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Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

cheapest way to replace a mercedes key

Mercedes is one of the most premium vehicle brands on the market. Repairing or replacing a Mercedes item costs a lot of money, as you might anticipate. There are several methods to save cash on a new Mercedes-Benz key. But what is the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key?

Amazon’s “Your Garage” is the most affordable option for replacing a lost or stolen Mercedes key. Then a locksmith replaces the key and codes it. Transforming a Mercedes-Benz key at a dealership is the most expensive option. Before you decide on Mercedes key fob replacement in any way mentioned above, it’s crucial to recognize its benefits and downsides.

Mercedes creates highly renowned automobiles with modern technology, so you need to be careful not to mess it up and wind up spending even more for the sake of saving.

Is Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key Worth It?

Mercedes Key

Purchasing a Mercedes is one of the most sensitive endeavors a person can do. On the other hand, losing a Mercedes vehicle key is a jarring experience for anybody who owns a car, Mercedes or not. So to replace a Mercedes key fob, you have to deal with some challenges!

An exclusive feature of the Mercedes key is its higher level of protection. So, losing a Mercedes key implies that you could need to spend a premium fee to obtain a replacement key.

That is why you seek the most cost-effective solution to replace your Mercedes auto key. Everyone can be affected by it at some time in their lives. Humans are notoriously bad at remembering the smallest of details.

For the least amount of money, you can get a new Mercedes key cut by a locksmith, or you may buy one and program it yourself. The official dealership is the most expensive location to buy a replacement Mercedes key, which may come as no surprise to you.

So the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key is worth it.

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Use an e-Commerce Platform to Make a Purchase:

If your target is to Mercedes key replacement cheap, then follow this first step! Amazon and eBay are now the two leading internet retailing platforms in the planet.

Their vast product line also includes automotive accessories. However, Amazon offers a unique area, “Your Garage,” featuring vehicle-related products.

You should check “Your Garage” on Amazon to get the Mercedes key fob you are searching for. The cheapest approach to replace a Mercedes key is to buy it online if you don’t want to pay more for a typical error you made.

So, go to Your Garage’s site and click for the blank key corresponding to the Mercedes model you own. Bear in mind that empty keys are typically uncut and un-programed.

Here are necessary measures to follow:

  • To begin, go to Amazon and create an account.
  • To gain access to the “Amazon Garage” website, you must first log in with your Amazon account credentials.
  • Select your Mercedes model year from the drop-down menu, or enter additional information about your car.
  • Filter the results to find Mercedes keys and select the key corresponding to your model. In addition to the key, you may need to purchase a remote control that locks and unlocks the door.

If you have a modern Mercedes model, you may not need the remote since they are equipped with smart keys, which combine the key and the remote functions in one device.

Confirm that the key contains the metal backup key and that it is the correct version while picking it up.

While getting a Mercedes key replacement from Amazon is the most cost-effective choice, there are some disadvantages.

You won’t drive your automobile until you receive it, which will take several days. Anyone who needs the key right away will not use this method.

Moreover, the process of having cut and coded the key will take time since you must locate the appropriate locksmith or official Mercedes dealership to cut and code it. But how much does a Mercedes replacement key cost? Let’s discover out!

Get In Touch With a Local Locksmith:

So the query is: can a locksmith program a Mercedes key? The idea is to obtain a mobile locksmith who is a master with Mercedes autos. 

Thus, you may have a professional locksmith take care of the electronic locks on Mercedes’ newest models.

It is recommended to hire a local locksmith to come to your location and conduct his job.

It is reasonable to expect him to complete his assignment in a short amount of time, given that he is an expert in key coding.

Since most mobile locksmiths always carry a set of keys, once you’ve outlined the situation to them, it should only take a few hours for them to resolve the issue at hand.

The ability to cut and code Mercedes keys is also possessed by some locksmiths. The good news is that you can obtain technician-level service for a lot less money if you can track down a locksmith with those qualifications.

Hire locksmith that can provide the following services:

  • Automobile key fobs are repaired by the Locksmith.
  • He provides a replacement fob.
  • A locksmith fixes a remote automobile key fob.
  • He sets faulty transponder keys.
  • Extra transponder keys are made available through this service.
  • He sets transponder chips inside a broken automobile key remote.
  • He replaces missing automobile key fobs.
  • Car key fobs are reprogrammed when they are taken apart.
  • He replaces the battery in Mercedes Benz keys.

Basic Key Coding:

mercedes key coding

Inexperienced coders may have difficulty deciphering the Mercedes key’s many security mechanisms. 

That being said, this method of recreating a lost Mercedes key does have certain drawbacks to keep in mind. The newest Mercedes automobile keys can’t be decoded if that’s the case.

If you misplace your primary Mercedes keys or misplace your keys to one of the most recent Mercedes autos, you will need to visit your local Mercedes store to resolve the issue at hand.

It is possible to code the replacement key if you do not have to deal with any of the above issues and are technologically skilled.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you can program keys for several vehicles at a time.

The technique may be repeated for the same type of car as many times as necessary.

It is, nevertheless, recommended that you leave the coding of your Mercedes key to the professionals that specialize in the service of Mercedes key programming.

Since this procedure of coding a car key is complicated, it should only be tried by people who are well-versed in it, such as a professional auto locksmith or an automotive service technician at a dealership.

In short, you can follow the followings:

  • To make it easier to use, consider the replacement key as a spare that can be programmed.
  • Due to limitations imposed by the OEM, you cannot code a Mercedes Smart Key.
  • The “Flip” key is the only one that can be programmed.
  • The new key cannot be reprogrammed for another vehicle after being programmed.

When none of the Mercedes fundamental techniques mentioned work for you, receiving the Mercedes dealership key is the only remaining option. To be sure, this isn’t the most cost-effective method of replacing an old Mercedes key.

Other Techniques Of Fixing A Mercedes Key:

If you’ve misplaced your Mercedes extra keys, we offer various options that are less expensive.

Try a Local Garage:

You may always contact your local mechanic and inquire whether they can offer you the Mercedes key for your vehicle. It might be more expensive than all the strategies we discussed before.

Vendor for Car Insurance:

When purchasing insurance, you can include car keys in the policy. You have the option of having it included in your insurance or purchasing separate coverage for keys exclusively.

When you have such a plan in place, your insurance company is required to replace your Mercedes key if you lose it. However, the one disadvantage is that you will be required to pay the fee even if you never misplace your Mercedes key.

Consult The Dealership:

You may always obtain your Mercedes automobile key from its official dealership, the priciest of all but most dependable.

How Much Does A Mercedes Replacement Key Cost?

mercedes car key

You have to shell out anywhere from $200 to $300 for a new Mercedes key. Numerous Mercedes buyers had to continue spending $560 for a more costly key, which was deemed necessary by the manufacturer.

Your Mercedes-Benz and current key are not required, but they will not advance until validated ownership.

Any Mercedes key may be replaced for as little as possible, and we’ve already covered a few options. A locksmith or an internet retailer can provide you with an uncut, encoded key.


Q: How long do I have to wait to acquire a new Mercedes key?

Everything hinges on where you obtain the key from. Think about the time it will take to receive and program a blank Mercedes key purchased from an online retailer like Amazon or eBay, for example.

An official showroom will need time to obtain the key from the division responsible for distributing the programmed keys. Though it would most probably take several days, the dealership may be able to provide you with a temporary key to drive the vehicle, which can be a lifesaver if you need to get to work right away.

When hiring a local locksmith, be sure to find out how long it will take for the programmed key to arrive.

The quickest and least expensive method to replace a Mercedes key is to call a car locksmith.

If something goes wrong, they’ll be able to fix it quickly and affordably. The only thing to watch out for is finding a skilled and experienced locksmith who can program Mercedes keys without a hitch.

Q: Is It Possible For A Locksmith To Make A Mercedes Key?

Yes. However, a vehicle locksmith specializing in automotive key programming would be required. Your typical locksmith does not have the necessary expertise to perform it.

Can the locksmith make one for you if you don’t have the original key?

Yes. A seasoned car locksmith may use only a blank key and a file to create a new key without requiring the original.

Q: What Is the Reason for the Extremely High cost of Mercedes Keys?

Mercedes keys are pricey because the Mercedes Corporation employs complex technology to produce their keys. An excellent example of this feature is “smart keys” to enable keyless entry. It really would be costly to design such a complex key, including a battery and circuitry.

Take a look at how that sort of key compares to a less sophisticated type of key, such as the older style keys made of metal.

It would be more expensive to replace a Mercedes S550 key than it would be to replace a Mercedes C300 key from the year 2009.

Q: Is it possible to reprogrammed Mercedes keys?

Unfortunately, they are unable to do so. It’s impossible to use a Mercedes key in any other car after it has been programmed.

Q: Is it possible for a dealership to cut a key using only the VIN?

Your motor dealership may create a new key using just your vehicle identification number (VIN). Once you confirm ownership and the VIN, cutting the key is a stroll in the park.

Wrapping Up

So, what would be the most cost-effective method of replacing a Mercedes key? And what does the Mercedes Benz key fob replacement cost?

Well, we feel that would be an expert vehicle locksmith. Although purchasing a blank key from Amazon is a cost-effective option, the result will require some cutting and programming. It’s best to avoid going to a dealership if you can avoid the fees.

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