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Key Turns but Won’t Unlock Car Door: Causes and Solutions


It is a very uncomfortable experience when you are in a state where your key turns but won’t unlock car door.

And the reason is answered in the next paragraph below.

The most common reason a key will turn but not open the door is lack of lubrication. This problem can be prolonged inactivity or getting into the car after being outside in the rain.

Wait! Don’t rush it; There’s more than what you read in those 36 words. However, you may well read to get a full answer to your question.

What are the reasons why my car key is stiff?

 Lack of Lubrication However, now that the door won’t close, the most common reason for a key flip is a loss of lubricant. Prolonged use or maybe driving the car outside in the rain can be why.


Frozen Car Lock

Frozen Carlock is common among people who reside in regions where the temperature drops below freezing.

In this case, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to unlock your car!

When the temperature in your area drops below freezing, water molecules in the air condense.

In addition to condensation, it sticks to the keyhole of the door lock, making it impossible to turn the key.

 You can wait for your car to warm up! If this is your case. The ice melts, and you can easily open the door.

If you want to unlock the car properly, use antifreeze spray to defrost the door lock and make it work again.

In addition to freezing weather areas, normal temperatures without blood can also cause the lock to malfunction.

 Metal shrinks at temperatures that do not bleed, creating a smudge loss problem.

Other reasons why your car door won’t unlock

Worn out car locks

 Car locks, in general, tend to wear out over time.

This situation means that you can no longer open the door even if you use a real key.

 A worn lock would make turning the key increasingly difficult over time.

If the key does not turn the lock or requires many attempts, the lock needs to be replaced.

Solve the problem by replacing the entire lock. Until the lock fails, I advise you to follow this method.

 If you see signs that a car door lock is worn out, take it to a locksmith immediately and have it replaced.

If your lock is not properly lubricated, it will turn easily and avoid struggling when turning.

Defective key

 If you use a key other than the original key, it may be damaged. Turning the lock is more difficult with a damaged key and can even jam.

Using the original car key is the best way to avoid this problem.For example, If you lost or damaged your key, you will need a new one.

You can get a replacement key from a car dealer or locksmith. A new key destroyed by rust can render a lock unusable.

In Fact, The lock might not open due to minor damage to the keys. So be careful with your car key and try not to damage it.

 How can I prevent my car key from rusting?

 While cleaning your car, disinfect the parts you touch most, like the steering wheel and door handles.

They are a breeding ground for germs, so keep them clean and good condition.

However, please learn how to clean car keys. It’s time you and your car keys had a conversation.

Can germs infect car keys?

 If you’re thinking of skipping cleaning your car keys and leaving this page, think again.

 According to this Time article, they’ll be the finalists in the five most germ-rich topics we usually discuss.

 And if you don’t forget, it makes a lot of sense.

However, take on the billions of objects and surfaces you touch before you get in the car and turn the key every time. Various super-spreaders of germs).

Pretty scary, right? Now that we’re on the same page, it’s time to make cleaning your car keys a non-negotiable step in your car wash routine.

 Which car keys are the most popular?

 Good to know that car keys are categorized by popularity, generation and design.

However, to quickly highlight, we have three popular car keys:

  •  Basic Car Keys
  •  Transponder Car Keys
  •  Smart Keys

Let’s spend some time delving into the details of the above keys.

Basic Car Keys

 Basic Car Keys older vehicles contain the same old steel key.

The machine of such a mystery is reduced to precision.

It is used by automatic doors to initiate power up and lock/unlock functions. Sometimes also fits in the keyhole in the trunk.

Although very simple, it still has some features and the ultimate possibility to program a key fob for remote locking and an alarm device, among other things.

 Transponder Car Keys

This term results from the combination of “transmitter” and “answerer”.

 This key can also look new. This is why it has been around since the mid-1990s.

 Transponders also contain a microchip that restricts you to a specific car with the ideal sensor. This increases vehicle safety.


Smart Keys

The new generation allows the introduction of current keys, also “intelligent”.

 They have superior programming that we, the car owner, remotely unlock the car door.

The car can also be started without turning on the ignition with the keys.

 Also, protect you from theft as they typically use rolling code transponders. You want your keys to work in your car.

 If you ruin or lose them, you must find a way to replace them.

 Plus, they are inexpensive and can be duplicated if you have modern keys. You have to speak to a locksmith, and you’ll have your new set of keys.

 Well, what could happen if I mess up the car key?

 Specifications are that the change is quite easy.

 You can take it to an auto locksmith to replace the broken key.

Yet, sometimes the cap is constant instead of exchanging the real key for a new one.

 As with the other two, you can contact a locksmith in your area and have your Transponder replaced. Meanwhile, smart keys are perhaps the most complicated type.

 So it isn’t easy to update miles regularly now it’s not expensive anymore.

 Are there other car keys besides the standard car keys?

Programmable remote keysProgrammable remotes (or self-programmable as they’re greater regularly called) aren’t certainly keys. Instead, they’re buttons that you use to fasten your car, release your car, sound the alarm and open the trunk.

Using unique equipment, a locksmith or provider can apply this remote to your car and update or replicate them if necessary.
Laser-cut Transponder KeysThink of laser-reduce transponder keys like transponder keys with a piece more security. These are laser-reduced to specific specs and require a vast understanding of rekeying and locksmithing.

A locksmith who focuses on car rekeying can frequently make laser-reduce keys for loads much less than you’d pay at the dealership.
Proximity Fobs KeysOne of the more recent vehicles gets entry to options, proximity keys or FOBS that appear to be remotes (and can have buttons on them). However, they could begin theautomobile or unencumber the doorways whilst you’re close to the vehicle.

You may also want to assist in changing any such if the battery dies, or you could need to improve a primary key to a proximity FOB.    

 What’s the best lubricant for a rusty car key?

 Your door lock or hinge fabric will determine which lubricants or cleaning products should be used to preserve them.

 White Lithium Grease:

 This is a thicker grease that repels water that can cause rust and corrosion.

However, it sticks to the places you put it and withstands the harshest conditions, including rain and snow.

It is designed for painting metal parts, including hinges and latches on the back of a door where it secures the body, hood and rear deck lid.

WDforty Lubricant:

 Devices in the family use it on many of their vehicle parts.

 It is safe to use nylon, plastic and other materials with it. Use it for light lubrication.

Graphite Lubricant:

 This lubricant is the choice for locks as it does not attract dirt that can damage the locking mechanism.

 What should I do if my car key breaks open in the car lock?

 Breaking the car key into the car lock is an unpleasant experience.

 Also, it would make a bit of noise and mean you’d have to spend a few bucks more on repairs.

Don’t worry about that, though. If you experience this, there are several things you can do to deal with the situation.

 Interestingly, you can try any options listed below to fix broken car key-related issues.

broken car key

 Duplicate your car key.

 Let’s say you broke the key in the driver’s door.

It would be better if I had a spare key.

It has an extra lock on the passenger door, and you could get into your car there if you have a spare key.

 Congratulations! You can go to the pits and take care of door issues while available.

However, owning the best car key can put you in a difficult position.

Especially in the hot summer in some places, no one wants to be stuck with a damaged key!

Moreso, It may also be important to obtain a truncated car key from a mobile auto locksmith or key duplication company immediately after you regain ownership of a car.

You must carry this duplicate key with you or leave it somewhere you have access, including your hallway at home or your desk at work.

 Find a Locksmith.

 If all of the above fails, you can consider the service of an Emergency Vehicle’s mobile locksmith to remove the damaged key fragment.

Most of the time, this method is much cheaper than it would be.

But trying too hard to scratch the damaged key will likely damage the ignition or the car door lock. It’s always going to be expensive.

However, locksmiths have a unique team that removes broken keys without harming those around them, and they are specialists in locksmith services.


How much does it cost to replace a car key?

 If you hire a locksmith to help you replace your car key, they will likely charge you $60 to $90.

Moreover, some locksmith deals may charge more. However, the same tariff depends on the type of carrier needed.

 Can another car key open my car?

 And if you have a vehicle manufactured before 1995, you may be vulnerable to someone having a duplicate key in your vehicle.

 Moreover, it is difficult to trust and relatively unlikely to ever manifest itself to you; however, there is a possibility that someone could gain access to your vehicle.

 However, manufacturers are producing new vehicles with new generation anti-theft transponder chips.

Those little chips in the keys mean that the ignition cannot be started with a special key, even if it has a remote control to open the doors.

What kind of Batteries do Car Keys Use?

Car keys in recent times usually include remotes or remotes that run on batteries.

 However, there are simplest approximately ten distinct batteries that cowl maximum automobile keys.

Here are the five maximum not unusual place automobile key batteries:

When does a battery Car Key Battery Need to be replaced?

 Modern motors are complete with electronics, and a key fob isn’t any exception.

Inside, it has a digital chip that works as a transmitter; it transmits the sign while you press the button to open the door.

The key fob is powered with the aid of using a touch battery.

The battery may also be final for two or two or 2-three years in a smart key fob and 4-6 years in a normal fob with the important thing.

The purpose of this distinction is that the smart key fob has a receiver and has to talk with the automobile more frequently whilst it is internal or close to the automobile.

A fob key battery isn’t rechargeable in maximum motors and needs to get replaced as soon as it loses its charge.


 Thank you for reading this post to the end.

 I’m sure you’ve learned enough to help you deal with situations related to the topic of this article.

 Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, or other questions in the dialogue below. Greetings!!!

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