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How to Prevent Towing Your Car?


Have you ever parked your car and gone somewhere, only for it to go missing when you return? Vanished into thin air? No, a police truck towed your car So, how to prevent towing your car?

The obvious answer is to park properly within the law. But you can also make your car harder to tow with your emergency brakes and tires.

While this blog does not agree with improper parking, read further to learn different ways to prevent towing your car.

What is towing?

If you’re not a driver yet, towing is the practice of pulling along a vehicle behind yours with an attached cable.

In this context, the term refers to towing of one’s car by the police/law enforcement authorities. This is done when one parks his car at spots where parking is not allowed. The car’s owner has to pay a fine to the authorities for them to release his/her car.

Sometimes, tow truck operators can misuse their authority and tow legally parked vehicles. The car can be released unless the operator unfastens it. The operator may coerce the car owner to pay money for the same.

What are some proper parking practices?

The best way to prevent your car from being towed is to follow road rules properly. Here are some ways you can stop your car from falling under the radar.

Avoid Parking at No Parking Zones

Common sense is not too common. Many people often park at places explicitly stated as “No Parking” or even “Tow Zone.” They then get surprised when a random truck towes their car. What a shocker.


Avoid spots where you do not have the authorization to park at, such as handicapped parking zones.

Do Not Block Fire Hydrants

Blocking fire hydrants is considered a safety hazard. Therefore, avoid parking close to fire hydrants. Maintain a distance of at least 20 feet to avoid unnecessary legal hassles.

Do Not Obstruct Traffic

Authorities can tow your car if it disrupts the flow of traffic in any way. Avoid parking near intersections or U-turns, as this can cause frustration among other drivers who may file a complaint. Avoid parking near traffic lights as well.

Avoid Parking at Unconventional Spots

Your car can also be towed away if it is parked on a slope unattended. This is because these cars might be a hazard to cars going uphill. Prefer not to park on a bridge or on long highways for an extended period.

Adhere to Legal Compliances

Towing can happen if one does not meet all the legal compliances associated with the car. For example, if the car is missing its plate or its registration has expired, it can be towed away.

If the driver does not have a license, this also provides ample reason for the authorities to tow away the car.

How can we prevent our car from being towed?

In case you absolutely need to park where you shouldn’t, there are some measures you can undertake to secure your car. It is advisory to use these even if you have parked legally. Predatory towing takes place often and is a waste of money and time.

Engage the Emergency Hand Brake

This is the simplest way to discourage towing. Engaging your emergency brake traps your vehicle in one spot. Therefore, it cannot be wheeled away by the tow truck.

The operator has to put in extra effort to lift your car before towing it. As a result, he is more likely to leave your car alone.

Remove Tires on One Side

This might sound absurd, and it may require extra effort from your end. For example, removing a tire or two if you are not in a hurry after parking.

Remove tires on the same side instead of two tires on the front or the back. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for the car to be wheeled away.

Park With Your Wheels at an Angle

Another simple way to prevent towing your car is to park with your wheels turned. Parking your car straight makes it easy for the tow truck operator to pull. However, with your wheels turned, it will be a shaking nightmare.

The wheels will have to be lifted before the car can be towed away. Towing with the wheels turned is risky for the operator, as you can sue for any damage caused to your car while towing.

Parallel Parking Between Other Cars

A cartoonish way is to make the car simply inaccessible. The operator has to fasten the car’s rear or front end to the tow truck. If you parallel park in between two cars, it is impossible to tow your car without hitting one of the two cars.

cars and SUVs parallelly parked

If all the cars on the lane are liable to be towed, parallel parking between cars ensures that the tow truck operator pays attention to other cars first. This gives you more time to come back and deal with the issue before it is your car’s turn.

Use A Wheel Lock

Like the emergency brake, a wheel lock will also require one to lift your car completely to tow it. It is an additional expense for the car owner. However, savings in the form of towing fines will set it off.

Check out the Tevlaphee Universal Wheel Lock on Amazon for a sample.

All these measures provide a hard time for the tow truck operators, but the only way to prevent towing legally is to park properly.


There are various answers to the question “How to Prevent Towing Your Car?”. The most straightforward and honest method is to park properly.

Predatory towing can happen nonetheless. Utilizing your hand brakes, wheel locks etc., can discourage such tow truck operators.

In the unfortunate event that your car is towed, check the surrounding area to find any signboards providing details of the area’s tow truck operator. If not, contact the police. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a hefty fine to release your car

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