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Can You Open a Car Door With a Screwdriver?


Emergencies such as losing or misplacing your car keys often happen. If it occurs, you can’t enter or use your car. Most people may consider calling locksmiths in this situation but you can also open it on your own. The question is can you open a car door with a screwdriver?

You can open your car door with a screwdriver depending on the lock it has. By inserting the screwdriver, in the middle of the frame and the door until it reaches the inside of your car. Use an alternative lockpick like paper clips, to push the unlock toggle.

Several types of lockpicking methods you can do using a screwdriver. You can also apply it to most types of locks but you can only use it as a turning tool. If you want to know more about lockpicking using a screwdriver in different locks, we will discuss it more in this article.

Can You Open a Car Door With a Screwdriver?

Lock picking is applied to open the locks without the use of keys. Screwdrivers alone are inefficient in picking a lock due to their structure. It has a larger size than the keyhole that you commonly see.

Using a single screwdriver is not useful and it needs another tool. In lock picking, you are required to have two tools: a lock pick and a turning tool.

Opening a Car Door With a Screwdriver

Lock picks work as a driving object to maneuver the lock on the inside. A turning tool is used to move the lock when turning it. Both of the tools will act as a key.

If you have a small screwdriver, you will still need a lock pick that can fit the keyhole. Examples of lock picks that you can use are paperclips and bobby pins.

Alternative lock picks are efficient as long as you can insert them in the keyhole. You can also purchase lock picks to prepare yourself for emergencies. There are instances when you may accidentally lose your keys.

How to Pick a Lock With Screwdriver?

Always keep in mind to have both lock picks and screwdrivers. The whole method may not work if you lack one tool. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Use your screwdriver in the keyhole and rotate it a bit. Follow the direction when you open the lock using your key. Usually, unlocking is designed in a clockwise manner.
  2. Use the lock pick on the top position of the screwdriver. Insert it in the keyhole.
  3. Keep the position of your screwdriver and start to move the lock pick. This aims to manipulate the pins inside the lock.
  4. Don’t stop stroking the lockpick until the lock is not opened. Make sure your stroke is similar to the direction when brushing your teeth.

Lock picking doesn’t always open the lock immediately. If you’re put in this situation, remove all the picks and reset the lock. Repeat the whole procedure and try to manipulate it while turning it.

Take Out Door Hinges

Another best way to open your door using a screwdriver is to remove the hinges. This method is applicable if the hinges are found at the door sides. The door should also have an opening outward motion.

You can only open the door by removing the hinge bolts. You must have a screwdriver and a hammer to apply this procedure.

During emergencies, you may not have the needed tools. You can use other hard objects to hit the hinge bolts.

Opening the door with evident hinges outside can risk your safety. You should fix it where intruders can’t open it in this method.

Unlock Rosette and Deadbolt

You can only remove the rosette and deadbolt locks if it is positioned outdoors. This technique requires a screwdriver. These are the steps:

  1. Remove the screws of the locks. You need to unlock the deadbolt first.
  2. After you remove it, find that rod to push to the inside area of the door.
  3. Use a screwdriver to turn the cam slot which you can find in the middle.
  4. To open the doorknob, start by removing the rosette screws.
  5. Push the rod inside and retract the deadbolt.

The whole process is a bit tricky. You only need to ensure you have a tool and the deadbolts or screws are found outside. If not, you can’t apply this method.


Loiding is a lock bypassing technique that uses flat objects. It is inserted in the middle of the strike plate and latched to retract it.

Mostly, loiding is useful if you use thin items like credit cards. The space in the door where the strike plate is positioned is tight. It’s only possible to open if you have a super flat tool.

You can also apply loiding using small and thin flat screwdrivers. Ensure only that there’s a huge gap found in the strike plate area.

Similar to the process of using thin objects, insert the screwdriver in the middle of the door near the doorknob area. Push it until the latch is retracted from the strike plate and you can unlock it.

Loiding isn’t always efficient in opening other types of locks. If there are deadbolts, you may consider following other lockpicking methods.

Steps in Unlocking Privacy Locks Using a Screwdriver

Small types of screwdrivers work well with privacy locks. These kinds of locks are doorknobs with a push-button to lock operation.


Privacy locks have a small hole on the outside part. You can bypass it by inserting a small screwdriver that can fit the hole of the lock. Here are a few steps:

  1. Insert a small and thin flat screwdriver in the hole. Make sure you have this type of screwdriver to use during emergencies.
  2. Push the screwdriver until you hear it unlocks. Push-button types of locks will automatically open.
  3. For twist doorknob style, you need to insert the screwdriver and find its correct key slot position.
  4. Turn the screwdriver to unlock it.

If the lock you have has a different design, lock picking with a screwdriver may not work. The standard type of screwdriver is usually larger than the lock holes. You need to buy one purposely to fit the lock you have.


Screwdrivers, especially the flat types, are useful in lock picking. The size of this tool also matters so you can fit it in the holes of the locks. It depends on the method of opening the door you choose. After you can unlock your door following the technique we discussed, consider checking your car door. In this way, you can prevent intruders by using the same procedure in unlocking it.

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