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Do 4Runners Have Heated Steering Wheel?


The Toyota 4Runner is a small, then mid-size SUV made by Toyota since 1984. Robert Nathan, a Saatchi & Saatchi copywriter, devised the term “4Runner.” Do 4runners have heated steering wheel?  Multiple experts helped us determine the 4Runner’s reliability.

The Toyota 4Runner 2022 does not contain a heated steering wheel as standard equipment. However, a considerable variety of other onboard conveniences are also included in its standard package.

You may also question whether the Toyota 4Runner offers heated or leather seats. Go through this blog and learn everything you need about Toyota 4runner.

Toyota 4Runner SUV

What is a Heated Steering Wheel?

If you want to keep your hands warm while driving, a heated steering wheel is exactly what you need. You may also change the temperature of heated steering wheels up and down according to your preference.

Can you add a heated steering wheel?

As an option, many new cars include heated steering wheels and may also be purchased and fitted as an aftermarket accessory. When it comes to winter driving, many individuals consider a heated steering wheel cover.

Cold fingers can be solved using any of these treatments, although some are more expensive than others.

Toyota 4Runner’s On-board Attributes

Despite the absence of a heated steering wheel, drivers of the Toyota 4Runner have access to a wide variety of options that improve the quality of their time spent behind the wheel.

All versions of the Toyota 4Runner come standard with a cutting-edge keyless entry and ignition system that include a start button.

Also included is a backup camera with the predicted route. The steering wheel is inclined and telescopic, and it is leather-wrapped. Selecting a lower or higher trim level changes the material of the seats from SofTex leather to leather or fabric.

Are the Seats in the 4Runners Heated?

Just sit in an unlocked car during the winter, and you’ll know how chilly it feels before you even turn on the engine. For the ordinary individual, it takes a while for their bodies and heaters to warm up those chairs and feel at ease.

4Runners Front Seats

Somewhere along the line, automakers began offering heated seats, quickly warming the occupant’s body temperature.

Fortunately, several of the 2022 Toyota 4Runner’s grade levels include heated seats. Even though the basic model SR5 lacks this feature, you can find it in more expensive trims like the TRD Off-Road and the Trail Special Edition.

It is standard on the TRD-PRO, TRD Off-Road Premium, and SR5 Premium. They have 8-way power lumbar support for the drivers and 4-way power for the passengers in these models.

Seats in the 2022 Toyota 4Runner series are not only heated but also ventilated. In this post, we’ll go through these issues in further detail.

Could Heated Seats be Added to Toyota?

When purchasing a car, you may be able to customize it with additional features that were not included in the original purchase.

Despite the lack of some electrical capabilities, there are still plenty of creature comforts that you can either install yourself or have your dealer do so after the fact. It’s a good thing that heated seats are available.

According to several Toyota owner’s forums, this can be done by yourself. This will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100.

While this does not require much manual effort, you should only undertake it if you are familiar with electrical systems. Your dealership or a mechanic should handle this section if you don’t have the proper training.

Professional installation of a heated seat package might cost upwards of $300 per seat, depending on where you go. If you live in a region where the winters are cold, you may find that the money spent on heating is well worth it.

Do You Need a Heated Steering Wheel?

For those who reside in an area of the nation where the winters are particularly harsh, having a heated steering wheel is a pleasant perk, and once you’ve driven a car with one, you’ll never want to be without one again.

Few of us would consider purchasing a new automobile without features like air conditioning, power windows, and antilock brakes (ABS). As air conditioning is, heated steering wheels won’t be as standard on new cars.

Still, it will undoubtedly become more prevalent, and all premium vehicles will likely have them shortly.

Is There a Way to Check If The Steering Wheel in My Automobile is Heated?

You will use your left hand to press a button on the rear left side of the steering wheel (out of sight). If you look carefully around the left side of the wheel, you should be able to spot it.

Heated SUV steering Wheel Covers Types

SUV heated steering wheel coverings include:

Cloth Heated Steering Wheel Covers:

Some like a heated fabric steering wheel cover. It’s gentle and not frigid before you switch on your unit. The 14.5-15-inch SEG Direct Heated Steering Wheel Cover is constructed of cotton. 

This steering wheel cover has a 12-volt rapid heating coiled cord plugged into the lighter. The black velour cover is comfortable to hold. It won’t skid when driving.

Leather Heated Steering Wheel Cover:

Leather may be more comfortable for some drivers. The Kimpex 95091 Heated Steering Wheel Cover is a leather, heated steering wheel cover that’s both trendy and stylish. 

Designed with a 12-volt plug, this cover is made of black leather. Heating ranges from 30 to 60 degrees. It’s made to fit a 14.5-inch rim.

Another heated leather alternative is the Zone Tech Car Steering Wheel

It serves two purposes: protecting and warming your car’s leather steering wheel. Made of high-quality leather and embellished with sparkling crystals, it’s stylish and sturdy.

Bottom Line

Even though the Toyota 4Runner does not come with a heated steering wheel, heated steering wheel coverings are readily available in the aftermarket for a very cheap cost.

For those frigid days, the 4Runner’s heated seats are ideal, while the Limited’s ventilated seats will keep you comfortable driving in the hotter months of the year.

You or a reputable licensed specialist can add these amenities to your 4Runner if it doesn’t come equipped with them. 

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