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Can You Use Any Battery for BMW?


BMW is a vehicle with peculiar and jealous makeup that can be very delicate. In addition, it requires careful observation and respect for maintenance and use.One of those neat and delicate BMW features is its battery. However, it is a common question among curious minds to ask can you use any battery for BMW?

It is strongly recommended that you use the recommended battery with your BMW model as it tends to run better and function with less risk and issues compared to you using another battery which might and most time proves to be unhealthy for your BMW car due to the DIN-fitment feature that comes with BMW batteries.

What Kind of Battery Does BMW Use?

One thing you need to know before or when buying your BMW is to know the specific model required of your car. However, you need to know that the recent models of BMW cars come with very high energy-consuming features, which makes the need for an Absorbent Glass Matt(AGM) battery.

Although before the recent new version, BMW used Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) for models that consume less and a common thing with EFB is that it costs less than the AGM battery type.

But keep in mind that if your BMW car has a specific requirement for using an AGM battery, please stick to it as it may spell out to be dangerous for you to do otherwise.

From all that I have said to answer this question, you would have noted that BMW cars use EFB(Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM(Absorbent Glass Matt) but having said all, I would love to point to you that it is the best and much recommended for you as a BMW user in this 21st century to use the AGM type of battery.

BatteryShort Detail
AGM BatteryDelivers efficient power to the vehicle and runs your  electronics for a log time
Gel Lead Acid BatteryGel lead battery has performance under high temperatures and not really prone to sulfation. In addition It also has a higher cycle count.
Liquid Lead Acid BatteryVery common and has rechageable ability. It is also known to be economical.
EFB BatteryEFB(Enhanced Flooded Battery) is also known as the modern wet battery,EFB is a lower option to AGM when it comes to sustainability and power output.

How Powerful Is An AGM Battery Compared To An EFB Battery?

AGM batteries are three to four times more efficient than normal conventional car batteries around as it is also very convenient and compatible with sat-stop cars.

Also, AGM batteries can also power energy-intensive vehicles like electric vehicles.

However, EFB batteries are less powerful than AGM batteries and function more with the older BMW cars models compared to the recent start-stop vehicles.

However, it is good to note that EFB batteries can function almost better than the average conventional car and can even be a good choice for other vehicles.

How long Can A BMW Car Battery Last?


This question depends on you and several determining factors such as

  • How you use the car
  • Temperature
  • Battery design.

However, It is good to note that an average BMW car battery lasts for about four to five years, which could be more depending on your maintenance ability.

What do you think? Quite durable, right? Yea, it is.BMW batteries are one of the best choices if you are looking for something that will serve you for a long time.

What Should I Do When My BMW Car Battery Dies?

This is an unpalatable state to find yourself in, but should this happen, you should know that you can’t start your car, so I would advise you to ease on your ignition.

So what do you do? You can jumpstart your BMW vehicle with a good battery from another vehicle, not necessary a BMW car though using a jumper cable.

Is it compulsory to Register A BMW Battery?

The recent models of BMW vehicles mostly require battery registration because the BMW vehicle is designed with a feature called DME(Digital Motor Electronics). This control unit is responsible for making adjustments every time you change your battery. Registering your battery enables the proper adjustments needed for the DME to adapt and charge the battery.

How Expensive Are BMW Car Batteries?

Replacing your BMW  car batteries is obviously going to task your pocket, and you would be ready to cough out some cash, you know?

However, it is good to state that the cost of replacing your car battery is dependent on the type you are getting and sometimes where you are buying from.

Moreso, there are other factors like if you are buying a brand new battery or you are buying a fairly used battery.

Can I Replace A BMW Car Battery Alone?

Sure! You can. Replacing a car battery is no rocket science. Simply put, it is straightforward and simple. However, just ensure that you have the necessary tools and you follow the right procedure to do it, and you will just be perfectly fine.

How Can I Change My BMW Car Battery?

Ok, so let us go through this quickly:

  • Find a suitable car battery
  • Remove the negative terminal first
  • Remove the positive terminal
  • Loosen the battery from the clamps
  • connect your jump start cable to the terminals of the other battery
  • Ignite and start your vehicle.

Voila! You are done! Congrats on your successful battery replacement, a soft pat for you on the back.


So, to give you a rounded or summarised final answer regarding BMW and batteries. However, you need to understand that it has a lot to do with models. Older versions of BMW cars can accept using other battery types. Still, for the recent BMW series, it would be best for you to stick to the recommended battery type the manufacturers state for safety.

I hope this answers and further intimate you into the world of BMW batteries and more. Thanks for taking your time to read through this article to this point. I hope you check back for more automobile articles in the coming times.

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