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Car Sunshade Silver Side in or Out?


Hammerandcoop observed that it had become the most debated topic on forum websites among car owners – car sunshade silver side in or out? So, we have decided to promote in-depth research and get a completely satisfying answer for you. And here it is.

Car sunshade silver side should be put on outside because it reflects sunlight so that it won’t even get a single chance to get into your vehicle and turn into heat.  

Along with this, there’s also a number of more benefits you can get by doing that. And yes, that is what we will cover in the below sections. But before getting into this, you should know why we debate which side of the sunshade should face the sun.

Let’s go!

Is It Really Matters Which Sun Shade Side Should Face the Sun?

Yes, it highly matters which side you are going to put out. 

Both sides have their concerns, which they are working on. In-car sunshades, one side is responsible for maintaining the internal light comfort while the second one always deals with the radiations from the sun. So, if you put them wrong, there’s nothing to get the benefit. 

Car Sunshade 1

As you know, car sun shades always have one silver side and other black or blue sometimes so that we already answered car sunshade silver side in or out. Now, put them correctly without any hassle. 

Though you’ve put sun shade’s silver side out, it’s essential to know why you are doing this? 

Here are some detailed reasons. 

Why Should Sun Shade Silver Side be Put Outside?

Upon deep analysis, we have found that putting the silver side out from the windshield has many benefits. Undoubtedly, a few core ones are explained below. 

Reflect UV Frequencies

Firstly, the reason which everyone promotes putting the silver side out. Yes, the silver side is designed to reflect heat and ultra-violet radiations from the sun to protect your vehicle and, ultimately you. Sunshades are working on traditional models using such materials that can reflect sunlight quickly—for example, the use of aluminium. 

Maintain Homeostasis

Sometimes, you observe that your car is heated and will take much time to cool down. But if you use car sunshades and silverside on out, you might observe how it helps maintain the internal car environment. An authorized source’s research has observed that using car sun shades can reduce 30 degrees of car interior temperature or even more. 

Protect Car Interior 

According to research, it has been observed that sunlight radiation can crack or split your dashboard. Also, excessive heat can fade seat color and rot rubber weather strips. Putting the silver side out protects your car’s interior, and you can avoid all these types of damages without paying any extra cost.

Avoid Electronic Damage

A rise of temperature up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit can damage a car’s electronic components.

Yes, you’ve heard the right. It can damage the radio system, port connections, and navigation setup and even melt the wires. That’s where sun shades can help you significantly. If you put sunshades and silver side on out, you will definitely avoid heat turn inside and all these related problems. 

Prolong Windshield Life

Though the windshield is always made up of strong material but it can’t restrict UV radiation from coming out. That’s where it might start damaging and losing longer life. To keep the windshield’s life prolonged, you are recommended to put sunshades with silver side out. 

Pay attention: That was all about why you need to put sun shades in your car and promote the silver side out. Below, you are going to get yourself aware of how it works. 

The phenomenon behind.

How Car Sun Shades Work?

Car Sun Shades has two sides with individual responsibilities to maintain the internal environment and restrict extreme outer heat coming out. Car sun shades work on traditional models using materials that can efficiently reflect sunlight to maintain a car’s internal environment. 

Car Sunshade 2

Sunshades are divided based on the material they are manufactured with. The most prioritized material used in car sun shades includes aluminium. 

For More Information – Depending upon the type of car sunshade, they are made up of a combination of different valuable materials, including aluminium foil, polyester, mesh, and foam. 

Let’s get you to know the types of car sun shades, so whenever you need them, you don’t need to get into complex research procedures first. 

Types of Car Sun Shades

There are three main types of car sun shades recognized. All of them are working on the same principle but still have differences in which they are divided. 


The first and the most common one includes standard car sun shades that can be folded out and are easily available in automobile stores. However, they are budget-friendly and work well but are still not aesthetically pleasing. 

Also, they can be cumbersome when trying to install or remove.

Big Ant

The big ant car sun shades are efficient in working and considered a universal fit. They come up with double-layer bubble material, which highly protects your car from external heat and keeps it cool. 

Although it’s a little bit expensive that you can’t get it in a few $ bucks, but getting this is wise a great decision. Interestingly, the most appreciating about this sunshade is that it has also introduced suction cups responsible for protecting your windshield and keeping it secure.  


Collapsible car sun shades are one of the highly reviewed and positively rated ones that come up in storage bags. It means that you can easily keep them in your car, avoiding accordion-style looking a bit more eye-catchy. 

So, if you are looking for such car sun shades that can be easily installed and quickly folded, collapsible might be an excellent match. 

Final Thoughts

In the above article, you are shared with an in-depth answer on car sunshade silver side in or out. It has been cleared that you should put the silver side out to reflect the external heat and keep your car’s interior environment cool. 

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