

First of all, the wiring of the remote start feature will be wired through the door switches. When you reach the destination and turn off your car, shift the gear to neutral. Then, engage the parking brake. That’s an important step as well.

Now you have to turn off the ignition and take out the keys. You might get surprised that the car engine will not turn off. That’s the main point.

The engine will only shut down when you leave the car and close the door. It’s a safety measure because if someone else opens the door before you, the remote starter will not start the car.

You never know whether the person left the car in gear or pulled the parking brakes. Therefore, the remote start feature will detect that someone has entered the car, and now you cannot start your car using the remote.

In addition to that, you might not leave the car windows open as well in this safety feature.

To again activate the remote start safety feature, you have to repeat the process i,e, Put your car in neutral gear and engage the parking brakes. Make sure that the windows are closed as well. Only then leave your car and exit the doors.

Besides, this solution is for convertibles.

Remote Starter Installation Cost

The whole installation cost varies from $193 to $427 if your car doesn’t have a remote starter. However, it’s the average cost for traditional vehicles.

Hand holding dollar in car

The cost will definitely increase while installing the remote start feature for modern cars and trucks.

Moreover, one of the most important factors is distance. You should keep in mind the distance between the remote and the car.

Plus, you need that remote which can sense the car from home and start it even without leaving the house.

In addition to that, the remote starter should have other options as well, like door unlocks, the car’s interior lights, and emergency hazards.

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Besides, the cost also depends on how complex the task is. The clutch needs a switch, the parking brake needs another switch, and the door needs wiring to sense whether you left the car in neutral gear or not.

Even some manual car owners insist on changing the car starting mechanism. For example, they might ask to install the ignition switch with the reverse gear. That means the key or the remote will only work when the car is in reverse gear.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional. They will perform their duty and keep the safety measure intact.

Final Words

You can install the car start feature in your manual car. However, it’s better to consult an automobile expert. They will guide you what’s the best option for your manual transmission vehicle. Once you successfully install that, you can start your car while sitting at home. That way, the car will warm up, especially in winter.

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