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Do All New Cars Have Tracking Devices?


No doubt, a tracking device is a safety measure in case of car theft. But do you know there are hidden car trackers as well? These trackers are there in your car, but you might not know about them. So if you are planning to buy a car, you must know do all new cars have tracking devices.

If you buy a car from an authorized automobile dealer, there will not be any tracking device installed. However, there’s a high chance that your car has a tracking device if you are going for a second-hand or used car. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your car for hidden or displayed trackers before paying the final payment.

Probably, the last owner of the car might have installed a tracking device for security reasons and didn’t bother to remove it before selling the car. So now you have to find that device on your own. Moreover, car dealerships don’t consider removing the device before finalizing the deal.

However, some dealerships might inform you about the tracking device you are buying. But still, it’s important to verify before the final purchase.

Where to Find the Tracking Device in My Car?

A tracking device can be deployed anywhere in your car. Be it any side of the wheel, dashboard, underneath the seat, inside the gearbox, and the car’s pedal area. Also, you must know that some tracking devices are installed externally as well. For example, some common places are near the front or rear wheels and the car’s undercarriage.

Tracking Device in Car

Moreover, the modern car trackers are either self-powered or take energy from the car battery.

If you are buying a new car with a built-in tracking system, you might not be able to remove it without disturbing other components of your car. It’s because the manufacturers embed the tracking device with such precision that even if you find it, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it without affecting other systems of your car.

Besides, modern trackers use a chip or car similar to a SIM card. It’s used for GPS connectivity.

Via this card, you can secure communication between your car’s location and your smartphone. Some people who don’t want their cars to be tracked simply remove that chip and make the tracking device useless.

Unless you consult your automobile dealer or manufacturer about removing the tracking device’s card, it’s not recommended.

Track Your Car With Your Phone

Almost all the tracking devices have GPS connectivity which allows you to connect your phone. However, you have to first check whether your phone is compatible with the tracking device’s GPS.

Some older versions of smartphones might not detect any tracking device despite the GPS service turned on. That’s because either the operating system is outdated, or you have to first take permission from the device manufacturer.

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Since installing a tracking device is a safety step for your car, some opportunists can use it incorrectly.

For example, if you have activated the GPS location of your car and someone else gets the location of your car, you might become a victim of car theft.

Such incidents take place when you are driving in an unknown area.

Moreover, people with negative intentions track your car for a long-time and make their move when you are in an unknown area.

That’s why some tracking device manufacturers give you personal access to track your car via GPS.

Personal access means that your tracking device and your phone will be synced but protected by a password.

Every time you open the car tracking app, you have to enter the password. Without that, you can’t track your car.

Disable GPS on Your Car

Although the tracking device, which uses GPS 24/7, is quite useful, some people don’t like being tracked all the time, especially by the people in their close circle.

The GPS in a tracking device allows other users to monitor your car via the app. If you disable GPS, the tracking won’t stop. Instead, the car monitoring app will stop giving the live location of your car.

Thus, anyone who uses to keep an eye on your car via the app will no longer get your live location.

But what about the tracking?

Since the tracking devices are synced with the manufacturer’s system, they will get your car’s location.

Therefore, follow these two methods to disable GPS on your car.

Detect and Remove GPS Device

  1. Check for a small rectangular box or any additional wiring passing from the dashboard or under the wheel.
  2. Follow the wiring as it will lead you to the GPS box.
  3. Once you find it, you can either remove its battery or completely dismantle it.
  4. It’s better to just remove the battery because dismantling the GPS won’t be easy.

Use GPS Jammer

  1. Get a device that detects wireless signals like Spy-Hawk Hidden GPS Tracking Finder.
  2. Install that device in your car.
  3. Remove the cigarette lighter.
  4. Plug the device in.
  5. Turn on the device. Once you turn it on, it will automatically detect the GPS signals and block them.

After disabling GPS from your car, check that app on your phone. It will either display a message or the wrong location of your car. Moreover, you might get a call from the tracking device manufacturers because they all use GPS for additional security.

However, disabling GPS is not recommended because it helps others to find you if you are involved in an accident or the car has broken down in an unknown area.

Final Thoughts

Most modern cars might be equipped with GPS but not a tracking device. That means your live location will be monitored, but no one can power off your car in an emergency.

Also, more people are installing tracking devices in their cars as a safety measure.

Therefore, it’s high time to consider installing a tracker in your car to prevent yourself from being a victim of car theft and enhance car security.

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