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Can You Shampoo Heated Car Seats?


Making your car clean boosts the car’s appearance and enhances healthy living. But the interior car cleaning process can be difficult at times. However, cleaning heated car seats is not a challenging task, but can you shampoo heated car seats?

Besides using steam cleaners and warm soapy water, shampooing heated car seats improves the appearance and enhances a fresh smell. Shampooing helps keep the inside of your car clean and enhances a fresh scent. The shampoo also keeps your car seats free from germs.

Do you need to expand your knowledge concerning keeping your car interior clean? Do not worry; this article will help you.

Why Should You Clean Your Car Seats?

Do you like living in an unhealthy environment? Probably not. Using a clean car will accrue more benefits, including a healthy environment. You should know that leaving a car unclean can cause issues you wouldn’t imagine.


However, below are some of the benefits of keeping your heated car seats clean:

It Helps in Avoiding Healthy Issues

Remember, when you get into your car, you enter an enclosed space. Whenever the enclosed space is full of dust, the air quality reduces significantly and negatively affects your health.

When you regularly clean your car interior and shampoo your car seats, dust and germs reduce. This can enhance a healthy car interior and reduce the chances of getting affected. Besides, a healthy car interior works best for allergic people.

Increases a Safe Driving Experience

Every car owner wants the best driving experience. However, having the best experience means taking extra steps to clean your car. If you take food into your car, you may increase dirt. The fall-off food materials can fall behind the car seats increasing spills and crumbs.

The dirt spilled behind the car seats can serve as a home for pests. These pests can cause a threat when driving and even lead to accidents. Anytime you eat in your car, ensure not to leave the interior dirty. Cleaning car seats with shampoo can help keep away pests and hence safety and a healthy driving experience.

Keeps Car Seats Clean From Stains

Your heated car seats can get compromised with any stuff you carry inside your car. Stains reduce the interior beauty and value of your heated car seats. Some stains can be too hectic and may require extra energy to remove.

Regular cleaning of your car seats to remove stains needs the correct cleaning product. Such cleaning products can be shampoo. Using shampoo can help you effortlessly clean the stains.

Maintain Car Seat Value

Whenever you want to sell your car in the near future, you should maintain it in good condition to benefit from reasonable cash. When you maintain your vehicle, both the interior and exterior features can influence a higher resale value when compared to a poorly maintained car.

Cleaning the car interior and exterior using a proper cleaning product helps to enhance quality in appearance. A well-maintained car can appeal to buyers, making it a high buying chance.

Improves Self-Esteem

If you own a car, more chances are that you’ll end up taking a ride with friends or neighbors. How will your self-esteem be driving friends or neighbors in a dirty car? Low, right? It is quite clear that driving in a clean car environment boosts your esteem.

However, if you find it hard to clean, take your car to a nearby car wash. They can clean your car and make it look more appealing.

How Can You Shampoo Heated Car Seats?

Do you own a car with a heated seat but wonder how you’ll do the cleaning process? At times you may want to use a steam cleaner and soapy water. However, using steam cleaners and soapy water should not be the only option. Using shampoos helps maintain the clean and fresh smell of your car seats. But how can you do the cleaning process?

Vacuuming the Car Seats

Vacuuming your car seats before shampooing is essential. You should remove the dirt to prevent wetting and causing it to stick on the car seats. Stuck materials can be too difficult to remove when shampooing. What to do is to ensure you vacuum all the places that may get exposed to the shampoo, including car seats and carpets.


Besides, you can also use pressurized air to remove any grime stuck or any loose dirt. Also, in cases where you do not have pressurized air, you can hand brush the heated car seats or any part that may get exposed to the shampoo.

Spray Enzyme Cleaner

Sometimes you find stick stains on the heated car seats. Most probably, they do not move even after a hard scrubbing. How will you remove such stains? It’s simple, spray enzyme cleaner on the stain and leave for some minutes.

Leaving the enzyme cleaner for some minutes helps break down the stain and makes the removing process more effective with encouraging results.

However, if you need to cover the heated car seats completely, spray enough of the enzyme of upholstery cleaner. This will help make the shampooing process easier and without using more effort. However, enzyme cleaners are not the best fit on leather car seats.

Shampooing and Scrubbing the Heated Car Seats

After leaving the enzyme cleaner for a few minutes, you may want to take the shampooing process.

To shampoo your car seats, make sure to take one process at a time. Finish cleaning one seat before proceeding to the other. You should build leather by spraying enough of the shampoo. After the leather completely covers the heated seat, start the scrubbing process.

The scrubbing process helps to remove any stains and dirt possibly stuck. However, do an up and down scrubbing process to get the best results on fabrics or upholstery car seats. When scrubbing leather car seats, make circular scrubbing motions.

When you do all the scrubbing, take a microfiber towel and use it to scrub the seats. The microfiber towel helps remove stains, absorb dirt, and remove the excess shampoo. Repeat the scrubbing process by using another microfiber towel on leather car seats.

Repeat the procedure step by step until you finish all the seats. Whenever you find stains, spray again with an enzyme cleaner and let it stay like in the first process. Perform the cleaning process again until you finish all the stains.

Which Are the Best and Tested Car Cleaners?

Whenever you want to clean your car, you’ll probably want the best cleaning product with the best cleaning results. Here are some of the tested products you’ll probably need in your cleaning journey:

Car Guys Super Cleaner

If you need to remove dirt and stains easily, car guys supper cleaner can be your option. Like the shampoo, car guys’ super cleaner can also clean the dirt and remove any stains on the leather, upholstery, plastic, or fabrics. This cleaning product can also get used on the car’s delicate parts like the panel screens.

Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer

Have you ever been on a heated car seat and experienced a slight attraction when leaving? That is static energy. It happens on the heated car seat and to some parts of your car. However, this Chemical Guys InnerClean interior quick detailer cleaning product has anti-static technological development. It best serves anyone hating the attraction feeling caused by the car seats.

In addition, the anti-static energy repels dust and other dirt. The energy helps prevent the accumulation of any dirt particles inside the car. Besides, the cleaner also protects cars against UV ray damage.

Benefits and Challenges of Car Cleaners

Improves fresh smell  Leave scratch marks
Kills germs  Uses a lot of water
Keeps away pets  Ingredients are poisonous
Improves car appearance   


Cleaning your car’s interior can help create a healthy and enclosed environment. However, it is possible to clean your heated car seats using shampoo. The shampoo helps remove some stains and improve the interior’s smell. When shampooing, start by removing any dirt and dust through vacuuming, then use an enzyme cleaner to remove the stain before doing the actual shampooing and scrubbing.

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