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Can You Put a Sunroof in a Car That Doesn’t Have One?


You probably have a car with no sunroof and wonder if you can put one. Is it possible? Can you put a sunroof in a car that doesn’t have one?

The answer to this question is yes. You can mount a sunroof on your car if you do not have one. Let professional and experienced experts do the installation if you don’t know about installing a sunroof. What you need to have are installation tools and a sunroof motor kit.

What Is a Sunroof?

A sunroof is like a window that allows light and air inside your car. Most of the coming new brands of cars have fitted sunroofs. A sunroof can be your best choice during the hot seasons or in hot areas, especially when you need a consistent airflow inside your car.

Although the sunroof looks precisely like a window, there is a difference in that it is transparent and allows you to see the sky, and other elements present in the sky.

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Can You Mount a Sunroof in Your Car?

Yes, it is possible to mount a sunroof in your car. To be able to install a sunroof in your car, you have to review the construction of your car to know if it fits for a sunroof.

Most cars come with pre-set holes together with grooves in which fastening of the sunroof can be possible and perfect. Unfortunately, if there are no grooves and pre-set holes, you can instead drill new ones.

Difference Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof

Yes, there is a difference between a sunroof and a moonroof. Although both occupy the same location, the materials making up the transparent windows are different.

Sunroof window is made from a glass panel, while the moonroof windows come from plastic material or tinted acrylic. They all serve your purpose of observing the outside from inside the car, although they are of different materials.

Are There Benefits in Using the Sunroof?

Yes, the sunroofs allow fresh air to circulate inside and outside your car. Fortunately, experiencing this by yourself is important because you will know the benefits of your car. However, the cost of a sunroof differs from the purpose they serve.

The Drawback of Sunroof Cars

Although during installation, the purpose is to increase the conducive environment while in the car. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only result you get; disadvantages are coming up from the installed sunroof.

They include noise, wind, and leakage in case of rain or during washing. On the roads, other cars produce a lot of noise. When the sunroof is open, you’ll feel the intensity of the noise.

 Unfortunately, the cold wind coming from the window creates an uncomfortable environment within the car. Pebbles and dust particles find their way inside the car when the sunroof is open. 

What Is the Cost of Installing a Sunroof?

The cost of a sunroof varies depending on the make, model, and brand of the auto. The location and the type of sunroof on your vehicle also influence the cost. The estimated average cost is about $124-$340.

However, when you need the sunroof in full, the cost increases. The full sunroof consists of a glass window and a sliding panel which cost around $1300. You should, however, be ready for the negative impact on the value of your car when you modify your sunroof. The risk that may occur due to modification causes the value to depreciate.

What Time Is Taken When Installing a Sunroof?

It takes approximately a day to install a sunroof on a car. It’s because sunroof models are car specific, and it needs skills in installation. However, it would be best to clarify with your installer before choosing the model and the approximated time in installation. Be patient because the installation time may be long in some cases.

There are steps involved in making a proper installation, influencing the time taken. Leaks and other problems can cause accidents when poorly installed.

 I recommend you leave your car with the installer so that they can have efficient time to install to prevent any poor installation drawbacks. The average installation time typically takes an hour when you use a standard installation kit for a sunroof.

Can You Remove a Sunroof From a Car?

Yes, removing the sunroof from a car is possible as long as you know how to do it. Unfortunately, not all sunroofs are removable. You only need the correct procedure while using simple tools to make it happen. However, there is variation in the removal procedure depending on your car type.


Can a Dealer Install a Sunroof?

The answer to this question heavily depends if the dealer offers sunroof installation services. Unfortunately, not all dealers offer the installation services of the sunroof.

 If you have a new car and want to install a sunroof, you should take your car to the specific seller of the sunroof to do the installing services. The number of dealers offering sunroof installation services is very minimal.

Whenever you hear someone can install a sunroof, take investigation and know if they are eligible to handle the task. It’s to ensure no faulty mistakes happen during the installation process.

Does Sunroof Weaken Car?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the material and complexity of your car.  You should, however, know that almost all models of cars now are made from entirely different and durable materials. These long-lasting materials do not influence in any way when sunroofs get installed.


If you need to know whether you can install a sunroof in a car that initially didn’t have one, I’m glad to tell you now that it is possible. Sunroof in-car offers a clear overview of the outside and can also allow light inside your car.

Unfortunately, sand pebbles, wind, and noise can create an unconducive environment inside your car when left open. However, some professionals can carry out the installation process.

 If you need one, clarify with the previously served customers if the individual is fit to install a sunroof on your car. When you experience leaks on your sunroof, fix the problem soon enough to prevent the problem from becoming major.

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