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Can You Wash Car Seat Covers?


Your car seat covers are one of the most valuable car interior accessories because they enhance the vehicle’s appearance while providing convenience and protection. Car seat covers keep dirt, stains, and wear and tear at bay. Your car’s seat covers can quickly become dirty with running around. And, you may question, can you wash car seat covers? It entirely depends on the seat covers used on your vehicle’s seats. If the covers can be removed, they can almost certainly be washed.

Over time, a car seat cover can become grimy. The car seat cover’s job is to protect your original seat from dirt and other damage. Wiping down a car seat cover is often easier than cleaning the seat itself. Most car seat covers can be washed in the washing machine, but you may need to add a few extra steps depending on the untidiness.


Read the rest for more cleaning directions for your car seat covers.

Why is it Necessary to Clean Car Seat Covers?

Cleaning the car seats is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You have a more appealing vehicle.
  • If the seats are filthy, expect everyone to avoid riding in your vehicle.
  • Clean seats have a pleasant odor.
  • Dirty seats can cause unhealthy surfaces.
  • Keeping car seats clean can aid in the preservation of the vehicle’s value.

How Can You Wash Car Seat Covers?

These are the steps for keeping your car seat as clean as the day you bought it, from leather to fabric, stain removal, and shampooing.

  • To begin, choose a warm, sunny day to wash your seats. When you’re finished cleaning, the sun will dry the seats. After that, clean out your car. Get rid of any booster seats, papers, or other objects are strewn about on the seats to complete your work.
  • Remove any debris, such as hair, crumbs, and lint, from the seats before cleaning them. The best tool for the job is a vacuum cleaner. Use a handheld vacuum or a hose and brush attachment on your standard vacuum.
  • Make sure that nothing is left behind by getting into the cracks. To clean the fabric, you have several options. You can always purchase a product designed specifically for cleaning fabric, or you can create your solution.
  • Since making your solution less expensive, it may not be as effective as a store-bought cleaner, though most car seats will not require harsh chemicals in the first place. You have many options if you want to make your fabric cleaner. You can make a soap and water solution.
  • People have reported success using dish soap, laundry detergent, and even shaved pieces of hand soap. Mix whatever type of car cleaning soap you use with hot water. For each cup of water, use about a tablespoon of soap. Fill a spray bottle with whatever solution you buy or make.

How Often Can You Wash Car Seat Covers?

If you want to know, how often can you wash car seat covers? Then scroll down to explore.

How frequently you clean your car seat cover is determined by how frequently it is used. For instance, if your kids like to snack in the car, you should expect to clean it more frequently than if they don’t.

Handy Tip: If possible, clean your car seat covers when you don’t need them right away to allow adequate drying time.

How Long Does it Take to Wash Car Seat Covers?

A question keeps popping up: can you wash car seat covers in a short time? So the answer is depending upon the nature of the cover on your car seat, the active labor involved in wiping down it, removing it from the frame, thoroughly washing it, and wrestling it back on could take several hours or more. Furthermore, because most car-seat covers are not dryer-safe, it may take up to a day for your cover to air-dry before it can be reinstalled.

Cleaning Agents to Wash Car Seat Covers With:

You can wash car seat covers with some kitchen cabinet staples, for example, vinegar and dish soap. So, to prepare this cleaning solution at home, you need to add a few drops of dish soap and a cup of vinegar to a bucket of lukewarm water.

When your DIY cleaning solution is prepared, dab the mixture into the stain and scrub it with a brush before rinsing the seat with clean water.

Can You Wash Car Seat Covers Without Any Chaos?

Yes, you can wash car seat covers like a pro if you avoid the following :

  • Avoid getting soap on the buckles. Any soap or residue on a buckle may prevent it from latching properly.
  • Don’t completely soak the straps in water, as this could compromise their strength in an accident.
  • Never use peroxide, bleach, antibacterial products, or other harsh cleaners on the straps.
  • Avoid using vinegar, bleach, antibacterial products, or enzymatic cleaners on the car-seat cover, as these may reduce the fabric’s flame retardancy.
  • A car seat should not be steam-cleaned.

Drying Car Seat Covers in the Dryer – Should it be Done?

The fabric cover should not be dried in the dryer. The cover will be ruined if you use the dryer. Not only that, but the instructions for almost every car seat specifically prohibit you from putting the cover in the dryer. Make sure to wash the cover when you have enough time for it to air dry.

Some Special Instructions For the Car of Car Seat Covers:

Read the care instructions tag if you have a store-bought car seat cover. This is especially important for baby car seats, which may be coated with non-flammable products. There may be additional instructions if you must avoid heat or use a specific type of chemical. You don’t want to further damage the seat cover by not washing it properly.


The requirements vary regarding the washing process and the product to use for car seat covers. It is determined by the type of fabric you have. Some seat covers are extremely delicate and can be easily destroyed if a certain cleaning product is used. As a result, choose the right cleaning items and methods for each type of car seat cover fabric with care.

Hopefully, this article has answered the query, “Can you wash car seat covers?”

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