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Is Manual Transmission Dying? What’s The Reason?


When the global fuel usage decreased due to the pandemic, people focused on buying electric cars. Most electric cars are automatic, and there’s absolutely no chance people are going to prefer manual transmission after buying one. That’s a semaphore telling about the future of manual cars. So, is manual transmission dying?

If you consider the fact that the purchase of manual cars declined to 1.4% by 2020 from 3.4% in 2010, it’s obvious that people are moving towards automatic transmission from manual. The technological advancement in the automobile industry is one of the threats to manual cars. However, you can still see numerous cars on the roads equipped with a manual gearing system.

Therefore, it’s too early to decide whether the manual transmission is dying.

Future of Manual Cars

If you love to drive manual and own a car with a stick-shift gearing system, there’s good news for you. By 2030, some states are going to ban the sale of petrol and diesel-consuming cars.

Man Hand On Manual Gear Shift Knob While Driving

So if you already have one, there’s no need to worry. Moreover, manual cars and trucks are not going to vanish quickly, but automatic electric cars are surely going to dominate the roads.

You can call it a trade-off as manual cars work mechanically and thus need fuel. As a result, the fuel gives carbon residue, which is harmful to the environment.

No doubt, automobile manufacturers are working hard to minimize the consumption of fuel. But the organic surrounding will remain vulnerable even if there’s a 1% carbon emission from the manual cars.

Therefore, the step to economize electric cars has been taken. You might have already seen the electric car charging stations being deployed in your area.

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Should You Buy an Automatic Car?

Not necessarily. As you already know that the ban will be imposed only on the manual car sellers. That means if you drive a manual transmission vehicle, keep driving it. No one will stop and interrogate you.


Having a manual car by 2030 might be unique because the ratio of electric cars will be much higher than you can expect.

Besides, one of the techniques the government might enforce is raising the petrol and diesel price. That way, people who can’t afford fuel for their cars, in the long run, may decide to sell their manual vehicles and purchase an automatic car.

Similarly, when the price of petrol and diesel increases, some people might stop driving their manual cars and will begin to commute by public transport.

In both scenarios, fuel consumption will be reduced, and thus, the government will achieve its target of reducing the carbon emission from automobiles.

Are Brands Still Making Manual Cars?

Of course, a number of brands are still manufacturing manual cars. But it’s quite difficult to buy one. You might also see multiple options in the manual car category because manufacturers find it cheaper than automatic cars.

The reason is that the mechanical auto parts are easier to assemble, and their maintenance is also less expensive when compared with electronic circuit boards and microchips. Moreover, the maintenance of electric cars is quite expensive because if an issue occurs in the board, you might have to replace the entire board, which can cost around $1,000 – $3,000.

Besides, manual cars are still successful because the newer models offer six gears with swift clutch control. On the other hand, automatic transmission is least preferred by veteran drivers.

Manual transmissions were also quicker and came with superior quality, unlike automatic transmissions.

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If you are driving on a hilly road, it’s better to manually change gear to keep the engine’s performance intact. In addition to that, the manual gearing system is better for hauling, towing, and enhanced acceleration.

But in the 21st century, the automatic transmission has become the trendsetter. Just like the majority of the other industries are adapting to a smart ecosystem, the vehicle manufacturers had no other option than to start building automatic electric cars.

Is Automatic Transmission Better Than Manual?

The answer varied after the year 2000, when the manual transmission lost its dominance. No doubt, manual cars were highly reliable, comfortable, and affordable. One could easily fill their car’s tank without any worry.

Automatic gear stick inside modern car 2

But just after the automatic cars were normalized, people found it more convenient to drive them.

There’s no need for a clutch anymore. Moreover, you don’t have to shift gears while speeding up or slowing down your car frequently.

After that, the automatic transmission gradually replaced the stick-shift gearing system. The car manufacturers have now installed 6-8 gearing options in an automatic car.

These gears vary from terrain to terrain with powerful acceleration and other speed options.

In addition to that, you don’t need to depress the clutch while pulling the brake. That’s the biggest convenience automatic transmission provides.

Plus, the automatic transmission is safer than the manual. How?

The manual transmission works mechanically. The whole process takes place in the gearbox, where different mechanical linkages transfer the power from engine to wheel.

Since the mechanical process is comparatively cheaper and more likely to collapse, there’s a greater chance of manual transmission getting stalled in the middle of the traffic. That can lead to accidents as well.

In automatic transmission vehicles, the manufacturers install almost every kind of safety feature to ensure the safety of the driver and its passengers.

Even if the automatic transmission fails, the car won’t stop suddenly but will give you enough time to safely park your car on the side of the road.

So, it’s better if you are planning to buy an automatic car as it’s one of the best long-term investments.

Final Thoughts

From the sales point of view, it’s clear that the manual transmission is near its end. That doesn’t mean that some authority will cease your manual car. It simply means that it will be very difficult to buy a manual car in the near future.

Therefore, if you have a manual car, keep it. But start saving from today to buy an automatic car as it’s the best economical option for your commute in the future.

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