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How Many Gallons Does a Honda Accord Hold?


Honda Motor Company has graced us with various comfortable sedans and hybrids for at least a generation now. The Honda Accord is an effortless yet elegant and handy vehicle, but how much can it cost to run this car?

Suppose you’re wondering about its fuel carrying capacity to estimate the cost of running the car, or you’re just courier about how many gallons the Honda Accord can hold. In that case, this article is for you.

Here is the short answer! Each fuel-powered model of the 2022 Honda Accord has a 14.8-gallon fuel tank capacity. However, the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid versions include a smaller 12.8-gallon tank as standard equipment. Typically, both fuel tanks are essential for utilizing fuel efficiently and sipping it through hundreds of miles.

This article brings detailed information related to the subject. Continue reading to learn more! 

How many gallons can a Honda Accord hold?

The fuel carrying capacity of the honda accord varies per model each year and per trim for each model. Below is a list of the fuel carrying capacity for the various Honda Accord Models and trims built in recent years.

  1. 2022 Honda Accord
Trim modelsGas tank capacityEngine specs
LX14.8 Gallons192 Horsepower, 1.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder
Sport12.8 Gallons181 Horsepower, 2.0L Hybrid 4-cylinder
Hybrid14.8 Gallons192 Horsepower, 1.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder (Standard) – 252 Horsepower, 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder
Sport Special Edition14.8 Gallons192 Horsepower, 1.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder
Hybrid Sport12.8 Gallons181 Horsepower, 2.0L Hybrid 4-cylinder
EX-L14.8 Gallons (Standard) – 12.8 Gallons (Hybrid)192 Horsepower, 1.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder (Standard) 181 Horsepower, 2.0L Hybrid 4-cylinder
Touring14.8 Gallons (Standard) – 12.8 Gallons (Hybrid)252 Horsepower, 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder (Gas) – 181 Horsepower, 2.0L Hybrid 4-cylinder (Hybrid)
  1. 2021 Honda Accord
Honda Accord trimGas tank capacity
Touring sedan 2.0T auto14.8
Sport SE Sedan 1.5T CVT14.8
Sport Sedan 2.0T Auto14.8
Sport Sedan 1.5T CVT14.8
LX Sedan 1.5T CVT14.8
EX L Sedan 1.5T CVT14.8
Touring Hybrid Sedan12.8
EX L Hybrid Sedan12.8
EX Hybrid Sedan12.8
Base Hybrid Sedan12.8

How far can one travel with 12.8- 14.8 gallons of fuel in a Honda Accord?

On a full tank of 14.8 gallons, you can drive up to 562.4 miles on just one fuel tank. On the other hand, on a full tank of 12.8 gallons, you can venture to about 415 miles on one tank of fuel before stopping at a filling station to refill your tank. This shows that the honda accord burns fuel very efficiently and, as such, is a very cost-effective vehicle.

So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that will help you be safe while maintaining efficiency and comfort, then the honda accord is a match.

What fuel type does a Honda Accord use?

Typically, the fuel type depends on the type of engine.

All honda accords manufactured before 2007 use the regular, unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane level of 86. And those manufactured after 2007 use regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane level of 87.


Using fuels with even higher octane rating values is advisable because the engine performs better. These high-grade octane fuels also maintain engine health and longevity.

How fuel-efficient is a Honda Accord?

All trim levels and versions of the Honda Accord show impressive fuel efficiency. Both the hybrids and sedans are highly fuel-efficient. You can save up to 48mpg on a hybrid version while driving.

What are the fuel-saving features of the honda accord?

Three main features contribute to the fuel efficiency capability of a Honda Accord, including; 

The Econ Button

The Econ Button modifies the reaction of several components to bring the Honda to a state where it can operate efficiently while saving fuel. Once you press this button, some automotive features, such as air conditioning, cruise control, and throttle response, can be altered.

Typically, you automatically limit the car’s ability to shift speed from a higher to a lower gear when you activate the econ button. As a result, your car stays in optimum condition, reducing fuel consumption.

Also, did you know that although the air conditioner makes the atmosphere within the car ambient for driving, it increases fuel consumption? Yes, it does. But in econ mode, the air conditioner works more efficiently, using less energy to keep the temperature within the car ambient.


The econ mode is more efficient in certain situations than in others. It is more suitable to use when;

  • Driving on the highway
  • Driving on the road without steep slopes and inclines
  • When temperatures outside the car are not too high
  1. The Eco Assist system.

The Honda Accord works with you and the eco assist system to increase efficiency; the vehicle sends feedback to the driver to acknowledge and encourage efficient driving.

How does this work? Here, the white bars around the speedometer will turn green and stay that way for as long as you drive efficiently. In a nutshell, the more fuel and money you save, the longer it stays green. This creates awareness in the driver and encourages them to drive efficiently.

  1. The Earth’s Dream technology

Honda discovered this technology and used it to design and construct efficient engines with better combusting abilities for their vehicles.

What is the most fuel-efficient trim of the 2022 honda accord?

The EX-L and LX trims are the most fuel-efficient trims of the 2022 Honda accord model. These two vehicles can enable drivers to cover at least 3o miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway.

The next will be the 2.0L turbo, enabling drivers to cover 22 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway.


Over the years, Honda Motors Ltd Company has manufactured vehicles that have proven durable, efficient, and comfortable. Among these vehicles is the Honda accord, which through the years, has undergone modifications and upgrades to make it what it is today.

One of the upgrades of these vehicles is their high fuel carrying capacity which makes refilling less frequent compared to other vehicles. The fact that these vehicles themselves are fuel-efficient makes them even more desirable.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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