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How to Unlock Ford Fusion with Keys Locked Inside?


Locking your car keys inside your Ford Fusion is an experience that you don’t want to encounter. When this happens, you might feel like the only option at your disposal is to smash the window glass to retrieve the keys, but this could be risky. Apart from being messy, shattering the glass can pose a danger with broken pieces on the scene, and it is also expensive to fix the car. That is the reason you need to find other ways to recover your keys.

If you accidentally lock your Ford fusion keys inside your car, you can use one of the many options Ford provides to get into a locked vehicle. The options include a keyless entry code, the FordPass app, Ford roadside assistance, etc. If you do not like any of these options, you have to call a professional locksmith for help or do it manually. 

Locking car keys inside the vehicle is inconvenient and a concern. In this blog, you will come across different ways or options to solve this problem.

You will also learn how to use different various tools, how the FordPass App works, and how to program the passcode.

Keep reading to learn more about how to unlock Ford Fusion with keys locked inside using different methods.

How To Use the Lockout Tool

A lockout tool is an ideal way to retrieve your keys from a locked vehicle without causing any harm to it, the same way a ruler or a coat hanger can. Still, if you do not have access to one, you can consider getting a lockout kit from a nearby home improvement store. 

Car Lock out kit
  • Use your fingertips to pull back the black weather stripping on the door glass to create room for the tool  
  • Insert the lockout tool in the door on the passenger’s side. It is less risky because there are fewer cables on that side. 
  • Position the locking mechanism below the locking pin and latch it, pulling it upwards to unlock. At this point, you can open the door with your tool
  • The locking mechanism is almost two inches below the window, meaning you may need a few tries to get it to work. Once you understand this, you can repeat the procedure whenever necessary.
  • The car lockout kit comes with various tools of varying sizes; you may need to try more than one to choose which one works with your vehicle.

Using the FordPass App

The FordPass app is only available for models starting from 2018 onwards. It enables you to unlock your vehicle remotely. You can achieve this in the following ways.

Option 1

  • Log in to the FordPass app
  • Select the vehicle that you intend to access 
  • Hold the unlock button for a few seconds 
  • Wait for the circle to stop rotating, then unlock your vehicle

Option 2

  • Enter a keyless entry code using the wallet-sized card in the user manual
  • By entering the 5-digit entry code, you can unlock the driver’s door

Before you can use the FordPass app to unlock your vehicle, you have to add the car to the app. 

How to Add a Vehicle to FordPass App

You need your vehicle’s VIN to enable you to add it to the app. Follow this process from the home screen. 

  1. Click “Add Vehicle”
  2. Scan or key in the VIN
  3. Choose “Next,” then click “Get Started.”
  4. Click “Save” on the next page
  5. Activate your auto
  6. Start your vehicle and follow the process on the screen to finish the activation

Click here for all the help concerning the FordPass app.  

FordPass App

Using the Keyless Entry Code

Most Ford vehicles have a security code keyless entry, with Some models having it as a manual keypad on the driver’s side door. You can see it vertically on the right of the window. In some models, it is hidden that you have to slide your finger down to notice it in the same area. 

Where To Get the Keyless Code

The owner’s manual has a card with the keyless code. Contact your local Ford dealer if you cannot find this card on your manual. You will be required to prove ownership of the vehicle by providing a valid driving license, VIN document, and insurance certificate or a bill of sale. 

Use Ford Roadside Assistance

Ford roadside assistance is available for automobiles that are still under warranty. You can call for help through the FordPass app. They offer lockout services to help you get back on the road without a hustle. To get assistance, you will need to provide the following vital information. 

  • The vehicle’s VIN 
  • The make, model, and color
  • Your current location

Contact a Locksmith

A mobile locksmith will help you unlock your car if you have enough time to wait for them. They can enter your vehicle, retrieve the original key, make and program a spare one, all in a single visit. 

Please note that you can only get this help if you have proof of ownership and it is not locked inside the car. A locksmith will demand visual evidence before starting the work. 

Once you have retrieved your car keys, you may want to acquire a blank fob and have the locksmith program it for you. While you can purchase from the locksmith, you may still consider getting a key fob online. 


If It Is an Emergency, Call 911

Suppose you mistakenly lock your keys in the car and, by chance, there is also a pet or a child inside; you will need to call for emergency help.

When calling for help, affirm to the operator that you want assistance getting in your car and the keys are inside. 

Giving clear and complete information will assist the operator in knowing the proper assistance and necessary tools to send to you. 

Apart from the above means, you can also unlock your car manually if you lock the keys inside. There are several ways to do that. The following tools can be of help.

  • A shoelace
  • Long rod
  • A strip of plastic
  • A coat hanger or slim Jim
  • Antenna
  • Windshield wiper

Using a Shoelace

Remove one of your shoelaces, or any other string, and tie a slipknot in the middle. You should be able to tighten the knot by pulling the strings’ ends. It is possible to unlock your car with your shoelace within seconds. 

  • Fit the loop in the crack between the closed door and the car frame. 
  • Try to get the loop around the lock by pulling it down slowly
  • Once you get the loop around the lock, tighten the noose by pulling both ends
  • The lock will be pulled up, and the car door will open

Using a Tennis Ball

Many ford fusion users are skeptical about this method, but it works. Make a hole on the tennis ball that can release air. Place it over the car’s keyhole and press hard. The force of the air from the ball will unlock the car door.

Using a Coat Hanger

A coat hanger is an old-school method that will only work if your Ford Fusion has manual and automatic locking systems. It works on the manual. All you need is pliers and a thin wire or coat hanger. 

  • Unravel the hanger with the pliers to get one side hooked and the other straight
  • Slide the coat hanger between the weather stripping and the window
  • When the hanger is below the window, start fishing for the control arm with the hooked side
  • Once you find and hook the arm with the hook, pull it up to open the door

It is noble to mention that this method may be risky for your vehicle as it may scratch the paint slightly. 

How To Unlock with a Bobby Pin

A bobby pin may come in handy if you lock your keys inside your ford fusion in a remote place where you cannot access any of the above unlocking services. It is a time-consuming method that works only on manual car locks. 

  • Bend one of the bobby pins at a 90-degree angle and pull the other one apart, bending one tip slightly
  • Put the bent end of the first pin into the lock. 
  • Insert the second one straight into the lock
  • Hold the first pin still, rotate the second pin around inside the lock, and click open.

Final Thoughts

Locking your car keys inside your ford fusion can be frustrating, especially if you have no idea how to retrieve them. You have to be keen on the method you apply to unlock the door so that it does not cause any danger to you, pets, or kids in the car. 

Now that you know of many options, you will know which one to apply according to the type of your ford fusion so that you do not damage your automobile.

It would be best to consider manual unlocking only when you cannot access any other method. It will also help reset your codes once you get into the car. 

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