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Can You Polish Car Windows?


Car windows are a part of the car that serves an important purpose. Since you can polish other parts of the car exterior can you polish car windows?

The answer is yes, you can polish your car window just as other surfaces of your car exterior. Polishing your car windows is one ways to give your car some TLC.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about polishing car windows and how to go about it.

Benefits Of Polishing Car Windows

Car windows play a big role in your car hence they need to be well maintained. The benefits of polishing your car windows include the following.

A person polishes the window on a car


Car windows and windscreen needs to be visible for safe driving. Waxing your car windows will keep the glass clear and clean which will provide for a good driving experience.

Stain Removal

Car glasses are exposed to bird droppings, grease, scratches, and grime which can cause stain. Polishing your car window will rid it of these stains and help keep it sparkling clean.


Polishing your car windows will provide it with the necessary coating to increase its performance and durability.


Your car windows add to the beauty of your car and polishing your glass brings out that beauty. Moreover, a sparkling car window and windshield will make your car stand out in the crowd.

How To Polish Your Car With Windows

Polishing your car windows is completely safe and you have no reason to worry. As long as you use the right products and you follow these steps, you will achieve the right result.

Step 1: Preparation

Firstly, you need to prepare your car windows for polishing. Park your car in a cool and dry place, preferably a garage. The outside of your house will also suffice. However, ensure that the car is not exposed to direct sunlight, dirt, and anything that can come in contact with the window while you’re working.

Step 2: Wash The Windows

Secondly, before polishing your windows, you have to first prepare the windows by washing them. You should use car soap and water to wash off dust, stains, and all dirts on the car window.

Wash Car Windows

Wash from the top of the window to the bottom. You should raise the car wipers to get to every part of the glass to ensure it’s clean. After washing, give the windows a good rinsing and leave it to dry.

Step 3: Applying Wax To The Glass

After the windows dry, it’s time to get to the business end of the task. The process of applying the polishing wax to your car windows is similar to how you will apply the wax to other parts of the exterior.

For a detailed and careful job, it’s better you apply the wax by hand using a microfiber cloth. This will ensure you exert minimal pressure to avoid scratching or cracking the glass.

Begin at the top of the window and gradually work your way down. Use small circular motions to get the wax to every part of the window.

After the wax dries, it will create a hazy film. It’s important that you leave the wax to dry if you wish to achieve the desired result. The drying time for the wax will depend on the type of car window polish you choose. However, most wax generally takes less than thirty minutes.

Step 4: Buffing the Wax Off

After the wax dries, it’s time for bluffing. Before bluffing, you need to ascertain that the wax has completely dried. You can ascertain this by dragging a fingertip across the window. The wax should easily come off and if it doesn’t, it’s not dried yet. You should leave it for a few more minutes.

After ensuring the wax is dried, you should use a clean microfiber cloth and bluff the glasses in circular motions. The wax should easily peel off without any effort. Work your way across the window till the haze is completely off the window and you get a clear glass.

Step 5: Apply Some Water-Repellent Solution to the Window

Finally, after bluffing, you should have a clear and shiny window as well as a protective coating on the surface. You can. Stop here or take it a step further by applying a water repellent solution to the window.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the water repellent won’t removing the polish. A water repellent solution will help keep the window free from water stain and increase its visibility.

Essentially, the process of applying the water repellent is the same as the polishing wax. However, you should follow the instructions on whatever glass water repellent product you choose.

The Best Window Polish to Choose

Choosing the right window polish can be tricky as it isn’t as straightforward as choosing a wax for other parts of the car. When choosing a wax for your car window, you should choose a wax that is easy to apply and which will guarantee the best result.

You can opt for a liquid window wax or paste window wax if you want to control the amount of wax you apply on the window.

Alternatively, you can choose a spray wax, however, with spray wax, you might not be able to effectively stop the wax from getting on other parts around the window. To solve this, you can use an applicator. It also helps you tackle overspraying.

Furthermore, If you’re not sure of the window wax, you can first try it out on other glass surfaces and study the result. Likewise, it allows you to ascertain the applicability and efficiency of the wax, as well as its suitability for your car window.


Basically, car windows are an essential part of the car that needs to be kept in fine shape. Polishing your car windows is a way to improve visibility, increase durability, and enhance its beauty.

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