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Are Range Rovers Good in Snow?


Nowadays, Range Rover cars are in the category of luxury, performance, and off-road vehicles. They offer a variety of features including air suspension, terrain response, and all-wheel drive.

But the main question is: Are Range Rovers good in snow?

Yes, Range Rovers are all-wheel-drive vehicles that are designed for off-road use as well. They have a high ground clearance and all-wheel drive, which helps them to get around easily in slippery conditions. Range Rovers are also equipped with an electronic traction control system, which helps them to maintain traction on slippery surfaces.

In addition, Range Rovers have a snow mode that can be activated when driving in slippery conditions. This mode alters the car’s settings to improve traction and handling. It alters the throttle response, gearbox mapping, and ABS system to help you stay in control when driving on snow or ice.

Hope you got an idea about the relationship between the Range Rover and snow. Now, let’s see some other useful information about this topic.

What Does Snow Mode Do on Range Rover?

The snow mode feature is almost known to all the drivers who own Range Rovers or SUVs in general.

Snow mode is a system that automatically detects the amount of snow on the road and adjusts the car’s settings to suit these conditions. It is one of Range Rover’s many features that make it a safe and attractive vehicle to drive.

White Range Rover Evoque with a black roof on a winter road-2

Moreover, the system detects the amount of snow on the ground, and if it detects more than two inches, it will activate a mode that improves traction in slippery conditions.

All in all, this feature makes it easier for drivers to drive in snowy conditions.

Range Rover Driving Modes

Before heading to the most important things of this article it is essential to take a look at some different driving modes you can choose while driving your Range Rover on different surfaces.

Land Rover company is continually improving and updating its designs and features over the years, and that is one of the reasons that make them one of the most technologically advanced 4x4s on the market.

Range Rovers have 4×4 a unique system that allows them to drive almost on any surface. Its system name is Terrain Response 2, which let you drive in five different settings:

  • Eco
  • Comfort
  • Grass / Gravel / Snow
  • Mud / Ruts
  • Sand

Range Rover Snow Mode Max Speed

The Range Rover features an automatic transmission with five different driving modes: normal, terrain response, snow mode, all-wheel drive (AWD) and off-road.

In snow mode, the vehicle’s maximum speed it can get is up to 20mph (32km/h) so that means you can drive across deep snow without getting stuck or damaging the vehicle.

However, it is important not to go as fast as possible because on slippery surfaces it is generally accepted that there is a big chance of losing the grip and the control of your car as well.

So, when you have to deal with this kind of situation remember that your safety comes first.

Range Rover Driving Tips for Winter

Apart from driving your Range Rover in snow mode, there are also some other things to consider before going for a trip or a long ride in winter.

Land Rover experts advise these 3 winter driving tips below:

A Land Rover 4x4 on a lane in snowy conditions

Keep Traction

In winter there is a high chance of driving your car in the snow especially if you are in a country which is very cold in winter and usually snows like in Russia and the United Kingdom.

If the roads have much snow then probably your wheels sometimes might start spinning or slipping, try to decelerate your car until you feel that you have control of your wheels again.

Keeping the traction of your car is the main priority.

Safe Breaking

When you have to brake before a corner make sure to steer through the corner not too fast or accelerate because you will probably lose control and the grip of the wheels of your car.

So, be careful when braking before a corner in order to keep your car steady and prevent unwanted situations.

Clear Visibility

Before you start your car, use a de-icer or a windscreen scraper to clear the ice and the snow from all the windows, headlights, mirrors and stoplights.

However, do not use hot water to remove the ice because it may damage or crack the metallic surface of the car. Also, make sure to avoid turning the heater on while in re-circulation mode, because it increases the inside humidity.

Make sure to have a clear vision when you drive in order to avoid hard situations.

Features That Help Winter Driving

The winter period is without a doubt the most challenging time of the year for drivers. The roads become slick with ice and snow, and the temperature drops below freezing.

In order to keep safe during these conditions, it is important to have a car that has the appropriate equipment with features that help you drive in difficult weather conditions.

Range Rover models come with advanced safety features that can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

These features include tire pressure monitoring systems, anti-lock brakes, abs and traction control systems. In addition, these systems can be life-saving in a situation where you may be driving on ice or snow-covered roads.


Summing up, this article was about Range Rover cars and how good they are in the snow. As we mentioned above the manufacturers of these cars have made and always try to make everything possible to offer the best technologies for their cars such as the snow mode and some other features like anti-lock brakes and traction systems. If you need an off-road car for difficult weather conditions then Range Rover is the right choice for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in order to help you find a solution.

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