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Can You Rent a Stick Shift Car?


The decline in the popularity of manual cars has led most renting companies to phase out stick shift cars. So can you rent a stick shift car?

Yes, you can rent a stick shift car although the chances might be slim. The fact that stick shifts are more suitable for long-distance and fuel-efficient might not make them profit efficient for rental companies hence their low popularity.

If you would like to rent a manual car, this article can come in handy in helping you make the right decision.

Benefit Of Renting Manual Cars

If you’re a fan of stick shift cars you might already know the benefits of manual cars. However, if you don’t know the benefits of hiring a stick shift car, here are the benefits.


Full Control Over Gears And Shifting

If you like to have control over the gear, then a shift stick is the choice for you. With a manual transmission, you can decide when to shift gear and hit the speed. Although many drivers may not consider this to be comfortable driving, if you enjoy it, you will always go for it.

Suitable For Long Drives

If you’re going for a long trip outside the city, then stick shift is a good choice for you. You won’t have to be constantly changing the gears since you will be encountering minimal traffic.

If you’re trying to drive in the city, then a manual car might not be the best choice. Due to the traffic you might encounter in the city, you will need to be constantly changing the gear. This can be frustrating and exhausting.

More Driving Pleasure

Many may disagree but driving stick shift cars gives a different experience from automatic cars. With manual cars, you feel truly in control of every aspect of the car. Although this is a matter of personal preference, many will agree that a stick shift car gives a more engaging driving experience.

It’s Cheaper Than An Automatic

Manual cars are down the pecking order so rental companies are always grateful to find someone to take it off their hands for a while. This makes it cheaper to rent than automatic cars.

What To Consider Before Renting A Car

Whether you’re renting a stick shift car or an automatic car, there are some factors you should consider before renting a car.

rent car

The Fee Per Driver

Most rental companies charge an extra fee for every driver you add to the list. It doesn’t matter if such persons are above 25.

While it’s a good idea to register an additional driver for longer trips, you might want to reduce the charges by reducing the number of drivers especially if you’re going on a short trip.

Inspect The Car Before Renting

Car rental companies make you cover the cost of any damage that might occur during your rental period. Before renting a car, you should inspect the car for possible damages. This will save you the cost and trouble of shouldering the responsibility for damages you didn’t cause.

While not all car rental companies might not be shady, you don’t want to learn from experience. Before renting a car, ask to inspect the car. During the inspection, you can even take pictures and videos of the car. This way, you will have proof of previous damages should the car rental company try to put the blame on you.

The Type Of Road You’re Driving On

You need to consider the road you will be driving on to know the right type of car to rent. If you will be driving on an unpaved road, it’s better you rent a four-wheel drive. Driving in the city in a manual car can be very frustrating because you will need to be constantly changing the gear. So it’s advisable you rent an automatic car.

Additionally, you need to minimize the risk of any possible damages to the car during the rental. Therefore, you have to be careful of the type of road you drive. Also, you should drive safely to minimize the risk of accidents or damage. There are some driving risks you will take with your car that you should avoid taking with a rental car.

Know Your Credit Card Policy Regarding Rental Cars

Before using your card to pay for a rental car, you need to know the costs covered by your credit card. You should verify the fees, damages, and extra costs you will be covering before handing over your card. Having this information beforehand will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

You Might Want To Avoid Renting At The Airport

If you rent a car at the airport, you will be subject to additional airport charges. These airport charges are backed by law hence you can’t escape them as long you’re using an airport car rental. However, if you want to avoid these charges, you might have to get a can from the airport and drive to a car rental company outside the airport.

Bring Some Extras To Save Cost

To reduce the cost of renting a vehicle by bringing some extras such as a mobile GPS, a DVD player, child-safety seats, etc. Renting a car with extra features increases the cost, so to reduce this cost, you can bring your extras.

Instead of parting with an extra $20 for a car with digital radio, you can connect your phone to the sound system. Likewise, you can save costs by using your car’s GPS instead of paying more for a car with a GPS.


Stick shift cars are no longer in high demand, so finding one to rent might be difficult. However, the benefits of a manual car make it a good choice of car to rent.

If you wish to rent a car, you should consider the necessary factors that will help to reduce cost and enjoy the best driving experience.

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