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Can You Drive a Car With a Bent Frame?


Car accidents are quite traumatizing both during and after you have to worry about fixing your car. They are the leading cause of bent car frames.

A bent car frame is possible during crashes, which are not usually visible to the average person. The good news is that a reputable mechanic equipped with the necessary tools can fix your car’s bent frame. But what if you have an accident and there is no trained mechanic nearby? Can you drive a car with a bent frame?

The short answer is this! You can drive a car with a bent frame if it is still perfectly aligned and drives in a straight line_but do so at your own risk. Typically, if you are involved in another accident with a bent frame, your vehicle’s strength may be compromised, resulting in far more catastrophic damages and injuries.

This article discusses everything you need to know regarding the subject. So keep reading to learn more.

Can You Drive a Car with a Bent Frame?

A bent car frame indicates that your car has been damaged by force, most likely caused by accident. As stated above, it is possible to drive a car with a bent frame. However, this is not recommendable. It would be best to get the car fixed or purchase a new vehicle instead. 

car Frame is Bent

Regardless of how bent your car frame is, the vehicle’s integrity might be seriously compromised. Also, they are frequently underlying problems and threats to the car that go undiscovered by the inexperienced eye. So, if you suspect a bent car frame and aren’t sure what to do next, in that instance, the safest course of action is to have an expert inspect it and assess the damage and risks involved.

Notwithstanding, if you must drive a car with a bent frame, keep in mind that there are several other problems with your car that might not be visible to you but could significantly impact its safety.

Therefore, while cars with a bent frame may run, you should avoid driving them.  

How do I know if my vehicle Frame is Bent?

While some bents might be visible, others can only be seen by professionals. The following ways will help you find out;

  • If your car frame is severely bent, it will be visible. The car may be inclined to one side more than the other. To check, visually inspect the vehicle from the outside and underneath.

However, in most circumstances, you won’t know if your car frame is bent until you take it to a mechanic.

  • You may also want to pay attention to poor alignment, strange noises, suspension, shock wear, and uneven tire. 

If the car pulls to one side over the other when driving, you want to be on the lookout for a bent frame, although this could also be indicative of unaligned tires. But, if you’ve just been in an accident, then bent frames may most likely be the cause. Once you take your car in for an alignment, the mechanic will quickly determine if the problem is a tire alignment issue or a bent frame.


 The ideal way to check for a bent car frame is to take it to a professional frame straightening auto repair shop. It is, therefore, best to have your car evaluated by a mechanic if you have just been in an accident.

What are the consequences of driving a car with a bent frame?

Typically, because your car’s alignment and stability depend entirely on the frame, a bent frame is likely to produce an alignment problem. If the car frame is bent, the suspension angle of your vehicle will be off. This might also cause the tires to fall out of alignment, making driving even more difficult.

Poor or bad vehicle alignment will cause it to pull to the left or right, and if you lack a good grasp on the steering wheel, it can cause a car accident.

Another issue you may encounter with bent car frames is that your car’s back and front wheels will not be in the proper position while driving. This could lead to premature wear and tear and, thus, expensive repairs.

The verdict is that having your car aligned by a competent mechanic should be a normal maintenance procedure that you must repeat after every car accident. This ensures that your automobile is safe to drive. Repairers and experts recommend doing this every 2-3 years and whenever new tires are placed. The total cost of doing so is usually around $100.

Is driving a car with a bent frame legal?

A car with a bent frame is still legal to drive. At the moment, there are no such laws in place. You drive at your own risk if you decide to drive. As previously said, there are numerous safety risks to be mindful of while doing so.


Can my insurance cover me if I drive a car with a bent frame?

While you may seek payment from your insurance provider for vehicle damage, most insurance providers will no longer insure salvage cars. For further information, you should contact your insurance company.

Can I sell my car with a bent frame?

Yes! You can sell a car with a bent frame. However, it won’t be easy to sell the car. The car title will almost certainly be awarded a salvage title if it has been confirmed with a bent frame. This indicates that the vehicle has sustained major damage at some stage.


Yes! It is possible to drive a car with a bent frame. But the costs associated with doing so may persuade you otherwise. This will most likely result in additional damages, not to mention putting your life in danger every time you get behind the wheel. Therefore, if you feel or notice that your car’s frame is bent, it’s best to have a professional inspect it to assess the damage (s) and threats before you set out on the road.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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