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Is a Honda CRV a Compact Car?


When people think of Honda CR-V, they usually consider its performance compared to other cars, which is correct. However, other people consider its size a key factor not to overlook.

Under the compact SUV class, Honda CR-V has been the most popular model since 1997. This car option has been the favorite for small families and empty-nesters. If you think of easy access, decent fuel economy, more reliability, and maneuverability, Honda CR-V should be your option. 

This article discusses every detail concerning Honda CR-V, from its interior design to its tech, storage, and fuel economy, not leaving behind its models.

How Is the Honda CR-v Interior?

Regarding interior design, Honda CR-V is among the best and most recommended cars ever. It provides you with a rear door opening and a wide front, which gives you a reasonable space on your way in. It does not leave you behind as the driver; the steering wheel and the seat adjustability create more comfort.


Generally, CR-V interior design is much larger than other compactable cars. The whole grown people can fit well in these small-size cars easily, unlike other compatible cars you will find.

However, Honda CR-V comes with some drawbacks. Using the car’s physical controls can be hectic. It’s too difficult to identify and press the small size on-screen buttons.

In most cases, the flanking fuel gauges and digital temperature on the speedometer get washed out in the sunlight.

How’s the Tech?

Android Auto and Apple Car-Play compatibility are standard in almost all car types, but Bluetooth connectivity, LX trim, and streaming audio is what you will find equipped in the

Honda CR-V. However, high trims come fitted with extra USB ports, with two in the rare. Also, its navigation screen system is very clear, but most of each touchscreen performs poorly. The workings of the audio (voice) control system aren’t great also.

Under Honda CR-V, you will get additional safety equipment. These car models provide you with a lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning adaptive cruise control with automatic breaks fitted for your safety. However, the car may send unnecessary alerts under heavy traffic, but that should not be the problem.

What About Honda CR-V Storage?

The massive storage space is among the best essential factors you will probably consider. Behind the rear seats is 39.2 cubic feet provided. If what you need to carry can be folded, this capacity can increase to 75.8 cubic feet. Small-sized items can fit with ease.

Under child transportation duty, the Honda CR-V seats have fitted car seat anchors. For the passenger area, the space is ample; this means that fitting seats are more accessible because there is no need to push the front seats.

The outboard seats come with a tether anchor fitted on the seatback. However, the middle seats’ tether anchor on the roof in most cases obstruct rear visibility. The only drawback under this car category is its towing capacity. This towing capacity of CR-Vs is the 1,500-pound maximum.

This towing capacity is small and fits the small trailers. However, most SUVs can tow above 3,500 pounds.

What About CR-V Fuel Economy?

This CR-V is the most efficient in its class compared to other compatible classes. All the CR-V wheel-drives for the combined city/highway driving get 29 mpg. For the front-wheel-drive CR-V models, they get a combined 30 mpg. However, you can also benefit from the sensitive driving style.

Is CR-V of Good Value?

When it comes to CR-V value, you will never get disappointed. Right from its built quality to its performance is among the vital factor you will always need. The built-in quality applies to the higher trim steering wheels and leather seats.

The coming trims get fitted to a turbocharged engine; then, these CR-V models earn marks under their overall value compared to other compatible cars.

The most important thing is the three-year warranty of up to 36,000-mile coverage. And a five-year power train warranty of up to 60,000-miles. More of which Honda manufacturers provide roadside assistance for a specific duration under the limited warranty.

Which CR-V Type Is the Most Recommended?

While the CR-V is the best option for its base trim, you will find other options also. Among the options under the best value is the middle EX trim.

This option includes more extra features like the android and apple smartphone integration and blind-spot monitoring. Besides, prices do not shoot so high with the increased additional features.

Honda CR-V Models

The 2022 Honda CR-V model is a two-row crossover SUV with a five-passenger seat under five trim levels: EX-L, EX, LX, Special Edition, and Touring. Also, all-wheel drive is an optional feature under trim levels except for the touring, which has standard AWD.

LX1. Four-cylinder engine
2. Variable automatic transmission
3. Folding rear seats
4. Automatic climate control
5. Four-speaker audio system
6. 17-inch alloy wheels
Special Edition  1. 7-inch touchscreen display
2. Android Auto and Apple Car-Play
3. Six-speaker audio system
4. Remote engine start
5. Heated front seats  
  EX  1. Rear cross-traffic alert
2. Blind-spot monitor
3. Sunroof
4. Tinted rear window
5. Cargo cover
6. Rear-seat USB ports
7. Power-adjustable driver’s seat
8. 18-inch wheels  
  EX-L  1. Leather upholstery
2. Auto-dimming rearview mirror
3. Eight-speaker audio system
4. Power-adjustable passenger seat  
 Touring1. LED headlights
2. Wireless phone charger
3. Standard all-wheel drive
4. Nine-speaker audio system
5. Integrated navigation system  

The 2022 Edition of the Honda CR-V EX

This CR-V model has almost the same features as the EX model. However, a few additional upgrades; include an increased number of USB ports, HD radio, a power moonroof, 18-inch alloy wheels, and LED fog lights. Also, features like the rear cross-traffic alert and the blind-spot monitoring play a crucial role in this car brand type.


Honda CR-V options come compatible with very encouraging features compared to other compatible cars. Besides, this car model is the best fit for a small-sized family. It also provides ample space and is very comfortable from the inside.

Honda CR-V is more economical when it comes to fuel consumption. The interior design is also everything you will dream. However, manufacturers play a crucial role in CR-V Tech, observed from the electronic features fitted.

Also, the welcoming factor is the CR-V car models, which come with different features while offering a conducive environment when driving. If you select the model, then observe the specific features each possesses.

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