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Do Electric Cars Have Neutral?


When electric cars got introduced into the market, the main goal was to reduce the effects of pollution from fuel cars. Today EVs have become more popular. Many people like the simple driving experience of electric cars. But, do electric cars have neutral?

Unlike fuel vehicles, electric cars operate without transmission. For this reason, they operate without gear. Electric cars have neutral features, but their performance is quite different from a manual transmission. The wheel power of electric cars gets regulated by the current flowing from the batteries. However, electric cars have common components as regular cars. An example is the side mirrors.

Knowledge concerning electric car performance is essential. If you need to learn more, this article will help you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Advantages  Disadvantages
More convenient  Steep initial investment
No gas required  Minimum recharge points
No emissions  High electric cost
Cost-effective  Longer recharge time
Safe to drive  Short driving range
Reduced noise pollution  Battery replacement

Why Do Electric Cars Have No Transmission?

Have you tried taking a look at how electric car motors work? The transmission system of a manual car works differently from the motors in an electric vehicle.

Electric cars do not need a transmission. The electric motors in electric vehicles replace the work of transmission. These motors can provide the electric vehicle with the required torque to move the vehicle in the shortest time possible.

For the car wheel to rotate, they need current. The battery’ current flowing through the motors can provide the necessary torque to move the car. For this reason, there is no need for transmission for electric vehicles.

However, some electric car manufacturers, including Tesla, equip the cars with a single step-down transmission gear. And because these gears lack multiple gears, it is impossible to say they have a transmission system.

Why Is Neutral Important?

If you own a car with a transmission system, you already have experienced the benefits of neutral gear. An electric vehicle will also need towing after breakdown, like manual and automatic cars. Without the neutral gear, it becomes impossible to tow.

If you have come across electric cars, you’ll find the same services as in transmission cars. Electric vehicles have park gear and neutral. But the technology of the neutral in electric cars is quite different from the fuel cars.

For towing to occur, the wheels should be free and rotate independently from the powertrain. Therefore, the neutral in electric cars allows towing without the car motors experiencing any damage.

How Does Neutral Work on Electric Cars?

Electric motors offer less resistance when powered. Unlike in transmission cars, you can tow an electric vehicle without shifting to a neutral position. So, the neutral in electric cars act as a brake release, and it usually switches off the current to the motors and wheels.

Therefore, technically you cannot define neutral in electric cars as a gear. It is best to consider neutral as a separating state between the electric car motors and the wheels. Whenever you engage the neutral lever or button of an electric car, the resistance of motors to the wheels gets freed up.

Is It Possible to Idle Electric Cars?

You cannot idle an electric car in the same way as fuel-powered vehicles. Whenever the electric vehicle stops moving, the battery automatically shuts off. Besides, electric vehicles are environmentally friendly. If you need to reduce pollution from the fuel vehicles, you set the car in neutral to avoid fume production. However, it’s not the same case with electric cars, the car shuts down, and it will use no power.

Do Electric Cars Have Transmission Gears?

The conventional equivalents of electric cars are much similar to the fuel transmissions. However, there is a difference in the powertrain. Although automatic and manual have gear transmission systems, electric cars have no gearbox.

electric car gearbox shifter

Although electric car batteries provide power through motors to the wheel, you’ll find a switch with the same performance as an automatic transmission. Just like the shifting stick in manual and automatic cars, the switch will help you select the ‘drive’ option to go forward. And also, you’ll find the ‘N’ and ‘R’ switches for reverse driving and neutral, respectively.

However, you may find some electric cars with additional modes which will allow you to change the driving experience. An example is the sport and eco mode. Besides the mode you select, you will not change the transmission operation. Instead, it will change other functions like throttle sensitivity.

Do Electric Cars Have a Gear Feeling When Driving?

You may be surprised when driving electric cars. The car accelerates and slows down without involving you in shifting gears. Therefore, you will not feel gear shifting in electric vehicles. You’ll experience a smooth and linear drive for electric cars, unlike manual transmission cars.

The smooth drive you’ll experience in electric cars is due to the lack of a transmission system. The transmission system is responsible for the different speeds when driving.

How Fast Are Electric Cars?

It’s encouraging how fast electric cars are. For example, in Tesla models, you’ll experience great performance. The Tesla model can run to a speed from stationary to 100kph in 3 seconds. This makes it the only super-speed family sedan car.

Electric motors cause the super speed in electric cars, which offer more flexibility when compared to fuel-burning engines. Electric cars can produce pulling power when you press the accelerator.

Also, electric motors have a power-efficient rev range; this makes them deliver optimal performance. The different gear ratios in manual transmission make it hard to provide instant power. This only makes it possible to accelerate the car at a speed of 30kph under the first gear.

Electric cars can move to a high speed in the shortest time possible in a single gear.


Unlike fuel vehicles, electric cars lack gears. However, electric cars have a neutral model, but their performance differs from the neutral gears in transmission cars. The neutral in electric cars is responsible for switching the connection between motors and car wheels. Therefore, the car wheels can move freely without causing damage to the motors.

However, their motor performance is quite different compared to that of a manual car transmission. The battery in electric motors produces a current that provides torque on the motors hence making the car wheel rotate.

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