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Can You Paint Car Hubcaps?


Many of us often want nice looking hubcaps. However, as different states offer different laws and due to variation in the car hubcaps, sometimes you may wonder, Can you paint car hubcaps?

Well, The answer is yes. In ideal scenario, you can definitely paint car hubcaps. Let’s look into the varying factors involved with this. You will also find out how to paint car hubcaps in this article.

How can you paint car hubcaps?

The plastic hubcaps should be cleaned with dish soap and hot water. Due to its gentleness and ability to remove greasy residues, dish detergent is appropriate for use in automotive cleaning products. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the hubcaps from the tires when they have dried fully.


After sanding any surface damage using 320-grit sandpaper in circular movements, finish with 600-grit sandpaper. Simply sand the areas that need to be smoothed.

After soaking the sandpaper in clean water and sanding it, go over the whole piece many times. To prevent the surface from drying out when sanding, use a damp towel. If the plastic is brand new, lightly scratch it with a red scuff pad.

After fully shaking the container, a light coat of primer should be sprayed over the surface. As a result, primer helps the paint stick to the surface more securely than without it. Before applying a second coat of primer, you should wait a full ten minutes.

Get your desired hubcaps

After the primer has dry for 30 minutes, wet sand the whole surface with 1000- to 1500-grit sandpaper. Wet sand between each of the additional two coats of primer that you’ll apply.

Shake the can thoroughly before using and apply a thin coat of spray paint. Wait two hours before applying a second thin layer. All of the jackets should have the same style and color.

Use as many coats as necessary to get the desired level of brown. Before applying a clear finish, let the paint cure for 30 minutes. Shake the container vigorously between each application of the clear coat.

Ensure that all layers have dried fully before proceeding to apply the next one. The next day, use a rubbing compound to bring out the sheen. Wait 30 days before waxing the hubcaps.


Best solution for spraying hubcaps

Use a specialized tool to remove the hubcaps, and proceed with caution. Steel wool and water may be used to remove peeling and scratched plastic hubcaps. Removing all of the old paint from your wheel covers is a bad idea. After rinsing, pat yourself dry.

Spray paint is the best choice for a professional-looking finish because of the wide range of colors made exclusively for automotive plastics.

Spray paint has the additional benefit of being easy to use and producing an eye-catching result. Plastic hubcaps may be cleaned with hot water and dish detergent.

Enhancing visual appearance

When it comes to painting, preparation is the most important part of the process. Plastic hubcaps, in particular, are a challenge to paint.

Because of the broad variety of colors specifically designed for automotive plastics, spray paint is the ideal option for a professional-looking finish. As an added bonus, spray paint is simple to apply and produces a stunning finish.

In order to paint over chrome you’ll need a sanded and porous surface. As soon as you’ve removed all of the wax and grease, it’s time to paint. Use a two-part epoxy primer and let it to dry between coats before painting.

It’s customary for automobiles and motorcycles to have chrome plating or paint applied to them. However, if the required steps are not taken, the paint will flake and chip off. To paint over chrome, all that is required is a little time and work.

Use a wheel cover to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s wheels, as well as its overall design. Installing a wheel cover may help an old, rusted wheel seem new.

Enrich your experience

Having a pair of hubcaps on aluminium wheels makes them appear nicer than they would without. All hubcaps, even the most costly ones, seem to be in poor condition. They’re tacked on at the very end, when everything else has been completed.

Regardless of how well-maintained or neglected their hubcaps are, many drivers feel it embarrassing to drive without a full set of decent-looking wheel coverings. Yes, the car will continue to function in the same way. Without hubcaps, both your car and your driving style are sloppy.

Avoid using paints that aren’t specifically formulated for use on plastic. You may choose between Krylon Fusion for Plastics, Valspar Plastic Spray Paint, and Rust-Oleum Specialty Paint for Plastic Spray. If the thing is to be painted using spray paint, it must be prepared beforehand.

What materials can I use to paint?

Standard gloss paint is a suitable finish and enhances the visuals as well for plastic. While used in conjunction with an appropriate primer and undercoat. With either acrylic or oil-based gloss, there are many different hues to choose from.

The most frequent methods of application are brush, roller, and spray. When dealing with plastics, be careful to use finer sandpaper.

To begin, wet 800-grit paper should be used. Brush the surface with a circular motion. Then go on to 2000-grit paper, which should be used after a few more minutes of the procedure. Whenever you’re sanding, use a mix of wet and dry sandpaper.

Are rims and hubcaps the same thing?

Wheels are the parts of a vehicle that propel the vehicle forward. They are the vehicle’s “legs,” if you will. The lug nuts and bolts are efficiently protected by hubcaps, which cover the wheel’s center.

Hubcaps are attached to the wheel and rim assembly by means of a hammer or bolt. Your rims or wheels might suffer minor aesthetic damage when they strike curbs, potholes, or other obstacles, resulting in minor scuff marks or scratches.


There are two types of hubcaps available: plastic and metal. Always, the tire meets the outside of a wheel’s spokes. The wheel is finished off with hubcaps. The hubcap is defined as covering the wheel’s hub, although it may also cover the complete wheel.

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