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Can AutoZone Register BMW Battery?


If you drive a BMW, you have to take extra care of its maintenance because of the car’s uniqueness. Unfortunately, not every automobile store can help you out when you look for BMW auto parts, especially for the car battery. So, if you are planning to visit AutoZone for this very issue, you must first know can AutoZone register BMW battery?

The technicians at AutoZone can’t register a BMW battery, but they can only change it. It’s because they are not equipped with the right set of tools to complete this technical task. Therefore, you need to know more about the BMW battery replacement process.

What is BMW Battery Registration?

The battery replacement process in BMW requires an additional step, i.e., battery registration.

Now, what does that mean?

The new BMW models need battery registration on the car’s onboard computer system. This process makes the battery work properly and extends its life expectancy.

Lithium-ion battery pack in BMW Electric powered Mini E car

However, there are a lot of automobile quacks out there that will guide you against BMW battery registration.

Apparently, what they claim is true. You can buy a new BMW battery and install it on your own. Then, after replacing that battery, you might not feel anything wrong. That’s great.

But before you least expect it, the battery will be dead. So you have to change the BMW battery again.

Have a look at the new BMW battery.

Therefore, it’s important to register a BMW battery every time you replace it.

Why is it Important to Register a BMW Battery?

You already know that the alternator charges the car battery while running. The same mechanism is followed in BMW as well.

Now, when you drive your BMW, the engine’s revving will force the alternator to juice up the battery. That means the car’s engine is putting in the effort to move the rotor inside the alternator, albeit of a small amount.

Therefore, the alternator is putting strain on the engine, which affects its health.

No doubt the effect is small, and some so-called automobile experts may call it negligible, but we consider it a cost-effective factor if you control the engine-alternator relationship.

That’s one of the functions of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) in the BMW to control the activity of the alternator. That way, it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the engine.

ECU Controls Alternator’s Activity

When you register a new BMW battery, the ECU then programs when the alternator should charge the battery.

After registering the BMW battery, the alternator will not work every time you rev the engine. The engine will only move the alternator’s rotor when the battery really needs a charge.

Thus, when you register the BMW battery to the ECU, you extend the battery and the engine’s life.

Also, this process makes the fuel economy of your BMW better.

Running BMW Without Registering Battery

If you don’t register the battery after replacing it in your BMW, the ECU will not recognize it. How is that detrimental to your car?


Installing the battery without registering it means the alternator will perform for the old battery. Since ECU didn’t get any information on the new battery, it will allow the alternator to keep charging the new battery as if it were the old one.

As a result, the new battery will get an unnecessary charge, eventually affecting the battery’s performance and life expectancy.

Also, the engine will suffer by providing unnecessary force to the alternator’s rotor.

That’s why it’s important to register your BMW battery as soon as you replace it.

No doubt, there’s an additional BMW registration cost, but that’s a smaller amount compared to frequently replacing the batteries in the long run.

Replacing BMW Battery

Since you are a BMW driver or planning to get one, you already know that not every automobile store deals in BMW batteries.

So the first task is to get your BMW a new battery. But from where?

The good news about AutoZone is you can get a BMW battery from their store. Furthermore, they deal in all types of BMW batteries.

But that’s only half part of the job. Once you buy a new BMW battery, you need to install and register it.

Therefore, you can install the battery in your BMW on your own. But for the registration process, it’s recommended to visit an official BMW service center.

They have the right tools and a team of professionals. Moreover, you can rely on them because it’s their job to deal with such BMW maintenance tasks.

Besides, never try to register the BMW battery on your own. It’s because this task involves connecting the ECU with a computer.

After that, only BMW expert technicians can register the new battery.

If you try that on your own, you might cause trouble with the ECU.

Moreover, if the ECU gets disturbed and stops working, you might have to bear $1,000 – $3,000, which is the BMW ECU replacement cost.

No Special Battery for BMW

Since BMW is manufactured in foreign automobile industries, it is a misconception that it might need a special battery.

Undoubtedly, BMW is a luxury car with an array of high-tech features. But that doesn’t make BMW need any special battery.

It doesn’t matter if the whole engineering on a BMW is totally unique. The battery you are going to install in your BMW will be the AGM lead-acid battery.

However, you have to stick to the original battery type that was originally installed in your BMW.

It’s better to go for the AGM or EFB battery for your BMW. But if you are confused, you can get help from BMW experts.


Registering a BMW battery is important to ensure battery and engine longevity. No doubt, you might have to pay an additional $200 for the registration battery, but it will save you from a higher cost in the future.

Therefore, always register the new BMW battery once you replace it. The best solution is to bring your car to the BMW automobile service center and let them equip your car with a new battery.

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