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Can You Change Your Car Horn to Gunshots?


A car horn is an important device in the make-up of a car. You can describe it as a sound-making device that they equip a car with and the original sound can liken it to a beep on newer car models. Sounds are things that people get creative with, so you might want to know and ask ‘can you change your car horn to gunshots?

Yes, you can change your car horn to gunshots. This is possible by getting an aftermarket car horn. You’ll just have to get an aftermarket car horn that has a similar sound to gunshots and install it in your car. However, you will have to be careful in the process of installation to avoid accidents.

Now that you know that it is possible to replace your car horn and use a gunshot sound. I’m sure you would love to learn more about how you can change your car horn to gunshots. You should read further to learn more about how you’ll go about this exciting possibility.

Types Of Car Horn

As touching car horns, cars come in a variety of different types. The most common types are electric horns and air horns.

Electric horns are the most common type of car horn because they are cheaper to produce and install. Electric horns have a sound that’s much lower than an air horn. Of the two, these tend to be the easiest type of horn to install.

Air horns, on the other hand, tend to be louder than electric horns but are more expensive. This is both in terms of cost and installation time—as they require more parts for operation than their electric counterparts.

car airhorn

These types of horns use compressed air as their sound source instead of electricity; this is why some people refer to them as “compressed-air” or “pneumatic” horns too. If you want to install either type of horn yourself, make sure you know where all your wires are to go before you start taking things apart.

How To Change Your Car Horn To Gunshots

  1. Find an aftermarket car horn. You can buy aftermarket car horns online that sound like gunshots. Make sure to get one that is compatible with your particular vehicle and electrical system.
  2. Install your car horn. First, disconnect the battery of your vehicle and follow all safety precautions suggested by your manufacturer’s manual when working on or near electrical systems in the car. Remove the factory-installed horn from its location and install the new gunshot horn in its place of origin. Once you have finished the installation, reconnect the battery and test out your brand new gunshot sounds!

Precautions To Take When Changing Your Car Horn To Gunshots

When changing your car horn, you will have to be careful that you are matching the right type of aftermarket car horn to the electrical system in your vehicle.

Aftermarket car horns that sound like gunshots can come in both single and dual-tone. Single-tone car horns have one horn button for one sound, while dual-tone sounds have two different sounds for each button.

Make sure you are familiar with how your electrical system works in your vehicle before installing an aftermarket gun sound for your car horn. If you are not sure, then you will do well to ask a professional.

Other Types Of Sounds

We can adjust the horn’s tone to a range of different ones. You can make it sound like a gunshot, a doorbell, or even a police siren by changing the sound. You can even use it as a car alarm, believe it or not.

If you’re trying to make someone believe their car has been broken into, this is a great method to use.

Is It Legal To Use Gunshots As Your Car Horn

In most countries, there is tight regulation on car horns. A horn is supposed to sound like an actual one for it to get approved and not give off another impression. The key to using horns is that the appropriate response is gotten. However, if you use gunshot sound for your car, it is unlikely to garner the right response.

The answer is that in most parts of the world, it is illegal to use gunshots as your car horn. This is because it will most possibly trigger the wrong responses and has a propensity to cause accidents, such as scared people getting injured.

Possible Changes To Your Car Horn

If you are asking whether it’s possible to change your car horn to sound like gunshots, it is possible. It turns out that most cars don’t use an actual horn at all. The component that sounds a car’s horn is a special kind of speaker called an electromechanical actuator, or EMA for short.

car horn

EMAs work without any moving parts, which means they can make noises other than just “honk.” That’s why you hear different songs and sounds when drivers in different neighborhoods use their horns.

The catch is that most cars only come with one EMA from the factory, so it’s not possible to replace the normal horn sound with gunshots if your car already has something else installed. If your vehicle does happen to have two EMAs though, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to having your own personal drive-by shooting machine.

But what about people who want to change their car horn but don’t want gunfire? The short answer is: anything goes! Most honk replacement kits include a set of custom speakers pre-loaded with various song clips and sound effects.

This means you could go with something traditional like church bells or “da-da-da-dum,” or choose some modern jams like “Baby Shark” or “Let It Go.” Whatever floats your boat!


You can definitely change your car horn to gunshots. However, you must be certain that the rules of the society or country you find yourself do not negate doing so. If you are certain that it is legal to use gunshots, you can go ahead to install it in your car if it catches your fancy. Ensure to take precautions in the process, or get a professional to help out.

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