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How to Remove Mold From Car Exterior?


It’s not easy to keep your car looking its best, especially if you’ve been driving around with mold and algae. You would be looking for how to remove mold from the car exterior.

You can remove mold from your car exterior by washing the surface gently with a mild brush with all-cleaner-soap to avoid bruising the paint or using vinegar, and you could use the help of a pressure washer to increase the chances of getting your car’s surface clean.

What Is A Mold?

Mold is mostly confused with the green stuff used for baking and is a fungus that commonly grows in damp, humid environments.

 It’s present indoors and outdoors and can grow in wet or moist areas lacking adequate ventilation.

 If you find mould growing on your vehicle, it could mean that you got your vehicle’s body into some dirt and unfriendly exposures.

Are Molds Dangerous To The Exterior Of A Vehicle?

Moulds are not just unsightly and unpleasant to the eyes and even come with repulsive smells.

Furthermore, they disfigure the look of your car by altering the colour of the paint.

Which could go as bad as you needing to repaint your car to restore beauty to your again

car with mold

What Causes Mold Attachment To Vehicle Exterior?

A car is an external object. Three things can grow on an external object in the right environment: mould, moss, and algae.

These are harmless, but if they grow on your car for a long time, they will cause permanent damage to your paint.

There are many reasons why your car can grow moss:

  • It’s too wet.
  • Also, it’s not sealed well, so moisture penetrates the paintwork.
  • You don’t clean it often enough.
  • You Expose to dust and rotten droppings.

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle For Removing Mold?

Preparing your vehicle for removing mold is a wise decision as you cannot just casually start getting the mold off.

You would want to follow some safe steps to ensure you are removing the mold without damaging the car’s exterior.

Make General Preparations

Don’t spray and scrub when attempting to remove mold. Spraying and scrubbing can damage your paint job.

Start by removing all of the surface contaminants, like dirt and leaves.

Open The Car For Ventilation

Before removing the mold from your car, please place it where direct or harsh sunlight cannot reach the mold.

 Open up all the doors and windows to air everything out for at least fifteen minutes.

It’s better to keep your car outside than inside the garage;

 Otherwise, you risk growing more mold.

 Clean it out before any leftover food, articles of clothing, or toys and books from school are left around.

Clear Debris From The Car Surface

You don’t need to remove the mold from your car before washing it, but you’ll want the vehicle as clean as possible.

 If you’re restoring a car with mold on it, I’m guessing it’s been sitting outside for a long time.

 If there are leaves and sticks on the paint, you don’t have to worry about them.

They’ll likely fall off as soon as you start washing the car.

Use A Pressure Washer

Get yourself a power washer if you want to remove mold and save some quality time scrubbing.

 This tool will save you from using a garden hose or the nozzle on your kitchen sink.

Both of which spray water in all directions and aren’t effective at removing mold or mildew.

If you don’t have access to a power washer, you can always go to your local car wash.

The self-service bays usually come with high-powered water hoses that blast off even stubborn stains.


What Can I Use When The Mold Does not Wash Off?

Try an all-purpose cleaner if vinegar and water don’t do the trick you want.

All-purpose cleaners can be very useful because they don’t have abrasive chemicals that will damage your car’s paint.

Softer bristles are not as rough as their harsher counterparts.

So you don’t want to use a stiff brush when trying to remove mold from a car.

When using a soft bristle brush, apply just enough pressure to avoid damaging the paint on your vehicle.

Does It Take So Much Time To Get Rid Of Mold?

While mold is most definitely the enemy of your car’s exterior, it has a funny habit of not revealing itself immediately.

It might take weeks, months or even years before seeing traces of the fungus growing on your beautiful car’s body.

We always recommend that you clean away any mold on your car immediately.

Can I get Infected From the Mold On My Car?

 If you have children or animals in the car, be aware that you carry a whole host of bacteria.

The surfaces of your car—the window, side mirror, seats, and seatbelts—can be perfect homes for various disease-causing agents.

 If you have asthma, getting in and out of your car can make breathing hard.

What Can I Use To Remove Mold From Vehicle Exterior?

You would need a couple of tools to help you get rid of mold from your car’s exterior.

How Do I Prevent Mold From Infesting My Vehicle?

You would be doing great to prevent your vehicle from being infested by molds by ensuring the surface is usually clean and washed.

 There are different reasons for how molds can infest your vehicle.

And this ranges from atmospheric deposits to dirt that attaches to your vehicle from mud and brackish contents from driving.

Commonly, germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms are everywhere.

However, you can scale a preventive measure to protect your vehicle with this knowledge.

The best way to prevent mold from growing on your car exterior is to clean it.

 Do you know why? Mold grows when there’s moisture and a warm environment.

 If you keep your car clean, you’ll prevent mold before it even has the chance to grow.

You can use the following tips below to prevent mold from growing on your car exterior.

Wash your car regularly.

Washing your car more often is the safest way to keep your car from being infected by mold.

Ensure you wash your vehicle in 2-3 days, and you can have a thorough wash once every week.

Don’t cover your car for too long, and use clean, breathable covers.

When you leave your car covered for long, you tend to create an atmospheric condition caused by humidity.

Avoid Dropping specks of dirt on your vehicle.

The whole issue around mold is attached to hygiene, so you would want to avoid dropping specks of dirt.

This hygienic practice would save you the stress of putting your vehicle at the hazard of mold attacks.

More Tips To Preventing Your car From Mold Attack

Avoid Leaving your vehicle Dormant for a long while

When you leave your vehicle for long in the garage or dumped somewhere, it is common that stuff would happen.

And these kinds of stuff include decay, and this is true of vehicles body, mold is sure to do what it does best, disfigure!.


Don’t use infected water when washing your car.

As much as water is a core means in the mold removing process, ensure you use clean water.

Using contaminated water could aid further growth of mold to worsen the situation of your vehicle’s body.

Disinfect Regularly

It would be best not to forget to disinfect your car’s exterior.

You would be a hero if you could do these in the frequency proportional to the number of times you wah yourself, every day!

But it is ok if you can’t keep up with that pace, but ensure you regularly disinfect your vehicle.

Can I Damage My Vehicle While Removing Mold?

You can damage your vehicle’s body when using sharp or harsh objects to scratch or peel the mold off.

As much as the mold can look very stubborn, you need to mildly and gently apply force and use tender means.

Because to keep your vehicle body safe, you’ll need to possess the skill of removing mold without damaging the paint or scuffing up your car too much.

Which Soap Is the Best Soap For Removing Mold From Vehicle?

While you can use soap to get rid of mold, it is popularly accepted to use vinegar for washing.

Vinegar is quite strong, and it is best applied if left to soak into the surface you are washing.

 It can penetrate and fight the effect of the mold disfigure.

What Steps Can I follow To Remove Mold From Car Exterior?

  • Remove any trash or other items from the inside of the car. Wet clothing can cause mold to spread rapidly.
  • Water damage or infection is another source of car mold so ensure the water is clean.
  • Before you clean the car, allow the car’s surface to dry.
  • Use a dry vacuum to thoroughly clean the car’s upholstery (this is optional since our focus is on the exterior).
  • Select the mold cleaner you want to use: Many drivers in the Green Valley area opt for white vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle.
  • You can also mix this solution with baking soda: This odour remover is particularly effective against black mold.
  • One part water and one part colour-safe bleach can also work: Before using this throughout the car’s body, ensure to test it in a more hidden area.
  • Doing this will let you know if it will end up causing discolouration of the surface you are applying it to.
  • Keep the doors close while you spray down the exterior of the vehicle.
  • You can use these cleaners anywhere on the vehicle’s body. They do not have to be used on the mold only.
  • The upholstery attachment on a wet-dry vacuum can help eliminate the difficulty of removing mold.
  • After you have finished cleaning, get a clean, dry cloth to mop off the water from the surface of your car.


Now we have gotten to a conclusive point in this article, and so far, we have discussed some helpful tips.

Moreso, we have answered beyond the simple question of removing molds from your vehicle to other valuable information.

I can only expect that you have learnt enough to get rid of molds or even prevent them from growing on your vehicle.

Do well to drop a comment and share with people to whom you feel this information would be helpful.


Can I Use Salt To Get Rid Of Mold On My Car?

Yes! A popular alternative to using vinegar to clean car parts is to use saltwater.

 This method is less damaging than vinegar, and you can easily prepare it by mixing non-iodized salt in water and pouring the mixture into a spray bottle.

Can Car Wax Prevent The Growth Of Mold On My Car?

Yes, car wax will prevent mold on your car.

 Of course, it depends on the quality of the wax.

 I recommend getting your hands on a good quality car wax known for its anti-mold properties.

Regular washing and waxing of your automobile will ensure that the external portion of your vehicle stays mold-free for a long time to come.

Should I Remove The Mold Before Washing Or After Washing?

The time of day you wash your car may determine if you should remove the mold before or after.

 For instance, if you live in Seattle and it is raining, wash your car before attempting to clean off the mold that formed on it.

 Wash your car after removing the mold from it to remove any remaining traces of the fungus.


How Expensive Is It To Remove Mold From My Vehicle’s Body?

While it may feel like mold and mildew are indestructible, you can remove the fungus from your car relatively easily and economically.

Mold is relatively cheap to remove. Removing mold from a single car will cost $200-$400.

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