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Can You Replace Automatic Transmission With Manual? Easy Explanation


If you are in love with cars, you probably applied multiple experiments, including several types of modifications. Moreover, being a car enthusiast means you want to make the best of your car in any way possible. But, can you replace automatic transmission with manual while making changes to your car?

It’s possible to replace automatic transmission with the manual. No doubt, it doesn’t make sense to do that because it’s considered to be a backstep instead of moving forward. However, car fanatics love to try new things, and replacing automatic transmission with a manual gearing system is something they can’t resist themselves from.

In this post, we’ll learn what it’s like to replace automatic transmission with manual gear and whether it is really worth it.

Automatic to Manual Transmission

People love driving manual cars because they enjoy the liberty of changing gears and hitting the perfect shift every time they are speeding up. Moreover, manual cars are more powerful than automatic because they transfer the power better from the engine to the wheels.

Automatic Transmission

Therefore, If you feel the automatic transmission is boring, it’s high time to replace it with a manual gearing system.

It’s more like a fun activity as it increases your car’s strength and gives you a better driving experience. You can hit the top speed faster using the manual transmission if you are into car racing.

Can You Convert Every Automatic Car to Manual?

If you wonder if you can transfer any automatic car to a manual, you can do that with the right set of tools, money, and time management. It’s technically possible to convert every automatic car into a manual.

Besides, this replacement of the transmission is popular in tuner cars. What are tuner cars?

Tuner Cars

The word “tune” refers to adjustment, change, or modification. A tuner car refers to an already modified car, especially from the inside, to boost its performance.

You must have seen how the streetcar racers install numerous auto parts in their cars. Some of the famous parts are:

  • Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Forced Induction
  • Carbon Fiber Parts
  • Brakes
  • Tires

One of the biggest game-changers among all these auto parts is the transmission.

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According to racing experts, manual cars perform better than automatics because the driver has full control over their cars. They can change gears on their own with precision which isn’t a prominent feature in the automatic transmission.

Moreover, a manual transmission is the best option for more powerful acceleration.

Tools to Swap Automatic Car to Manual

It’s recommended to select the right set of tools to make the transmission replacement successful. If you compromise on the quality of the parts, you might not get the expected result after the replacement.

Moreover, the selection of the parts depends on the make and model of your car. That means you first have to do your research before making any investment.

One thing you should do is consult an automobile professional and ask them about the process of changing your car’s gearing system from manual to automatic. In addition to that, you have to give them your car’s information. That includes the car’s model, engine’s horsepower, fuel average, brakes, tires, and default suspension.

After that, you will get a general list of parts to replace the automatic transmission with the manual.

The list includes the following parts:

  • Manual Transmission
  • Clutch Pedal With Clutch Plates and Cylinder
  • Shift Boot
  • Screws for Flying Wheel
  • Pilot or Support Bearing
  • Sealing Plates
  • Hydraulic Line (at least 1.50m long)

The above list covers almost every general part and is compatible with almost every model of the car. However, if you are applying these changes to an electric car, you have to look for the appropriate electrical components as well.

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Cost of Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

The cost of the whole process varies greatly. You might have to pay between $1,200 – $3,500 for labor, parts, and other hidden costs. Of course, that’s just an estimate because you never know how costly it is to replace an automatic gearing system with a manual system.

dollar bills in male hand for convert auto to manual transmission

Moreover, the cost depends upon the model of your car. Since dissembling the whole automatic transmission system is not an easy job, it will take around 2-3 days just to fully remove the transmission from a rear-wheel vehicle.

If you have a 4WD, that will take an additional day because a four-wheel drive has a more complex gearing structure than an ordinary car.

Is the Transmission Really Worth It?

It’s only worth it if you are really into applying different tricks and methods to your car to boost its performance. No doubt, it’s a fun activity, and that’s the reason car professionals will not recommend you to go for this swap.

First, it is expensive. Second, it’s not necessary to switch your automatic car to manual. Moreover, it will only enhance the car’s acceleration and performance on fast tracks.

If you are really looking for this option, it’s better to buy a manual transmission car instead of spending money on this one.

However, switching from automatic to a manual transmission is only worth it if you have time, money, and patience.

Once you have decided to go for this replacement, take your car to an automobile professional. It’s their job to safely replace the transmission from automatic to manual. You don’t have to DIY because this job needs expertise.

Besides, not every mechanic will take your car for this purpose. It’s because the process is time-consuming, and not everyone wants to get occupied with one activity for the next 2-3 days.

Therefore, you might have to first book an appointment. If the crew asks you to bring them the auto parts, never go alone to the shop unless you are experienced. It’s better to take a member of the professional car crew and buy the best quality parts for your car.

Final Words

Replacing automatic transmission with a manual makes your car more powerful. However, you have to choose the right set of parts and automobile professionals to carry out this task. Once the replacement is done, you can test drive and feel the change by shifting gears manually of a car that once had an automatic transmission.

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