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Can You Get a Car Key Made Without a Key?


Can you get a car key made without a key? This is a common question that most new car owners have. Once you have lost or misplaced your keys, you can’t access your car. The original key is important and it’s useful in getting a copy of it.

You can always get a car key replacement without the original. Auto-locksmiths are the most notable in making car keys. They have the key coding equipment to specifically program it with your car. Transponders and smart key types require a thorough process.

There are several choices where you can get a new car key. The process may also differ but you can ensure to have a replacement. In this article, we will tackle how you can get car key replacements.

Can You Get a Car Key Made Without a Key?

Generally, you can get a car key made without your original key. Most locksmiths offer these kinds of services but you need to provide them with information. You can also opt for your car dealer to get the exact keys that your car needs.

key copying machine with key

Situations that may put you in trouble with getting a new car key can happen if you lose or misplace them. You can’t access nor use your car without it.

Before you consider calling a locksmith, make sure to collect the complete information they need. They can immediately create a new car key with the original one in this way.

Car dealers can provide you with another new car key. The only thing you should watch out for is the expensive cost.

Although locksmiths provide a more affordable choice, other car owners experience problems with the keys. The only way to guarantee the quality is to get it to your car dealer.

4 Things to Do When You Need Your Car Key Copied

To get a car key copy, most likely you need a locksmith to do it. Compile the important information about your car and key. Provide it to the locksmith so they can immediately make it for you. Here are the essential things in getting your car key copy:

Know the make and model of your car

Car models influence greatly making a new car key. The information you need to keep in mind is what year your car was made.

Cars made before 1981 require a key cut of a standard key block. As for cars made after this said year, it needs transponder keys.

Locksmiths can make the structure of transponder keys. The problem is it contains chips and you can’t immediately open your car without programming.

If your car uses a smart key, you may consider calling your car dealer. It’s not a typical key that

you use and it’s more of a remote type.


Inquire your car dealer

If you don’t have the original car key, you can always contact your car dealer. Since it is expensive, you can ask if they allow outside locksmiths to make it for you.

Some car dealers permit outside locksmiths to perform the key cutting. This helps you to save more money than getting another original key.

Most car dealers may also not allow outside locksmiths for the key cutting service. Make sure you find a legitimate and professional locksmith to replace your car keys. They can surely provide you with a car key copy without the original.

Call an Auto-Locksmith

Auto-locksmith is your second option to get a replacement for your car key. Before you call them, make sure you collect the needed information. Take note of these important documents:

  • Complete information about the year, make, and model of your car.
  • Provide Proof of Ownership or car registration
  • Know your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – you can find this inside the engine bay or driver’s side dashboard.

Professional locksmiths don’t automatically provide the service. Other thieves or robbers may use this method to open your car and this is the purpose of your documents.

If you lost your keys, tell the locksmith so they can reprogram the car locks. It will prevent the old car key or the original to open or start the car.

Provide your location to the locksmith

You can’t access your vehicle. This is why you need to provide the locksmith with the complete address of your location.

Emergency locksmiths particularly have mobile services. They will come to you to provide the fix you need.

5 Ways to Replace Your Car Keys

Aside from auto-locksmith and car dealers, there are other choices you can get for your car key replacement. Check out these options where you can get new keys:


Auto-locksmith is the most affordable and known option in car key replacements. These professionals can provide you with a key copy of most types of car brands.

Mobile locksmiths can immediately go to your location and replace your keys. It makes the solution fast and you don’t need to pay for towing services.

auto locksmith copying car key

Car Insurance Provider

Considered one of the most expensive options for car key replacement. You just need to make sure that it is covered in your insurance policy.

Getting a key replacement through insurance can impact your benefits and claims. It can affect your credit score and rates since you lose your original key.

Inquire your insurer about the rates and coverage of your insurance. They might provide you with viable choices.

Roadside Assistance

Other roadside assistance services provide car key replacement. The downside of this is the limitation of key types they can only provide.

You can get your new car keys after several processes. Roadside assistance will check and examine your car before they can create a key. Expect that it will take more time with this option.

Car Dealership

A car dealership is another known common choice to get a new car key. This is also the most costly service for key replacement.

Unlike mobile locksmiths, car dealerships can’t visit your location. They also need time to purchase and a shipping timeframe for the key order.

The positive thing about car dealerships is they can guarantee a quality key replacement.

Local Garage

Some local garages provide car key replacements. The services they provide aren’t handled by professionals in terms of key coding.

A local garage may also charge you expensive costs. This is due to the examinations they will conduct to determine the key.

Similar to car dealership and roadside assistance services, local garages offer a slow fix or long process.


Several options you can choose from when getting a car key replacement. All you need to ensure is the quality and reliability of the service you’re going to opt. Although there are cheaper options, car dealerships are always the most dependable choice. Professional locksmiths can also provide efficient service as they are trained and specialized for this job.

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