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Can You Wash Car With Fairy Liquid?


Fairy liquid is a very common cleaning solution used in cleaning different things domestically. Since fairy liquid appears to do a nice job on your floor, why not try it on your car right? So the question is can you wash car with fairy liquid?

Well, the answer is yes, but will we advise you to use it? Maybe not. Fairy liquid is a strong cleaning solution that can be very harsh on your car surface.

This piece will help you understand the effect of using fairy liquid on your car. You will also find easy alternatives to fairy liquid.

Effect Of Fairy Liquid On Your Car

Fairy liquid is a common house cleaning solution and most people tend to use it to wash their cars. The notion is that if it’s good enough to give the floor a clean look then it just might be good enough for your car.

Washing a Car With Fairy Liquid

However, this is not always the case. Fairy liquid contains ammonia and other chemicals harsh to delicate and colored surfaces. The chemicals are strong enough to wash off the paint on cars.

If your car doesn’t have a protective coat, and you want the paint to fade off, then you shouldn’t use fairy liquid. However, if your car comes with a protective layer, you can use fairy liquid as the layer stops the chemical from washing off the paint.

When using fairy liquid, you should use very little and ensure you rinse it off after washing. If you’re not sure that your car paint can take the effect, it’s better you find other cleaning solutions.

Simple Cleaning Solutions For Your Car

We have established that fairy liquid might be a big no if your car doesn’t have a protective layer. Since fairy liquid is off the list, here are some simple cleaning solutions you can use to wash your car.

Laundry Detergent

This is a viable substitute you can use for washing your car. Laundry detergent is a multifunctional cleaning solution that cleans stains, dust, grease, debris, etc.


You likely already have laundry detergent at home, you can use it to give your car a clean wash without bothering about losing your paint.

However, you should note that laundry detergents are made from chemicals that can be harsh on colorful surfaces when excessive.

To avoid this, you should dilute the detergent with water before using it to wash your car. After washing, ensure you rinse off the detergent with lots of water and wipe the car dry.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is another cleaning option for your car. It’s affordable, smells nice, and is probably sitting on your countertop.

Dish soap is capable of wiping all types of stains and it’s sure to deliver a stellar result on your car. However, you must note that dish soap contains strong components that can be harsh on car paints and wax. 

Before using dish soap, dilute it with water. To get a good mix, the water should double the dish soap portion. This way, you won’t have to worry about exposing your car paint to harsh chemicals.

The standard rule of rinsing and wiping after washing also applies to dish soap. You should rinse off the soap and leave no residue.

Hand Soap

Hand soap is a common household cleaning solution hence a readily available option for washing your car. It contains components that handle germs and dirt which makes them a good fit for car washing.

Hand soap can easily handle the dirt in your car interior while also wiping off all dust and dirt on the surface. Thus giving you a clean, germ-free car.

Unlike other cleaning solutions, hand soap contains less harsh chemicals which makes them friendly to the car surface. However, this means hand soap isn’t strong enough to remove deep stains.


You were probably not expecting to find a hair conditioner on the list but there you have it. Shampoos can be a good washing solution for your car.

You can use shampoo to effectively clean the interior and exterior of your car. If you want to give your car a shiny look, Shampoo is a top option. Shampoos contain lanolin which is a substance that provides a shiny and polished effect.

If you’re going to use a shampoo for your car, you should go for a natural shampoo as other types of shampoos contain chemicals that can be too powerful for your car’s surface.

Baby Soap

Who would have thought that a product for giving a baby a clean pampering bath can be used on a car? If you’re out of car wash soap, you can turn to baby soap to give your car some TLC.

Baby soft contains components that are tender on the skin and capable of removing germs. This makes it suitable for her car surface and for getting rid of bug splatters and bird droppings on your car.

However, some baby soap can contain harsh chemicals that can dull paint and remove wax if left on the surface for too long. Hence when using baby soap, dilute it with water and ensure you rinse off the soap after washing your car.


Vinegar is a top multifunctional cleaning solution for your car. It’s suitable for cleaning your car interior.


The benefits of using vinegar to clean your car include:

  • You can use it to remove stickers
  • Vinegar can remove smells from your car interior.
  • You can use it to remove items stuck on the carpet such as chewing gum.
  • Vinegar can easily be used to clean the hazy film off your windshield.
  • You can use it to polish your leather interior.

When using vinegar, you should be careful at the amount you spray on the surface so you won’t fade the color. To reduce the effect of its harshness, you can mix it with water.

If you want to clean your exterior with vinegar, you should dilute it with water and ensure you rinse it off as soon as you’re done. 


Washing your car is one of the effective ways to maintain your car’s beauty and keep it in fine shape. Using the wrong cleaning solution can do more harm than good because it can leave you with faded paint and also expose your car to easy scratches.

When choosing a cleaning solution, you should choose one that contains a little harsh product. You should also follow the rule of thumb by rinsing off the cleaning solution after washing.

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