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Best Spark Plugs for Mustang V6: Which One Is More Reliable?

best spark plugs for mustang v6

The best spark plugs for Mustang V6 are a compulsory element. An effective quality spark plug is required for your mustang v6 motor to turn out flawlessly for better motor execution and further developed mileage.

To make your search easier, we only included the best options. It assists with passing the power to the gas-powered motor chamber from the start framework.

Sadly, later quite a while of utilization, the spark plugs may get terrible. Assuming that you get the manifestations of an awful spark plug, then, at that point, you should transform it to keep your motor wellbeing to its most extreme.

This article will talk about the best spark plugs for ford mustang v6 for stretched-out empowered power and how to pick one easily.

In a Hurry? Why Not Check Our Top 3 Picks?

Best Overall
NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

  • Brand: ‎NGK
  • Origin: Japan
  • Weight: 12.2 ounces
Runner Up
Bosch Automotive 9660 Spark Plug

  • Brand: Bosch Automotive
  • Origin: ‎Germany
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug

  • Brand: ‎Motorcraft
  • Origin: China
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

What Is Spark Plug for Mustang V6?

So gentlemen, what are the Spark Plugs for Mustang V6? The spark plug assumes a significant part in the start of a vehicle by giving the necessary spark.

However, that is not by any means the only capacity: it additionally goes about as a hotness trading specialist by disposing of the additional hotness, accordingly keeping the motor cool.

Another significant job it plays is mileage proficiency and stable execution of the vehicle in general.

Subsequently, the significance of spark plugs in a vehicle can’t be minimized. That is why specialists allude to them as the core of the motor. It is impossible for a cutting-edge motor can turn over without spark plugs.

The whole vehicle is comparable to nothing when the motor doesn’t turn over. Along these lines, any practical person would agree that the motor is the core of a vehicle, while a spark plug is the core of the motor.

Why Do You Need The Best Spark Plug For Your Mustang V6?


The sheer fact that your Mustang V6 has a supercharged engine necessitates using the greatest spark plug available.

A supercharged motor is an air blower that helps the tension of air that is conveyed to the gas-powered motor.

Superchargers use air to help power; in like manner, over-supporting the supercharger will shoot hot air into the motor and harm it!

Thus, you want the best spark plugs for supercharged motors like Mustang V6 to retain, scatter, and decrease the additional hotness.

Buying Guide

Making a definitive buy feels like an issue with bunches of choices. It’s really simple to get perplexed concerning mistaken decisions. 

An ill-advised plug adds further issues to the generally enduring motor. However, certain realities can quickly assist you with staying away from such issues. 

Today’s business sectors are overwhelmed with heaps of spark plugs with various highlights and characteristics.

These differing highlights/characteristics go quite far to decide how reasonable a specific item is for your vehicle. In light of their highlights, a few items are just not adequate!

Indeed, an improper spark plug will add more issues to your motor as opposed to fixing any!

All things considered, how about we continue and investigate a portion of the significant elements that make up the best spark plugs for Mustang V6.

1. Built Material

Albeit diverse spark plugs are made of various materials, only 3 materials are generally suggested for your Mustang V6. They incorporate iridium, platinum, and nickel-copper.

It would help if you considered purchasing is made of any of these materials. What’s more to discover, you either need to go through the manual or visit the brand site.

2. Accurate Compatibility

The similarity is one more key component to consider. Look at on the off chance that the spark plug squeezes into the port.

Certainly, a few plugs fit preferable in some motor models over others. So you need to think about your vehicle’s framework and particulars and guarantee the item you need to purchase is great for it.

As usual, you need to go through your manual to know your vehicle’s particulars and what plugs you are needed to purchase.

3. Electrode Attributes

Spark plugs are by and large made of a protected focus cathode associated with the start loop by a vigorously protected wire.

The job of this middle terminal regarding your vehicle’s start can’t be overemphasized. In this manner, you need to carefully check the cathode subtleties and assess the advantages before deciding on what item to purchase.

4. Framework Response

Getting another spark plug may cause an underlying reaction issue. It’s sort of normal, so you shouldn’t stress over it. In any case, a few items are more inclined to such issues that may even wait for such a long time.

That is why you ought to look at the reaction pace of the spark plug to learn how it compares to your vehicle’s framework.

You can accomplish this by visiting a seller who might give you some example plugs to test drive with.

5. Heat Dissipation

Spark plugs discharge sparking energy which can build the interior temperature of the motor. 

Assuming the temperature continues to ascend with next to no type of hotness move, it could bring about certain harms. Except if the spark plug can scatter heat effectively! 

Subsequently, you ought to consistently discover how successful the spark plug is as far as hotness scattering before making any buy. Continuously focus on the right working temperature range.

6. Legitimate Dealer

The United States, Germany, and other European nations are prestigious for creating and trading excellent spark plugs.

Be that as it may, nations like China are notorious for impersonating the first brands, accordingly flooding the market with unsatisfactory items.

To be on the more secure side, you need to purchase from a believed vendor who imports from respectable nations and sells the best spark plugs for supercharged motors.

To make certain about the dealer, pay special attention to the client audits on their items and administrations.

7. Varieties of Spark Plugs and Their Coatings

Copper spark plugs are found in many vintage cars. While these are functional, their service life is not as lengthy as other options, necessitating more regular replacements. The higher-end options, on the other hand, will be more expensive.

8. OEM vs. Stock

Although stock 2005 Mustang GT spark plugs are readily available, the quality is likely inferior to aftermarket options. The materials used in OEM plugs are of poorer quality. 

Furthermore, the insulators are weaker, resulting in shorter service life. 

The Best Spark Plugs For Mustang V6 Review

1. NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug – Best Overall

Key Specification

  • Type: G Power.
  • Model: TR55GP.
  • Material: Platinum Alloy.
  • 1Order Contains: 8 Pieces.

NGK has been a US-based brand and a world-driving producer of spark plugs beginning around 1936. The commitment of NGK to the car world is generally articulated with the new 3403 G-power Platinum Alloy Spark plug that brags of the many highlights.

Here comes our best overall pick for thespark plugs for Mustang V6review.

NGK 3403 is very flexible as it squeezes into most 1991-2008 motors. Since the item is generally relevant, this will save you from a drawn-out look for the best spark plugs for supercharged motors.

The plug is made of platinum amalgam — a truly tough metal — combined with porcelain ceramics outwardly. Even though pottery is not the hardest material, they are still genuinely strong. Nonetheless, a blend of platinum combination and porcelain earthenware production ensures high solidness.

The spark plug has two terminals that start the sparking system. These terminals have a strong metal center that produces high conductivity.

In this manner, its result will forever save you from a hard beginning. That is why most would agree that NGK 3403 is one of the most amazing spark plugs for supercharged motors.


  • Long-lasting materials can withstand the test of time.
  • It comes as an eight-pack.
  • It’s all set up and ready to go.
  • Extremely adaptable.
  • The whole fittings are precise.


Ceramics are not the most durable materials and are more prone to cracking.

2. Bosch Automotive 9660 Spark Plug – Runner Up

Key Specification

  • Laser: 360 Degree continuous laser.
  • Material: Made with Iridium.
  • Equipments: Porcelain and metal.
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.5 x 1 inches.
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces.

Bosch is a German organization that has been in activity beginning around 1902! In this way, as you would expect, the brand has established plenty of good connections for itself throughout the long term regarding Spark Plug creation.

Presently, assuming you’ve generally believed Bosch items, then, at that point, the 9660 Double Iridium Spark Plug is another model that will fulfill your needs as long as you look for one of the most mind-blowing Spark Plugs for V6 Mustang.

The terminating pin includes a committed twofold iridium metal that actions the standard 0.6mm to ensure high ignitability. Additionally, the 360° consistent laser welding makes a strong base. Subsequently, you can be guaranteed of viable and good help life.

Compared with the standard spark plugs on the lookout, Bosch Double Iridium performs 4 xs longer with 7 years of life length.

The outer shell is made of great materials, including porcelain and metal. Strangely, most of the metal substance is nickel, which has extra cool moved strings to guarantee protection from erosion and seizing.

Despite these stunning characteristics, the main drawback of Bosch 9660 is that throughout the long term, unapproved vendors have been flooding the market with heaps of unacceptable assortments, which is why you need to guarantee you are purchasing from the right source.


  • On ignition- It provides amazing sparks.
  • High-quality.
  • Uniform sparks.
  • Excellent heat transfer.
  • A lower voltage is required.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • There will be no flashovers (thanks to the ribbed insulator design).


  • Gaps appear to be distinct.
  • Imitative by nature.

3. Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug – Safer

Key Specification

  • Service: 100,000-mile service interval
  • Made with: Iridium center electrode
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches

Discussing the best spark plugs for supercharged motors without referencing Motorcraft SP-520 will be a bombshell, particularly when you consider the huge functionalities that the item offers.

Motorcraft is a US-based organization that has practical experience in assembling car parts. Their items are OEM-supported for Ford and Lincoln motors. Matter of reality, Motorcraft organization utilizes the first makers of Ford and Lincoln to deliver its car parts.

This suggests that Motorcraft items are pretty much as certified as the first (industrial facility) portions of your Ford Mustang V6 vehicle since similar individuals deliver them. Luckily, the Motorcraft SP-520 spark plug isn’t an exemption for this creativity.

The Motorcraft SP-520 spark plug is intended to further develop anode wear more than the single platinum plug at any point can. The middle cathode is supported with iridium for upgraded solidness and wears obstruction.

The amount of platinum on this item is 2 or even multiple times higher than the single platinum.

The round and hollow state of the thing lessens the necessary, terminating voltage. Therefore, platinum disintegration and fouling are diminished.

Because of these gigantic elements featured over, the Motorcraft SP-520 spark plug can present to 100,000 miles of productive assistance before requiring any change. This is clearly beyond what you can get from the absolute best spark plugs for Mustang V6.


  • Directly from Ford, this is an original spark plug.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • Durable.
  • Corrosion and wear resistance


  • It doesn’t work adequately in the 3.5 Eco-Boost and similar engines.

4. NGK 3951 V-Power Spark Plug – Budget Friendly

Key Specification

  • Assembled with: Copper
  • Model‎: SPARK PL
  • Weight: 1.41 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.35 x 2.24 x 2.08 inches

NGK 3951 V-Power is another NGK spark plug that will fit well in your supercharged motor. This specific model offers some one-of-a-kind elements that will surely help the result of your motor.

The NGK V-power is the best choice assuming you own a 1998-2004 or 2008-2010 Mustang V6. 

It’s likewise an astounding other option to supplant the old failing to meet expectations spark plugs, or then again to move up to a high-performing choice that will create more sparks, energize quick start, scatter heat, save more fuel, and lessen discharges.

The V-groove is decisively situated at the tip of the middle electrode. This makes it simpler for the spark to light the air and fuel combination at the edge of the cathode. 

Likewise, the V-groove innovation guarantees the general voltage. The creation of sparks needs to be decreased. Therefore, ignitability is significantly improved.

The 98% top-notch copper material gives tremendous conduction and dispersal of temperature. These attempts to decrease overheating protect the motor, and assurance a more drawn-out functional life expectancy.

In particular, the spark plug is planned to forestall ignition gas spills and advance mileage. The plan likewise brings down outflows and opposes carbon development, in this manner guaranteeing dependable execution.


  • A reasonable price for excellent quality.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • Longevity.
  • Heat dissipation is convincing.


  • There are no notable drawbacks.

5. Denso PT16TT 4511 Platinum Spark Plugs – Durable

Key Specification

  • Model: PT16TT
  • 1 Order: 6 Pieces
  • Weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Item Dimensions‎: 3.62 x 5.76 x 0.96 inches

 Broaden the normal result for the motor start framework without possible dangers.

One more eminent brand to advertise is a top-notch brand called Denso. Also, its 4511 model comes prepared to help your ideal sparking needs.

These superior presentation spark plugs give consistent, standard, and palatable results. What’s more, the cost appears to be alright for the single-unit pack.

Included platinum-titanium configuration gives additional yield in contrast with platinum. Platinum covers the focal terminal against the platinum compound-made ground cathode. The ground one likewise incorporates titanium composite mixtures to advance perseverance.

You’re going to introduce quite possibly the most progressed design. Its protected twin-tip includes starting a specific activity on the positive side. 

Its ignitability improves to energize broadened unwavering quality. Incorporated metals can remain against harming components pretty well. 

Your framework doesn’t need to experience scraped area, consumption, or seize—insignificant tip disintegration worries with the consistency in hole distance. Additional efficiency prompts expanded assistance life.


  • Exceptionally consistent output.
  • Alloy protection has been improved.
  • Growth is not restricted as much.
  • Maintaining a consistent distance.


  • Very little background information is provided.

6. E3 Automotive Spark Plug – Top Material Based

Key Specification

  • Type: E3.74, 14mm.
  • Made by: Copper.
  • Gap Size: 0.04 m/m Kelvin.
  • Materials: Alloy Steel is used for construction.

E3.74 is a 14mm, 1.000″ arrive at the plug with a shaped posterior. It fits a wide assortment of late model applications, particularly Ford applications. 

E3 car plugs have three legs tying down the DiamondFIRE cathode to the shell. This considers a magnificent hotness move and assists with making more choppiness in the chamber.

The protected DiamondFIRE side wire is demonstrated to build power, diminish fuel utilization and further develop hydrocarbon outflows in long haul use. 

The exceptional ground cathode and standard size place terminal give ideal execution to a surefire five years or 100,000 miles.


  • Significant potential.
  • Electrode technology.
  • 42 percent hydrocarbon reduction.
  • Superior spark.


  • Bit expensive than other plugs.

7. Autolite APP104-4PK Spark Plug – Double Platinum

Key Specification

  • Model: APP104-4PK.
  • Commodity Weight‎: 1.76 ounces.
  • Dimensions: ‎4.1 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches.

Here comes another masterpiece plug for Mustang V6. Autolite has 100 years of designing experience north and has sold more than 11 billion plugs. 

Planned and designed in the USA, Autolite Double Platinum spark plugs include platinum-to-platinum terminating, which essentially dispenses with hole disintegration, decreases discharge failures, and expands the plug’s solidness. 

Consider moving up to Autolite Iridium XP spark plugs for expanded execution.


  • Improved efficiency.
  • Anti-corrosive and long-lasting.
  • There will be no hard-starting.
  • The fuel economy has improved.


  • Expensive.

8. Motorcraft SP-493 Spark Plug – Easy to Remove

Key Specification

  • Model: SP-493
  • Commodity Weight‎: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: ‎2 x 4 x 5 inches
  • Engineered by: Ford

Do you want to reestablish the first exhibition of your vehicle’s start framework? Then this item is the thing that you want. 

Designed to rigid OE determinations, it makes certain to fit and capacity the equivalent or far and away superior to the part your vehicle was made with. 

When you want to fix your start framework, you can fight the traffic and remain in line at the car parts corporate retailer, just to be informed that what you want is unavailable and must be requested. 

Furthermore, if they have the parts, would you be guaranteed the quality? Do you perceive the name on the crate? Furthermore, how can you say whether you’re getting the best cost?

You will not have those worries with Motorcraft substitution start framework parts. Motorcraft convey just top-name items from notable OE and secondary selling providers. 

Motorcraft convey everything from spark plugs and wires to wholesalers and loops for routine checkups.

Furthermore, Motorcraft offers you parts to overhaul your start framework, assuming you need stock power. 

Of course, from high voltage loops to multi-spark release, it starts the modules that will give complete burning for more power and execution and better fuel mileage.


  • Inexpensive .
  • Portable.
  • Designed to restore the ignition system in your vehicle.
  • Highly reliable spark plug.


  • Less durable.


Q: What Is Iridium spark plugs?

Iridium is a precious metal metallic element with a highly hard silvery-white appearance. It is reportedly six times tougher and eight times stronger than regular platinum, with a melting point over 700 degrees hotter.

Q: Is it true that Iridium spark plugs increase horsepower?

Yeah! Iridium spark plugs enhance ignition, lower emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and, most significantly, increase horsepower.

Q: A Mustang V6 engine has how many spark plugs?

A Mustang V6 engine is built with single-spark technology in mind. As a result, it contains one plug for each of the six cylinders, for a total of six plugs.

Q: When should a Mustang’s spark plugs be replaced?

It depends on the spark plugs you’re using and the vehicle you’re driving. Check the owner’s manual and the plug manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bottom Line

So we are at the end of the best spark plugs for Mustang V6 reviews. We recommend you to purchase our best overall pick NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug.

The Bosch Automotive 9660 is another favorite because its double iridium construction provides optimal protection and the longest service life.

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