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Do Bugs Damage Car Paint?


Bug stains on cars are never a concern for some car owners. However, some people believe it will harm their car’s paint. But what are your thoughts on bug stains? Can bug stains damage car paint?

Yes, bug stains can ruin your car paint because many bugs are dirty and acidic. So, their rotting acidic enzymes cut through your car paint as they decompose.

Therefore, if you do not clean them off immediately, you see the stains on your car, and then these bug stains will harm your car’s paint.

The other parts of your car that are prone to bug stains are

  • car windows
  • grills,
  • mirrors
  • bumpers

What are Bugs Stains?

Bug stains are stains from bugs, a type of insect belonging to the class of Insecta and having a piercing mouth.

When you leave bug marks on your automobile for a long time, they dry out, making them difficult to remove and perhaps peeling off the paint.

Dead bugs on car front bumper

How Long Does it Take Bugs to Damage Car Paint?

If you detect bug stains on your automobile, ‌remove them as soon as possible because if you leave them for more than a week, they will dry out and become tough to remove.

Causes of Bug Stains on Cars

You will probably experience bug stains on your car if you travel a long distance or live in an environment populated with bugs. So, most likely, your car will always be a victim of bug stains.

How to Remove Bug Stains from Car

Bug stains ‌that are not cleaned immediately are usually dry and difficult to remove. In addition, while attempting to remove the stains, the car paint may peel off. So, consider any of the following methods to remove bug stains from your car.


1. Clean with a microfiber towel and water

If the stain on your car paint is still fresh and has not dried, the removal process will be pretty simple.

So, once you spot the new bug stain on your car, quickly get a microfiber towel and clean it off sometimes; you might also need water for this task.

But if the stains are dry, you need to try any of the methods below, but apply caution while removing the dried stain from your car to avoid peeling off the car paint.

2. Use a bug stain remover

Bug stain remover will help to remove any dried stain from your car. Many of these removers are on the market, or you can buy them from Amazon.

For this method, you will need

  • a microfiber towel or bug sponge
  • bug remover of your choice
  • bucket of water or water hose

Spray the product on the affected area and allow it to sit in the car for about 10 minutes. Then, gently clean off the stain with a towel or bug sponge.

If you clean and the stain did not remove, then respray the product and let it sit again for another 10 minutes.

Finally, wash your car to ensure that there are no leftover stains and also to keep your car clean.

3. Use baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent option for eliminating bug stains. It’s a scrubbing agent that effectively removes heavy dirt and dead bugs from automobiles.

You will need the following items to carry out this task:

  • 5-6 tablespoons baking soda (depending on how big the stains are, you can increase the quantity to suit your need)
  • A bucket of warm water
  • Microfiber cloth

Mix the baking soda inside a small bucket of warm water, then use a tip of the microfiber towel to collect the solution and rub it in the affected areas. Keep doing it until you no longer see the stains in the car.

At the end of this process, wash your car ‌to ensure the complete removal of the stains on your vehicle.

4. Use a dryer sheet

Another method of removing dead bugs from your car is using a dryer sheet.

Necessary items you will need.

  • small bucket of warm water
  • spray bottle
  • dryer sheet

Fill the spray bottle halfway with warm water and spray the dryer sheet. Then, rub it in a circular motion on the car’s affected areas with the damp sheet. As you do this, the stains will loosen up. So, right after that, wash your automobile and wax your car.

5. The use of vinegar

Using vinegar to remove bug spots is an excellent alternative. Get a baby shampoo, combine it with vinegar, and rub the affected areas with your bug sponge or cloth.

Continue rubbing it circularly until the spots on the automobile are no longer visible. Attempt to wash your car as soon as you remove the severe stains.

How to Prevent Bug Stains on Car

We understand you cannot totally stop bugs from getting to your car, but you can at least use some preventive methods to put a protective barrier.

1. Waxing your car

Waxing your car is an effective technique to protect the clear finish. We recommend washing your automobile after removing dead bug stains in the following ways.

Following the removal and washing, apply a thorough coat of wax to your car’s hood and bumper.

Waxing your vehicle keeps tiny insects such as gnats and small flies away from your car. In addition, it helps to provide a protective barrier between the bugs and the paint.

2. Use a bug barricade

This method works best for off-road cars. After removing bugs, wash and dry your vehicle and spray the bug barricade solution on the affected parts.

Then, use your microfiber towel or bug sponge to spread the solution all over the surface. This method does not give long-term protection to your vehicle, but only a few weeks.

Wrapping up

Ensure to keep the outer part of the car always clean by washing your car frequently, especially during the season of bugs. Use elbow grease to eradicate grime and bug stains off your hood, bumper, and mirrors.

Also, do not use any harsh chemicals on your car to remove bug stains. Using harsh chemicals can clean off car paint.

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