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How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash a Semi Truck?

cost to pressure wash a semi truck

Are you looking to save on semi-truck maintenance costs? If so, you should consider pressure washing your semi-truck regularly. Or maybe you’re looking to start a mobile fleet washing business and wondering how much you should charge customers. No matter your reason, let’s look at costs associated with washing heavy equipment.

So, how much does it cost to pressure wash a semi-truck? Pressure washing a semi-truck will cost you $35 to $75. However, the cost can rise to over $100 depending on the service you require.

In this article, you will discover the reasons for the cost variations and if pressure washing your semi-truck is the ideal solution for you. You will also learn about the different services available to clean your semi-truck.

What Does a Pressure Wash Entail?

A pressure wash involves using a powerful water jet to clean surfaces rapidly. The machine comprises a water pump and nozzle that you aim to the surface you intend to clean.

Additionally, the amount of water pressure you use depends on the surface type. For example, semi-trucks pressure washing requires water jets of around 2320 Psi.

You should ensure that you pressure wash your semi-truck with the appropriate nozzle. You can identify nozzles by color, as you shall see below.

Black Nozzle

These offer the lowest pressure, and your provider will use them to apply soap to your semi-truck.

Red Nozzle

Red nozzles concentrate the water jet to a point and are the most powerful.

Given their zero-degree angle, they are not suitable for semi-truck pressure washing as they can damage the paint or cause indentations to the surface.

Yellow Nozzle

These nozzles offer a 15-degree water jet ideal for removing caked mud from your semi-truck undercarriage and mud flaps.

Green Nozzle

Green nozzles offer a 25-degree water jet, which is ideal for general cleaning of the exterior of your truck.

However, most pressure wash service providers rarely use it on semi-trucks due to the limited spray angle.

White Nozzle

White nozzles are the best for semi-truck pressure washing because they offer a wide enough water jet that makes soap rinsing faster and easier.

The water pressure is gentle on your semi-trucks body, ensuring that your paint job stays intact.

The above guide should help you select the ideal pressure wash service for your truck. You ensure that you are getting value for money and avoiding costly repairs afterward.

Why Are There Cost Variations To Pressure Washing Your Semi-Truck? (4 Considerations)


Pressure washing costs for trucks can vary from a modest $35 to 10x that amount. Below are the main reasons for the cost difference.

1. Are You Exterior Or Interior Pressure Washing?

Exterior washing only covers the visible surfaces of your semi-truck. A regular pressure wash service will cover the following areas:

  • The cab
  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • Windows

Some service providers include an engine wash with the exterior service.

Interior cleaning involves vacuuming the floor carpers, air vent cleaning, and dashboard polishing—your total cost for pressure washing your semi-truck increases due to the extra equipment and labor required. You can expect to pay between $150 to $200 to include interior cleaning.

2. What Type of Semi Truck Do You Have?

Semi-trucks vary in design and purpose, so you can expect different costs for pressure washing for each type. For example, semi-trucks with sleeper cabs can incur pressure washing costs of up to $399. The reason is that the service provider needs to sanitize the sleeping cabin, which can take close to 4 hours to complete.

Conversely, refrigerator trucks require a weekly trailer washout since they need to meet strict environmental and health standards of operation. Furthermore, semi-trucks transporting perishable goods require a deep clean that costs higher than your average pressure wash.

3. Where Are You Pressure Washing The Semi Truck?

You can also use mobile pressure washing services for your semi-truck. These involve the service provider coming directly to you.

Regardless of the service ensuring you maximize your working hours, the cost is higher because the service provider factors their transportation costs.

Alternatively, you can drive into a pressure wash service along your route to lower your overall cost.

4. What Cleaning Agents Do You Need?

Not all cleaning agents are effective at stain removal. For example, you require a degreaser to remove oil stains and shampoo for your floor carpets.

You can also ask your service provider to use organic detergents for the job to promote environmental safety. Including specialist cleaning agents for your pressure washing can significantly increase costs.

Is Pressure Washing the Best Solution for Cleaning My Truck?


There are many alternatives to cleaning your semi-truck, each with its unique benefits. Below are the points to consider when deciding if pressure washing your truck is the best solution.


Pressure washing is the fastest way to clean your semi-truck, considering the surface area you have to cover.

Paying for automated pressure washing services takes less than an hour to complete, so consider it if your truck needs to operate full-time.

Quality of Service

Manual cleaning can sometimes result in a poor-quality job where the cleaners miss a few areas. For example, you will often find grease patches under your hood after a manual wash. However, pressure washing ensures a thorough clean because the cleaner utilizes different nozzles depending on the stains they are removing.

Your Fleet Size

You should opt for pressure washing if you operate a large fleet of semi-trucks. This is because you reduce the inactive hours across your fleet since they only need a maximum of 3 hours for the service.

Water Usage

Water is a finite resource, and most of society’s efforts emphasize conservation. Therefore, pressure washing your semi-truck may not be ideal if you are in areas with limited supply. This is because pressure washing requires large volumes of water that end up as waste if not recycled. For example, you need ten gallons per minute when using a 3,000 Psi pressure washer.

As you can see, pressure washing your semi-truck is an essential maintenance service because it helps your truck operate optimally and look exceptional while doing it.

You can expect to pay at least $100 when pressure washing your semi-truck if you want to clean both your interior and exterior surfaces.

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