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How Do I Know If My Ford Has Remote Start?

how do i know if my ford has remote start

The majority of the new ford f150 is more high-tech and has more electronic capabilities, particularly in the key fob. But do you know how to tell if your f150 has remote start?

Check the key fob to ensure that your Ford is equipped with a remote starter. A circle with an arrow denotes the remote start button on your Ford key fob that is labeled X2. If your Ford is equipped with a remote engine start, this is the key fob you’ll need to use with it.

Ford key fob X2 label

This particular technology can do more than lock and unlock doors, start a vehicle remotely, and make a chirping sound to assist you in finding your car in a parking lot. Some have so many functions that the owners aren’t even aware of them.

So, what makes Ford Remote Start so unique? Push a button on a frigid winter morning or a hot summer day, and the remote start feature will let you set your vehicle’s interior temperature to a suitable level before you even step inside. 

If you also have other models like ford fusionford explorer, or ford expedition, you can also check out this blog. We hope it will help you to learn more about the remote start.

How To Identify the Ford Remote Starter?

A Ford remote start may be the appropriate option if the weather is very harsh or if you want the luxury of a preheated vehicle before you begin your travel. 

Many of Ford’s new cars now include this high-tech capability. The Hammerandcoop crew represents every detail about the remote starter on the ford f150. Don’t miss out on all the conveniences that Ford remote start provides.

1. First Check Out The Car’s Manual:

If you have a remote starting in your vehicle, you’ll find instructions in the owner’s handbook. Make sure that the functionality is available by checking the manual’s content.

2. Check the Key Fob of Your Car:

There will be a remote start button on the key fob. In most cases, the remote start sign is an arrow with a half-circle at its end. The remote-start button is pressed after the lock button has been pressed.

3. Take A Look At The Remote Start:

There should be guidelines in your vehicle’s owner’s handbook on using various systems. However, most remote starts need you to lock the car and then double-click the electrical control start button to turn them off and start them back on again.

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On A Ford F150, How Do You Turn On The Remote Start?

First, hit the lock button to secure the vehicle. Then, to allow remote starting hit the start button on your remote. To start the small, press the start button twice. Twice-blinked external lights will be displayed. 

It will chirp when the system fails to start unless the silent start option is selected. The blower fan will also run slower due to the quiet start. Depending on the information displayed, you can allow or deactivate remote start.

What Does Ford F150 Remote Start Do?

1. Press the lock button and the remote start button twice to start your Ford car.

2. Press the 2X button twice to turn off the car. The engine will turn off the external headlights.

3. When you use remote start, the memory function, the seats, mirrors, and steering column will adjust to your previously-programmed configurations.

4. When you use a model equipped with remote-control feedback, the following information will appear on the screen:

  • Solid green indicates a successful remote start.
  • Solid red indicates a successful shortstop. The car has been turned off.
  • A constantly blinking red indicator means a failed remote stop or start.
  • Status updates are displayed via the green blinking light.

How to Utilize Your Ford Remote Start?

Start the procedure by verifying that your Ford car is equipped with a remote-operated starter. If you’re unsure, look at your key fob. 

If you notice an arrow-shaped remote-start switch, your vehicle has this ability. With the Ford Technology Package, you may quickly add remote start capabilities to your car if you don’t already have them.

After finding the remote start button, you may start your vehicle from afar by pressing the button. To begin, push the lock button on your car before turning it on to ensure your safety and the protection of others around you. Next, hold down the start button (remember: it’s an arrow curled in a tight circle).

The external lighting will flash twice if you’ve successfully started your Ford remotely. When Quiet Start is disabled, the horn will sound even if the system fails to start.

It’s possible to enable or disable Quiet Start on your car’s infotainment system. To minimize engine noise, turn on Quiet Start to silence the horn and limit the speed of the blower fan.

How To Extend The Durability of Your Remote Start?

Repeat the above methods to maximize your remote smart battery life. In this case, the timeframe of the remote start will be extended by the amount of time you initially set it to last.

 The second activation time begins immediately after the first period has expired. The remote start can be extended for up to 35 minutes. To start the car remotely, wait at least five seconds after the vehicle has been turned off.

Everything You Need to Know About Ford Remote Start App

If you have a key fob, you may use this software to extend its functionality even further.

The FordPass Connect app, for example, provides access to all of your vehicle’s information in one place. 

Memory is available to those who have purchased an Intelligent Access Transmitter. If your vehicle is equipped with an intelligent access key fob, you may use it to remotely start with the seat, mirror, and steering column positions stored in memory.

Instances in Which Remote Start does not Function

  • First of all, when the key is in the ignition.
  • In some cases, when there is an active alarm.
  • When you disable the remote.
  • If the truck’s hood has been opened up, it will not work.
  • If the transmission is not in the preferable mode.
  • If the battery in the car is running downward.
  • When the service engine light illuminates the instrument cluster, it indicates that it needs to be serviced.

How to Reset Ford Remote Start?

To get your remote start working again, try one of the following methods:

  • Restart the remote control once it has been turned off and on.
  • Remove the battery from your remote control by popping the cap off.
  • Keep an eye on the timer for around 15 seconds.
  • Could you remove the battery and reinstall it? Check if it works. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Replace the remote’s battery if you have another brand fresh one. Make sure the remote starts working. 
  • When you’re in the driver’s seat, remove all of your car’s key fobs and close all the doors.
  • Pull over to a safe place put your keys in the ignition, and press the start button only once.
  • After turning the key to “On,” perform this procedure within five seconds; do not remove the key while turning it off.

In total, you’ll need to do four rounds of this on-off cycle.

During the fourth cycle of turning the key to “On,” you should hear an audible sound from the locks to indicate that the remote fob is in programming mode. 

This step can be repeated if the ford remote starting does not reset. Try troubleshooting if the problem persists.

does my ford have remote start

Troubleshooting Guide for Ford Remote Starter

Before troubleshooting, make sure you’re using the correct remote start technique. Causes and remedies to remote start troubles are listed below.

1. Valet Mode Remote Starter:

The Lock and Unlock buttons usually operate; however, pushing the start does not affect the car. Valet mode happens when the remote is accidentally pressed while in a handbag or pocket. Again, many small remotes go into valet mode when the vehicle is disconnected for servicing.

2. But the car won’t start:

The parking lights flash when you press start, but the car won’t start. Lock and Unlock still work. 

The hood pin switch is damaged or rusted. A mobile electric shop can replace the hood switch.

3. Remote Control Program Loss:

No matter what button you touch on your remote, nothing happens. It’s unusual because many remotes are higher-end, but call your expert to assist you to program it if it happens.

4. In Second Car Mode:

An unintentional button combination resulted in the second automobile model. You’ll notice when your car doesn’t respond to any button press.

Ford Remote Start’s Advantages

Let’s have a look at the different advantages that remote start offers before we show you how to utilize it on your new or old Ford car.

1. A Thrilling and Exciting Ride:

It provides the ability to start your automobile from inside your house or business when it’s chilly, rainy, or snowing is a welcome convenience. While waiting for your car, truck, or SUV to warm up and prepare for your daily commute, you may stay warm and comfortable within.

2. It Provides a Drive That’s Safer and More Secure:

Driving home in a heated automobile is safer and more secure. When you get inside your car, any accumulated ice or snow will begin to melt, allowing you to see right away.

3. Maintain the Smoothness of Engine:

Your engine may work harder than necessary if you’re driving in a chilly automobile. The machine has a more challenging time moving oil when it is cold because it thickens up. Your vehicle’s engine may perform at its best by progressively warming up with a Ford remote start.

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Q: How Far Can I Start My Ford With Remote Start?

Most Ford remote starters work up to 300 feet away.

Q: Where Can I Use My f150 Remote Start?

You may use your Ford remote to start at home, work, or do errands. Never use your remote start in a garage. To avoid harmful concentrations of exhaust fumes, open the garage door first.

Q: What If I Have an IAT?

If your Ford automobile, truck, or SUV has an integrated key head transmitter, you must turn the ignition on first. 

Q: Can I Extend Remote Start Time?

Boost your Ford remote start for 35 minutes. If the car has stopped, wait 5 seconds before restarting it remotely. To extend the time until your Ford vehicle shuts down, repeat steps 1 and 2 under “Start Your Ford Vehicle.” That’s another remote start period.

Final Verdict

Check your owner’s manual for the newest enhancement of your f150 remote start. It’s most profitable to learn basic skills like resetting, using remote start, and troubleshooting so that you can fix the minor errors or problems of your remote start alone.

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