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Can You Car Wash With Roof Rack?


Owning a car means taking responsibility over anything accruing to your car, including hygiene. You need to ensure maximum cleanness by washing your car regularly when taking off for a trip or returning from it. Talking about cars hygiene, can you car wash with roof racks?

The answer to this question depends on your car’s specific features and type of racks. However, if a high water pressure jet is the option to wash your car, the answer is yes. Also the position and design of the roof rack are in a way so as not to interfere with visibility when driving, meaning driving through the car wash is not a problem with roof racks on.

Possible risks when washing your car.

You have many options for scratching brushes to use. Unfortunately, they can cause stretches to your car’s paint. Traces of brush bristles may be left on the painted surface, making your car’s roof rack look like there are stretches. When you use the correct amount of water; you can reduce the risk involved by the bristles.


However, sand particles under the bristles sometimes don’t get dislodged. When you use the same brush to wash your car, stretches get formed on the paint.

You should wash your car under the rain to minimise the stretches, as most sand grains are likely to be washed away. Another recommendation is to take a pre-wash before taking your car through the car wash.

Steps to Follow When Taking Car Wash With Roof Racks

Ensure Your Roof Rack Is Secured.

Like any joined parts, sometimes they become loosely fixed. Ensure your roof rack gets fixed in position. Tightening helps prevent hindrance during the car wash cycle, which would otherwise result in severe damage to your car.

In addition, observe the roof racks and remove anything attached to prevent any flying off, which would result in injuries or damage to your car. However, you can use belts to tighten your luggage on the roof rack.

Ensure Water and Soap Do Not Interfere.

Sometimes water and soap may damage the roof racks, exposing the metal to the environment. Under such incidents, be sure of rusting if the painting doesn’t get done early enough. The scratching of your car’s paint mainly happens when you use a high-pressure hose pipe to remove stack debris around the roof racks.

When using a high-pressure hose pipe, identify and remove any valuable material on the roof because the pressure resulting from the hosepipe can compromise your valuable luggage.

If it is your first time in the car wash, read over everything before commencing the wash. Ensure everybody inside your car is buckled tightly.

Remove roof rack before car wash if possible.

Removing your roof rack will help decide whether the attendant can use a pressure hose pipe or not. Water pressure is no longer an option when the roof racks get removed.


Ensure safety of luggage before car.

After the car wash:

1. Don’t leave the washing bay before drying your car.

2. Carefully remove the remaining water droplets on the surface of the car.

3. In cases where you have two vehicles, ensure they all go for drying at the same time before leaving the bay.

Avoid Automated Washing Brushes.

Hand washing is quietly tiresome; however, both automatic and handwashing brushes positively and negatively impact the car’s surface. Whatever small the effect will look like, it can grow significantly large. However, you use automated washing brushes; they can cause damage to the paintwork

Clarify With the Washing Bay Attendants About the Brushless System.

Brushes can interfere with the paintwork. Before leaving for the wash, ensure the brushes are gentler and do not scratch the painting system.

However, you have to ensure there is no luggage on the racks when going for the wash. There is no need to wash your car with brushes when the roof rack gets removed. You should avoid automated brush systems for safety precautions, especially when they are rotating brushes, as these can heavily interfere with your car’s paintwork.

Select the Appropriate Car Wash Program.

It depends on your pocket size and the weather conditions. During wintertime, use wax, active foam, and a wash. The cost of the washing program varies depending on quality; hence, choose what you can afford.

Place the Car in the Correct Position.

You should ensure the windows are closed during the washing, and windscreen wipers must get deactivated with rain sensors. The central locking system should be on to prevent the opening up of the fuel cap. In case there is a radio antenna, remove it. Also, fold the mirrors where possible.

What to Do After Your Car Wash

Immediately use a microfiber cloth to remove any traces of water on the surface of your car. Identify and take reviews on car parts you cannot access by hand; they include seals of doors, tanks, and hoods. Use glass cleaner to wash windows.


Should You Use a Static or Mobile Car Wash?

There is no difference between the two. The cleaning materials and products which brushes use are the same. This situation implies that the results are always the same when choosing between static and mobile car wash.


As a car owner, you may frequently ask yourself whether it’s possible to car wash with roof racks. The answer to this question depends on the specific features and the type of rack your car has.

However, the answer is yes if high water pressure jet is the option to wash your car. The design of the roof rack is in a way not to cause obstacles in visibility when driving.

However, this implies that it is possible to wash your car with roof racks. Whenever you experience car damage, immediately call the person in charge, write down the issue, and sign for security purposes. Furthermore, take a review of the company’s status and licence in having a car wash. The information is helpful in times of conflict.

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