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Can You Wax Car Windows?


Car windows are what most people see first when they look at your car. A good car window suggests a well-maintained car. waxing is one of the ways to give your car exterior a nice look. So can you wax car windows?

You can wax your car windows to give them a shiny coating that will enhance their visibility and aesthetics.

This article contains all you need to know about waxing your car windows.

Advantages Of Waxing Car Windows

Car windows are a major part of your car and there are several reasons you should wax your car windows. The advantages of waxing your car windows include

Enhance Visibility

Your car windows need to be clean so you can clearly see everything going on around you. Waxing your car windows enhances visibility and provides a better driving experience.

Aesthetic Appeal

A sparkling glass always attracts attention so if you want your car to be eye-catching, you should wax your windows. Waxing the window will increase the overall aesthetics of your car’s exterior.

Removing Stain

Stains always find a way to class windows, you can remove these stains by waxing your car windows. You can remove scratches, grease, and bird droppings by waxing the windows.

Car Window Stain


Car windows are expensive so you want to keep them in fine shape. By waxing your car window, you can keep it in a good state and increase its lifespan.

How To Wax Your Car With Windows

Waxing your car window is a simple exercise you can carry out yourself. All you need is to buy the right window wax and follow these steps.


The first step is to prepare your car windows for waxing. Find a cool and dry spot to park your car so the wind, sunlight, sand, or leaves from trees won’t interfere with the waxing process.

You can use a garage if you have one. If you don’t have a garage, you can park outside your house. You just have to ensure the car is safe from interference.

Wash The Windows

After choosing the right spot, you need to wash the car windows to make them clean for waxing. For this, use a car wash soap to wash it then rinse it twice with water.

The purpose of the washing process is to remove dirt, dust, and stain from the windows, to ensure you do a good job. After washing the windows, let them dry for some minutes before moving to apply the wax.

Applying Wax To The Windows

After you ensure the window is well dried, you can proceed to apply the wax. This process isn’t complicated and it’s basically the same as waxing other parts of your car.

For this job, you will need a microfiber cloth that will ensure you exert minimal pressure to avoid scratching or cracking the glass. Apply the wax in a circular motion starting from the top and gradually working your way down.

You should ensure the wax reaches all parts of the window so you don’t have uneven waxing. You should leave the wax to dry for up to thirty minutes so the chemical can do its job on the window.

Buffing The Wax Off

Buffing the wax is similar to polishing a shoe. After the wax dries, the buffing process will give the window a shiny appearance.

You can use a microfiber cloth to buff the windows in circular motions. The dried wax would easily peel off with little effort and you can work your way from the top to the bottom.

male hand cleaning car window with blue microfiber cloth

After some minutes of buffing, you should see the shiny result of the waxing. You should keep waxing till you achieve the desired result.

Apply A Water-Repellent Solution To The Window

The last step is to apply some water repellent solution to the window. This is an optional choice but it’s recommended if you want to get the best result.

The job of the water repellant solution is to increase the visibility and strength of the windows. The application process is similar to the waxing process. However, you should follow the instructions on whatever glass water repellent product you choose.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Window Wax

The quality of the window wax will determine the result you will get. Therefore you have to choose the right window wax for your car.

There are three types of window wax to choose from.

  • Liquid Wax: they are good for cleaning stains and increasing durability. Liquid glass wax is easy to use and dries fast.
  • Paste Waxes: they do a moving job but are not as good as liquid wax. Paste car wax is affordable and they also dry fast.
  • Spray Waxes: spray waxes are very easy to use and most don’t need to dry before buffing. However, spray waxes are weak stain removals and they don’t tend to last long.

Before choosing a car window wax, you should ensure that it doesn’t contain aggressive chemicals that can cause damage. Aggressive chemicals can weaken the glass and also affect its visibility of the glass. Therefore, you should verify its components before using it.

Both liquid, paste, and spray wax have different peculiarities which you need to compare to determine which is suitable for your needs. Additionally, it’s advisable that you test the car window wax before using it. You can test the wax on a piece of glass to see the result in order to determine if it’s safe for your car.


A blurry car window will not only reduce your visibility but will also reduce the face value of your car. Waxing is a good way to maintain the quality of your car window and to ensure you get the best driving experience.

Car window waxing is easy and you can do it yourself. However, if you’re reluctant to take on the task, you can hire a mechanic to do the job.

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