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Can Mini Cooper Be Serviced Anywhere?


Like any other engine tool, also mini cooper needs constant servicing. Services help to maintain the optimal performance of the car. That said, can mini cooper be serviced anywhere?

MINI coopers can be serviced anywhere. You can get free servicing from the mini cooper dealers whenever your car is under warranty. Do not expect compensation if you do self-servicing and cause damages within the warranty period.

Mini cooper can get serviced anywhere. However, mini cooper dealers provide three years or 36,000 Do you want to know more about the mini cooper? Read through this article and learn more.

What Is a Mini Cooper?

What does it mean when someone mentions the word mini? When it comes to cars, mini means a small and economical car well known for top speed, unique look, and extreme drifting. Several mini car brands have been in the market for a pretty long time now. Mini Cooper is among them. Today mini-cars are not popular anymore because you’ll get them almost everywhere around the globe. Besides, if you want to buy any mini car, do thorough research and know its pros and cons.

Red Mini Cooper S motor car in Sydney

Which Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Mini Cooper?


Fun Driving Experience

Mini cooper provides a conducive and fun driving experience whenever you get behind the wheels. Besides, you’ll have a top speed and good turning experience with mini cooper cars. Due to their small size, they can pack almost anywhere. Among many selecting options, mini cooper also provides a fun driving experience.


Among many car options in the market, mini coopers are at lower prices. If you need to save your pocket, they can be the choice to go.

They Have a Surprisingly Spacious Cabin

Despite its small size, mini cooper offers comfortability to both drivers. The interior design, particularly the interior front, has a reasonable space. They can be a good fit for anyone, no matter the size.

It Can Easily Be Parked

Due to their small size, you can easily park mini coopers even when in cramped spaces. They can be a good choice if you live in a place where parking is a problem.

Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike other cars, mini coopers do not need regular servicing. You can go for almost a year before you change the oil. Besides, its three years warranty makes drivers enjoy free servicing. If you are not under warranty, you can do the servicing anywhere. If you do not know how to service, seek a professional to perform the task.

Good Gas Mileage

If serving gas consumption is what you need, mini coopers can be your best choice. They consume little gas for long mileage, making them among low consuming gas car brands.

High Resale Value

You can resale a mini cooper car under high value as long as its performance is still optimal. It can make you earn more when compared to other car brands.

What Is the Cost of a Mini Cooper?

Mini cooper has different models with different prices. However, you should know that prices change over time. So, do not expect the price of cooper’s car in 2022 to be the same in 2030. Below are the costs of two different mini cooper models:

Mini cooper countrymanMini convertible  
Cooper ALL4: $31,100John Cooper Works: $39,000  
Cooper: $29,100Cooper: $27,400  
Cooper S: $31,900Cooper S: $31,400  


Mini Dealers Are Not Everywhere

Although mini coopers have gained popularity all over the globe, their dealers are not everywhere. You can drive for almost an hour to get a mini dealer. This can be hectic, right? However, you may have the closest dealer, but that may not be the same case with other mini cooper owners.

Expensive Cooper Repairs

Despite their popularity, mini coper repairs (spark plug) are quite expensive compared to other vehicles. When you are under warranty, you may not feel the cost of repairs. Once the warranty period gets done, the cost of the repairs may scare you away. So whenever you decide to own one, prepare for the cost of repairs.

It’s of a Small Size

Although you may want to own a mini cooper car, its small size may not align with what you want to use it for. Mini Cooper cars are not fit for carrying large luggage or many people. Therefore, they cannot be good for family drives. The more expensive mini cooper models come with reasonable extra space.

Uses Expensive Fuel

Despite their fuel efficiency, mini cooper cars use more expensive fuels. Mini cooper cars need premium fuel to run their engines. This is an extra cost to prepare whenever you buy a mini cooper.

Which Are the Common Mini Cooper Problems?

The reliability of MINI cooper makes them a good choice. However, there exist some problems you’ll likely experience whenever you own one.

mini cooper car with black stripes stands on road side in the city

Clutch Failure

Clutch failure has been a more common problem with the first and second generation of MINI Coopers. The possible know cause of this problem is hard driving. It usually occurs under the early 20,000-mile drives.

Transmission Failure

The first generation of MINI cooper cars had a constant transmission failure. This eventually led the manufacturing companies to offer a warranty specifically for transmission failure. The warranty covered five years or 150,000-mile coverage.

Thermostat Housing and Water Pump Leakage

The problem of leakage to both water pump and thermostat housing is more common in the first and second generations of MINI cooper. To avoid leakage, you should do a replacement for every 50,000 miles driven. For the second generation, the thermostat would break because they are of plastic.

Radiator Support Problems

The radiator is very delicate because it’s of plastic. Plus, you’ll get it on the low and front spot of the car. This makes it more prone to damage when parking or hitting a low curb.

Electric Power Problems on the Steering Pump

The electric power steering of MINI coopers is more prone to failures. The leading cause of the failure is the electric cooling fan malfunctioning or low power of the steering fluid.


You can service MINI coopers anywhere. You can do the servicing free at any cooper dealer shop if you have a warranty. The MINI cooper warranty covers a maximum period of three years or when your car covers a distance of 36,000 miles.

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