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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Jeep Wrangler?

cost to paint a jeep wrangler

As a Jeep Wrangler owner, you’ve undoubtedly already begun researching the many opportunities. We’ll examine the expenses and available alternatives in this post.

You may now inquire, how much to paint a Jeep Wrangler

On average, a professional paint job will cost between $3,000 and $5,000, whereas a DIY paint job would cost $500 and $1,500. 

Professional painting services may cost upwards of $10,000 when using bespoke paints and at higher levels of quality.

How do you choose between the DIY and professional options when it comes to painting?

With Hammer & Coop, let’s go further into this topic!

Is Painting on Your Jeep Wrangler Worth It?

In short, “Yes.” Painting a Jeep Wrangler transforms the vehicle’s appearance and personalizes it. The Jeep Wrangler is one of those vehicles that can be customized to the hilt. And even without compromising its resale value or price.

Row of Jeep Wranglers

A Jeep owner has the freedom to customize their vehicle. It is like changing the tire, raising the car, or repainting it.

If you’re going to buy paint, you need to think about exactly what color you want and whether or not it will go with your car. Jeep wranglers look great in any color.

The next step is to figure out how many square feet you’ll need to paint. It would provide you with an accurate estimate of the amount of paint you’ll need and its cost.

Maintaining a Jeep Wrangler’s appearance is the only reason to paint it.

As a bonus, painting your vehicle’s steel frame regularly can assist prevent corrosion and rust.

Painting your Jeep will help it withstand harsh weather conditions. Having a new paint job will make it easier to clean your car.

Waxing is an alternative to painting. New paint has been shown to last far longer than a fresh coat of wax. So in a word, we can say that it is worth every penny.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Jeep Wrangler?

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re considering painting your Jeep Wrangler. Do you want to comprehend how much it will cost?

One of the most popular 4×4 vehicles is known as the Jeep Wrangler. It is renowned for its ability to withstand rough terrain.

When you have a Jeep Wrangler, you’ll want it to look as beautiful as it performs. 

We tell you how much it costs if you’ve never painted your Jeep Wrangler.

Whether you paint your Jeep Wrangler yourself or hire a pro, the total cost is decided by your chosen color.

At least 100 square feet of surface must be covered when painting a Jeep Wrangler. It can cost between $150-$200 and up to $3000 depending on the quality of the paint used.

Automobiles like the Jeep Wrangler are pretty popular. Their owners range from those who enjoy off-road driving and outdoor activities. Also, for those who prefer showy cars and designer clothing.

Painting these vehicles offers a wide variety of possibilities. 

Average DIY Cost of Painting A Jeep Wrangler?

A Jeep Wrangler’s paint job costs a lot. It depends on what kind of paint you choose and how much it costs to buy.

It’s possible to pay as little as $100-150 dollars to paint your

Jeep Wrangler with low-quality paint. But you could also spend $1000 or more to paint your Jeep Wrangler.

Our recommendation is to check out this Acrylic Urethane paint kit, which is cost-effective and long-lasting.

In addition to paint, you’ll need materials for filling in defects. Again, sanding is also required for the job done.

The average cost of hiring someone to paint a Jeep Wrangler is what?

The alternative is to pay a professional to paint your Jeep Wrangler. But this will cost much more than if you did it yourself.


It’s also important to evaluate whether or not you’ll have to take time off from work to finish painting your Jeep Wrangler. It might affect the project’s expense.

Costs might vary widely based on your region and the specialist you choose.

An hourly rate of $200 is expected on the east coast, but a $50 hourly rate is standard in the Midwest for skilled painters. But on average, a professional painter for your Jeep Wrangler would cost you more than $1000.

Before hiring a professional painter to paint your Jeep Wrangler, it’s a good idea to look around and see what the usual cost is.

To evaluate whether you can obtain a decent bargain, acquire quotations from several firms and body shops.

How to Calculate the Cost of Painting a Jeep Wrangler?

To determine how much it will cost to paint your Jeep Wrangler, you must go through a few procedures first.

The First Step is to select the paint:

If you are painting the Jeep Wrangler yourself, you will need to conduct preliminary studies. It determines which paint is the finest and how much you will require.

A minimum of two to three coats of paint is likely to be required.

So make sure you purchase enough paint and carefully read the labels. It helps to ensure that the color you choose is durable and provides adequate coverage for bodywork.

2nd Step:

The actual square footage of the region of your automobile that you intend to paint.

Or the entire vehicle body, if you are painting it from top to bottom. It will be necessary to do this task accurately.

This should give you a decent estimate of how much paint you’ll need to purchase. And whether or not you’ll have enough to complete the project.

You must measure your car in person rather than estimating or utilizing a measurement from the internet. Yield your vehicle may have different specs than others. You want your size to be exact to purchase the appropriate amount of paint for your car.

3rd Step:

If you choose to have a professional paint your Jeep Wrangler, the next step is to research local painting costs.

To accomplish this, you may utilize Google to assist you in locating paint shops.

After that, you may contact them through phone, email, or text message. Thus you can see if you can receive an estimate for the work done.

This will cost anywhere from $500 for lower-quality work to $3000 for really high-quality paint finishes. The overall lowest cost will be $500. Anyone who claims to be anything more than that is likely to be conned or ripped off.

4th Step:

We do not advocate scrimping on the cost or accepting a meager price because your Jeep Wrangler is a high-end &  expensive vehicle.

And you do not want to destroy it with a shoddy and unsightly paint job.

Always make sure that you employ a skilled or certified specialist to complete the project on time and within budget.

The majority of Jeep Wranglers have a surface area of around 100 square feet. Which is the area you will be painting, so plan to spend some time there?

5th Step:

Consequently, if you are painting the whole Jeep Wrangler, you will require around 1 quart of paint for each painting Step.

And at least 2 coats of paint overall. Therefore, we recommend that you acquire at least 6 jars of paint to complete the entire project!

When painting your Jeep Wrangler, we also recommend ordering some items.

Those are a gallon of basecoat, a gallon of primer, and a clear coat. It will surely provide the best results possible.

6th Step:

Now we want to suggest valid information. To finish the project, you will need 2 quarts of primer, 2 quarts of base coat, and 2 quarts of clear coat.

Consider the following scenario: you spend $180 on paint and use it to cover 100 square feet of your car. You are paying around $1.80 per square foot on color.


Note that this may change depending on the precise model of Jeep Wrangler being used and the selected paint.

When choosing a body shop or professional painter, you must consider the price of labor and their time.

Of course, the costs of paints and other materials are in it. It is significant for this case. Don’t ignore this step.

Consider the following example: if you are spending around $2000 on the work, divide that amount by 100 square feet of Jeep Wrangler. Hence the surface area arrives at $20 per square foot.

To Paint a Jeep Wrangler: What Is the Estimated Cost?

However, the paint and supplies you use will significantly impact the final cost.


Masking tapesandpaper, and body filler, for example, may be required to conceal sections. You do not want painted and other supplies to ensure that your paintwork is flawless.

A complete paint kit for your car, such as this one, may also benefit you because it includes everything you need.

To get the task done without going through the inconvenience, you need hard work.

Case 1:

To ensure that the paint of your Jeep Wrangler will endure as long as possible, you may choose to invest in a lacquer.

Additionally, the Jeep Wrangler’s bodywork might benefit from truck bed coating. We prefer either this Rust-Oleum or this Krylon variant.

Case 2:

Some people merely want to change the look of their vehicle and don’t want a long-term paint solution. If so, why not give Plasti Dip a whirl?

Using acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove Plasti Dip is the most delicate part.

You may use spray paint to paint your vehicle’s bumpers and trim!


To be clear, these are only ideas to help you decide which is best for you and give you an idea of how much these goods are available. 

If you’re not sure how much it will cost to paint your Jeep Wrangler, a trip to your local hardware shop will help you figure that out.

We think you will require about 1 ½ gallon gallons of paint. 

So, if you paid $30-$40 a quart for six quarts of paint, your cost to paint jeep wrangler would be $180-$240

However, this does not include the additional expenditures on other goods.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 40 hours to paint a Jeep Wrangler entirely, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to do it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

Estimated Cost of Labor 

Your Jeep Wrangler’s finish is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and professionalism if you hire an expert to paint it.

You should expect to pay anything from $10 to $30 an hour for a professional painter, depending on their skill level and the level of detail you want.

In contrast, a professional painter will know exactly how to remove the hood, remove and replace the trims, and obtain your car’s correct coverage and style.

However, if you plan to frequently use your Jeep Wrangler off-road, you may want to consider investing in a professional paint job.

We hope that we can provide you with some guidance, pricing, and estimations when you’re ready to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler.

A truck bed liner is an excellent choice for any vehicle because it provides an easy-to-clean surface that you can wipe off after a long day of driving!

Benefits of Painting Jeep Wrangler

Here are some of the advantages of painting your Jeep:

  • If you paint your Jeep at the appropriate intervals, you may extend the life of your vehicle.
  • The steel body of the Jeep Wrangler is protected from rust and corrosion by a coat of paint.
  • The paint of a jeep also provides all-weather protection.
  • The smoother the body of your Jeep becomes after painting, the easier it is to clean.
  • In general, painting your Jeep rather than waxing it is a better alternative, as the painting is more enduring.

Disadvantage of Painting

Even while painting your Jeep Wrangler has its benefits, there are some drawbacks.

It all depends on where and how you paint your Jeep and the difficulty of transporting it while it’s being painted.

  • Expensive assignment.
  • This means you’ll have to repaint the vehicle sooner rather than later, which adds to the expense of the paint job.
  • If you want a professional paint job in the future, you’ll have to spend more time and money fixing work that was poorly done the first time around.
  • Not straightforward to implement.
  • Even while ceramic coatings, a chemical polymer that combines with the paint, give an extra level of protection to the hydrophobic coating, they can take days to cure, leaving you without transportation.


How Many Times Do You Need To Paint in a Year?

Since excellent paint may survive for several years, it is not necessary to repaint every year.

On the other hand, if you’re a reckless driver who likes to go off-road, you might need to repaint your car every year. Another issue is the amount of damage or scrapes your Jeep suffers when driving it.

Your Jeep will likely need painting if it has further blemishes or damage.

White Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

How much does it cost to custom paint a Jeep Wrangler?

Spray painting or wrapping is only a couple of the many options.

The quality and longevity of the paint are also important considerations while painting. However, if you want an idea, you may expect to pay around $6000.

How long does it persist after numerous coats of paint?

The Jeep’s performance may be astounding if it is kept clear of obstructions and clean. The quality and coating of the paint determine how long it will last. Usually, it will last 10 to 15 years max.

How much does it cost to wrap a Jeep?

Vinyl or chrome can be used to wrap a Jeep. In comparison, chrome wrapping would set you back between $6000 and $100,000.

Vinyl wrapping may last up to five to six years, but chrome wrapping can last ten years.

What shade is Jeep Wrangler most famous?

Crush orange, black, white, hydro blue, Gobi, Xtreme purple pearl, flame red, anvil, etc., are some of my favorite colors.

For what precisely is the actual cost of professional paintwork?

Self-painting can cost you as little as $1350, but professional repainting jeep wrangler costs will be $100,000.


Jeep paint job cost has been the subject of much discussion. If you decide to paint your Jeep, this will help it last longer. The painting will also act as a barrier against corrosion.

There is a wide range in the cost of painting a jeep wrangler when it comes to materials, the more expensive, and the better; when it comes to the less expensive, the lower the price.

Painting is a great asset, and wranglers should be painted if necessary. This is because where you get it painted has a bearing on the outcome.

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