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What Is the Power Mode Toyota Highlander?


For more than two decades now, Toyota has continuously graced the world of transport with its SUVs, Hybrids, and other car models. The most sought of these model is the Toyota Highlander or Toyota Kluger, as known in some parts of the world.

Toyota Highlander comes in several trims with different updates, improved efficiency, and specific amenities for the comfort and safety of the passengers. One of these updates is the Power mode function on your Highlander. If you’ve ever wondered what the power mode is and how it affects your vehicle, this article is for you.

The answer is this! The power mode on your Toyota highlander is used for powerful accelerations or driving in mountainous regions. Typically, it intensifies the influence of the 4WD, mechanism. This causes the entire system and wheels to work to their full potential.

This write-up covers a lot of information you may want to learn about the power mode Toyota Highlander is. So you want to keep reading.

Toyota Highlander

How does power mode affect your Toyota highlander?

As stated above, the power mode on a Toyota highlander amplifies the effect of the 4WD mechanism. It engages the whole system and wheels to work at their maximum. In this mode, power is transferred to the transfer case and redistributed to the front and rear axles, producing torque for each wheel.

When engaged, the power mode accentuates all engine power, acceleration, and grip power when the car is moving on rough terrain. This mode also sets your vehicle in a stance that provides you with a better offroad or hilly experience.

Are all the Toyota highlander trims for 2022 equipped with power mode?

The answer is Yes! All trims of the 2022 Toyota highlander have the power mode. This ensures that driving in rough, hilly, or mountainous regions is done smoothly and efficiently.

Other models of the Toyota highlander family also possess this mode for a better offroad experience.

What are the other driving modes on the Toyota highlander?

1. Snow Mode

In this mode, the car starts working in the second gear. This provides less torque and reduces the chance of your wheels spinning out when you accelerate. Your car can also operate in several shift patterns to ensure better control and traction.

2. Sport mode

Sport mode modifies your shifting, throttle response, transmission, and electronic power steering work. In sport mode, acceleration and shifting happen much faster, handling the vehicle becomes easier, and pressing the gas pedal also becomes easier. This mode gives you a sportier experience. Also, your fuel efficiency is most likely to drop.

3. Normal mode

This is the mode your car operates on unless you dictate otherwise (when you switch onto another mode).

4. Eco-mode

Eco mode ensures fuel efficiency. It slows AC and throttle response and reduces engine power to decrease fuel consumption. It is effective when trying to save fuel because the engine does not work as hard as it should in this mode. This mode is ideal for driving in traffic or on the highway.

5. Ev-mode

This mode is only found in hybrids. It provides the experience of an electric vehicle. When set to the Ev mode, the car stops using the engine and is solely powered by the battery. However, you cannot employ this mode for long distances or high speeds.

When should I engage the power mode of a Toyota Highlander?

Generally, power mode makes the car system more alert, and although this is ideal for driving, it is less efficient when employed in some situations than in others.

Black Toyota Highlander car stands on a roadside

Power mode may be more nuisance than assistance in the middle of traffic or while driving around town. However, the power mode is more efficient when driving on mountainous, hilly, or rocky terrain since an extra effort or boost is required to keep your vehicle steady and moving forward.

Power mode vs. Eco mode of Toyota Highlander: Which is ideal for driving?

Power mode and eco mode are both ideals for driving but in different situations.However, eco mode practically slows down most of the functions and systems in the vehicle to save fuel. Its main purpose is to increase fuel efficiency, so in situations where it is not necessary to drive at full capacities, like in traffic, eco mode is ideal for driving.

On the other hand, power mode increases the system’s ability to respond to commands, increasing alertness. In this case, it will be more suited for driving in terrains where you need to be both prudent and productive, like driving on rough terrain, hilly or mountainous regions.

What is the best mode to use while driving the Toyota highlander?

As earlier discussed, different driving modes are present in the Toyota highlander adapted to different scenarios. These include; normal, sport, snow, eco, Ev, and power modes. Each ensures a different response from the vehicle’s system and is applied differently. Therefore, the best mode will depend on the environment you are driving through.

Reading your car manual will provide you with detailed information on each mode’s characteristics, the changes, and the most appropriate situation to use to ensure a better driving experience.

What are the advantages of driving in power mode?

Some of the advantages of driving on power mode (PWR Mode) include:

  • Faster and more powerful accelerations.
  • Increase torque provided to both the front and rear gear
  • Increase in gripping power of the vehicle
  • Increase in engine power
  • Enables a much simpler drive experience through rough terrains

What are the disadvantages of driving in power mode Toyota Highlander?

The disadvantages of driving in power mode of Toyota Highlander include:

  • Decrease in fuel efficiency. This is because the engine produces more power hence, consuming more fuel.
  • Driving on an alert mode is great, but it can become difficult to handle when your vehicle becomes oversensitive to even the slightest change. As such, the power mode requires more vigilance and control.


The Toyota Highlander is one of the best models from Toyota. It brings forth luxury and comfort while maintaining efficiency and productivity. It has several modes for different driving purposes, making this SUV an even better option.

Typically, the power mode Toyota Highlander enables a comfortable and simple driving experience through different rough terrains. So, if you’re looking for a family-size SUV or hybrid for rough/mountainous terrains, you just found one.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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