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Can You Drive a Range Rover Without the Key?


If you have your Range Rover car, losing your FOB start key is one of the worst nightmares you might have. However, is that something to worry about? Are you looking to find out whether you can drive a Range Rover without the key?

This article gives you everything you need to know, but we can start with a short answer.

Yes, you can drive a Range Rover without the key. You can start it and go wherever you want to without the key, but you’ll continuously receive the ‘Smart Key Not Found’ alert message on your dash. That serves as a reminder that you have left your FOB behind.

Let’s look more into the Range Rover keys to understand the concept properly.

What are the major types of Range Rover FOB Remote Keys?

If you do some research, you’ll realize there are three main designs of Range Rover keys. These are the;

  • Basic Remote
  • Push-to-Start
  • Keyless Entry

Basic Remote

The basic remote is what we have had over all these years. It comes with buttons that will enable you close/open the door or trunk and sound the alarm. To start your Range Rover, you’ll need to insert your key-blade into the ignition slot.


Push-to-Start is the most advanced remote unlock key, making it popular among the most recent car models. One of the most notable outstanding and impressive features is that it allows you to get into your car contact-free.

Moreover, instead of the normal key-blade used to start your Range Rover, you only need to push to start while pressing the brake pad.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry lets you in the car when your keys are somewhere else. When you press the Range Rover’s door handle button, keyless entry means the door will automatically open, and you can now get in.

Nonetheless, you’ll need either a push-to-start button or a key blade to get your car started.

Where Can I Get a Range Rover Key/Key Fob?

What happens when you misplace or lose your Range Rover key? That means you will spend hours standing beside your car, not knowing what you’ll do with it. Like how you can make extra spare keys for your house door locks, the days of getting only one FOB key for your Range Rover are long gone.

Spare keys are all over the market, and you can grab some for your Range Rover, depending on its model year and other specifications. Here are some of the best choices from Amazon.

  1. LR024070 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Sport Car Key Fob Keyless Entry
  2. KOBJTF10A 2010-2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Keyless Entry Remote Fob
  3. SCITOO 2pcs 2005-2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Remote Key Fob

Is it Possible to Purchase and Program my own Range Rover Key Fob?

Yes, you can purchase your Key Fob and program it. You’ll need a quality key Fob (from a reputable seller) before going through the programming process. Ensure to Check out the seller’s website for customer reviews to see if they got a good deal or met their quality expectations.

You can only program your Range Rover key if you have it in person and are in your car. The procedure will involve locking/unlocking button presses to open and close your doors.

However, every Land Rover model has a different programming procedure, and you have to stick to that which favors your car.

A set of instructions comes with your car’s manual on programming, and you can always refer to that if you’re not sure of what to do. You can also contact customer support.

Can you unlock a Range Rover without a Key?

Yes. You can unlock your Range Rover without a key. You’ll need to press the door’s unlock button on the handle of your retracted door. However, you’ll need your smart key for this.

Nonetheless, the handle operation is subject to change depending on the locking setting. Your door can either have a single or two-stage locking mechanism.

All doors will be unlocked when you deploy the door handle.

How Much Does a Range Rover Fob Key Replacement Cost?

The price of a Range Fob key replacement varies on several factors, including;

  • Whether or not the key will need to be programmed after purchase.
  • The type of Land Rover/Range Rover SUV.
  • Your preferred Fob key design.

If you wish to save on the cost, you should look for key replacements from online vendors and program them yourself. People save almost 50% from that kind of transaction.

Some automotive dealers hike the prices if they do the programming for you, but others might do it for free.

Can I use the Activity Key instead of my Range Rover Key?

The Activity Key is an innovation in the Automotive industry and not so popular among car owners. It takes the shape of a wristband and is available in the new Land Rover and Range Rover models.

It is a fully waterproof, shockproof, and lightweight wristband that can lock and unlock your Range Rover, eliminating the need to carry your Fob. You can comfortably go hiking, surfing, swimming, or get the most out of your favorite hobby without the worry of losing your key.

When using the Activity key, your primary Fob Smart Key is instantly deactivated for enhanced security. That ensures that you’re the only one with access to your vehicle.

How do I Activate the Activity Key?

  • Turn your ignition off and keep the Fob in the Glove Box or Center Console.
  • Exit the car with the Activity Kand and close all doors.
  • The Activity key antenna activates for around 30 seconds. After that, hold the activity key till you’re at your car’s tailgate, and it will automatically close. The Hazards will then flash as confirmation.

How do I Deactivate the Activity Key?

  • Press the tailgate release button to activate the Activity Key Antenna. Hold the activity till you’re at your car’s tailgate, and it will automatically unlock.
  • The Hazards will then flash as confirmation. The Smart Key from inside the secure location will automatically re-activate.


 Even though losing your Range Rover keys might be the worst thing you’d ever wish for, the good news is that you can still enter and drive without it. However, it is also essential to have a spare Fob for emergency purposes.

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